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 What blocks you from your success or is an obstacle in your way?
Really take the time to self examine. Write down what you do not want. This is helpful, because when we know what distracts us we are more disciplined to stay on the road to success. Often the only way this is achieved is when we plan ahead.  It is very much like the story of the man who was walking down the road and fell in a hole. The following year he was walking down the same road and again fell into the same hole. Then the next year when he was planning on making the same trip he prepared for the hole. As soon as he thought he was getting close he watched the ground below. This time he saw the hole and walked around it.  Knowledge about your-self is valuable information. Nobody knows you better than yourself. What you ignore has power over you, what you understand you have power over.
 Ask for Help, hire a coach.
Asking for help is one of the top networking strategies for all successful people. The more people you ask for help, the more people you have on your team to help you win. Going alone is a lot harder and not as much fun. This is like the woman driving toward her destination and she gets lost. She has a choice: she can either stop and ask someone for help, or she can keep driving blindly.
The gift of asking is naturally everybody likes to be a helper. It makes everybody feel good. It is a win-win situation. When you make others feel good, they make you feel good. And you gain valuable insights and a support team.
 Positive Thinking
Where our mind goes, our emotions and actions often follow. Our thoughts when full of feeling create.
There is now scientific proof showing how our thoughts actually affect the outside world physically. In the book The Hidden Messages of Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto he scientifically shows us how words influenced the way snowflakes formed.  Under a microscope you could see how positive words made beautiful snowflakes and negative words formed deformed ones. Strange yes, but true.
Positive thinking even improves our health. Doctors report that the mental state of a patient can greatly influence the patient’s outcome.  Often times when we are feeling negative is when we give up. Reading positive material and surrounding yourself with positive people will help you win your game. Here is an example of positive thinking on current affairs. 

Many people are still very worried about the economy. What they do not realize is how America survived the last depression was through the power of positive thinking. Did you know James Allen wrote a best seller As A Man Thinketh in 1930? Then right in the heart of recovering from the great depression Napoleon Hill wrote Think And Grow Rich, which sold over 15 million copies.  Hill said “Success comes to those who become success conscious. Failure comes to those who become failure conscious.” He also said “All Achievements, All Earned Riches Have Their Beginnings In An IDEA” An idea is a seed, a simple resolution planted in the mind.  Positive thinking makes it grow, like fertilizer on the garden. In Hills book he wrote about the Carnegie Secret.  The Carnegie secret is positive thinking. Today the new positive thinking movie is The Secret by Ronda Byrne.

The movie explains The Law Of Attraction in a very theatrical way. The Law Of Attraction is all about positive thinking. Like minded attracts, like minded, positive attracts positive. What I like the most about the movie is it has people taking about how to make their life and the world a better place, just like in the 1900’s. When people are down they look for answers and hope.  In Byrnes book The Secret she has an exercise that suggest you attach your feelings to a future positive visualization of yourself, not just your thoughts. This is important, as it has been discovered that our emotions, play an important role in manifesting with our thoughts. There is an old saying “thoughts aren’t real until they are clothed with feeling”.