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Coach Louise has an extraordinary insight into people and our complex emotional, physical and intellectual makeup.  I felt overwhelmed with the trials and tribulations I was facing and Louise broke the tapestry of the challenges down into manageable pieces.  She helped me to identify root causes, but more importantly, she helped me to take immediate and sustainable action to overcome them.  It took courage for me to take action and encouragement is something that Louise has in large supply.  Not only is she energetic and compassionate but she is also willing to truly challenge….a perfect mix!  With her guidance, I have come to know myself better and have learned to hold myself accountable for having the life that I want to have.  In coaching, she is fully present, insightful and willing to share her wisdom.  I have learned numerous tools and techniques that I use on a frequent basis.  The coping skills Louise has taught me will be with me for the rest of my life and for that I am eternally grateful.   Amber Chapman , Program Manager/Training Strategy TAP Pharmaceuticals

I started working with Coach Louise a couple of months after becoming a single woman at the age of 50. After the very first call, I knew the work with her would be powerful! Excitement burst from within me, and I laughed and cried at the same time! I knew I would not only survive, but will thrive! Coach Louise is fully present, using her intuitive self to see where clarity is needed. She gently pushes me just enough to help facilitate the changes that I am creating in my life! Working with Coach Louise is the best investment of myself I have ever made! Be ready to be awakened to your highest self when working with Coach Louise!"
Shanana Golden-Bear
Quartzsite, AZ

"Coach Louise has helped me make and transition through some wonderful and most significant life changes.  In just a few sessions, I decided on a major career change to fulfill my life’s passion and became comfortable and strong enough to take major steps towards this most drastic career change (and I got married to boot!)." Penny Copper, Florida


"Ever since I was a kid I've been looking for that 1 person who would be that best friend.  We all want the same thing.  We want someone in our life who loves us unconditionally (as another human being), someone who will be honest and truthful with us about what we see and don't see in ourselves and others, someone who has only our sole best interest at heart, someone who is wiser and can help us get what we want out of life, someone who is in our corner all the time and someone who can help us get unstuck & be our safety net. Feel alone? Your not!  Louise is that person that will be that for you and so much more.   You want to accomplish your goals...then do what I did, take the 1st step.  Meet or talk to her once and you will know you have made the 1st critical step in changing your life for the better." Mark Lacy


"Coach Louise helped me to see how my belief systems and perspectives about relationships were holding me back. Thanks to Coach Louise's coaching I am going through a process of deepening my awareness about my emotional responses which I know will lead to my having a deeper, more loving relationship with my husband." Angela Ballantyne, London


Dear Coach Louise,  Even though I feel I have been "in the flow" and moving along well, you always were able to find those great nuggets of truth or action that helped me move a little bit further.  You are gifted with wonderful insight and intuition that proved to be very helpful to me as our coaching sessions progressed.  I know that I have advanced much further and faster than I would have without your support.

 There are a few things that came from our coaching sessions that I will carry with me for a long time to come, not the least of which is my new understanding of the importance of "wanting to do something" as opposed to "needing to do something"
Thanks again for your help and support.
 Mark Vickers, Florida

     “Coach Louise asks the most thought-provoking questions." Her intuitive insightful nature, "out-of-the-box" thinking and energetic, results-oriented coaching all from the heart, will take you to the next level. You should be ready to learn a lot about yourself in addition to getting results in your life. Coach Louise is not afraid, she will tell it exactly as she sees it." Barbara Berry, California

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