Questions and Answers


  • What is New Life for Girls?

    New Life for Girls is a Christian residential discipleship program designed to serve women aged 18 and up who are in need of intense treatment for substance abuse and/or life-controlling issues.

  • What is the purpose of NLFG?

    The purpose of NLFG is to help women turn their lives around from their overwhelming problems and become constructive members of society. With a Christian program, the women are helped to realize that no earthly problem is insurmountable.

  • What types of programs does NLFG offer?

    It is a 24-hour residential program. The daily schedule runs from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. It consists of Bible classes, chapel, counseling, work practicum and recreation time.

  • What drugs are used for withdrawal from narcotics?

    There are no drugs used during the withdrawal period. Whenever possible the women should make every effort to participate in a detoxification program prior to admission into NLFG.

  • Who is in charge of the program?

    The Executive Directors. Edwin "Tito" Matos and Susan R. Matos.

  • Who may enter the program?

    Any woman aged 18 and up who has a drug and alcohol problem may enter the program. She must express a sincere desire to receive treatment and be willing to adhere to all the rules of NLFG. She must also contact the Intake Director of the Introductory Center she is considering and request a phone interview. A complete physical form (provided by the Intake Director) and a copy of her birth certificate and social security card, must be submitted. Details for entry will then be worked out with the Intake Director.

  • What is the cost of the treatment?

    There is no cost for treatment, with the exception of the $165 intake fee to cover administrative costs. The women are responsible for their traveling costs (bus, plane, or train) to arrive at the facility. Medical expenses are the responsibility of the women and the women's family and/or sponsor. We are a non-profit facility and depend solely on donations. We encourage friends and family to support the ministry of NLFG. All gifts are tax-deductible.

  • What is the length of the program?

    The program is one year in duration: three months at any of our Introduction Centers located across the nation, and the remaining nine months in the Training Center located in Dover, Pennsylvania. Our Southeast Introduction Center is located in Westminster, Maryland.

  • Are the women able to leave the program whenever they desire?

    Yes. The program is for those who desire the treatment. A woman may leave any time she no longer wishes to receive treatment. Any woman arriving from a location out of the immediate area must have a return ticket (or the money for a return ticket) with her when she arrives for introduction.

  • How do I contact the New Life for Girls Introductory Centers for entry?

    For intake information, the interested party may contact our Training Center in Dover, Pennsylvania and ask for the contact information fo our Introduction Centers. Southeast New Life for Girls' intake office number is 410.848.1360.

  • What does New Life for Girls offer the community?

    We serve the community by offering a comprehensive drug-abuse program through prevention to schools, churches, prison, and civic groups. Our speakers explain the need for our program and share about the women and functions of the program.

  • Does NLFG visit other churches and civic groups?

    Yes. A variety of activities and meeting are scheduled throughout the year. At SENLFG pastors Edwin "Tito" Matos and Susan R. Matos and/or the staff participate at these activities and explain the program and its role in the community.