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Procedures for Incoming Referrals

Clients wishing to enter New Life for Girls must contact our Intake Staff.  This contact must be made personally by the client seeking entry.  The Intake Staff are the ones who can accept referrals.


  1. Arrangements for entrance must be confirmed prior to arrival.
  2. Each client is limited to two suitcases.
  3. Each client must mail in New Life For Girls physical form Click Here   
    and copies of her birth certificate (or photo id) and social security card.
  4. Prior to confirming the clients entrance date:

       A.   The $100.00 NON-refundable introduction fee must accompany the above mentioned documents.

Payment should be made by postal money order, payable to

"New Life For Girls"

         B.   The first $20.00 transportation fee is to cover transportation to the training center in Dover, PA. 

               The second $20.00 transportation fee is to cover transportation should you decide to leave the

                program early.  Both postal money orders must be written in the client's name.


  This must be made out to "New Life For Girls" in a postal money order

     5. All clients not from the local area:

         A. Must arrive with a return ticket whether by bus, plane, or train.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to to contact our office: (410) 848-1360

Monday through Friday  between 9am & 4pm.