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Southeast New Life For Girls


New Life for Girls is a Christian residential discipleship program for women with life-controlling issues. Founded in 1972, New Life for Girl's purpose is to bring deliverance and restoration to female addicts, alcoholics and troubled women aged 18 years and older through the power and love of Jesus Christ.

We serve the community by offering schools, churches, prisons and civic groups a widespread drug abuse program through prevention sharing. Our speakers explain the ministry of New Life for Girls, the need for programs such as ours, and prevention assistance toward drugs, alcohol and the "gang" lifestyle. The ladies share their stories, the effects of drugs or alcohol in their personal lives, and how they have overcome their addictive lifestyles through Christ.

New Life for Girls looks forward to opportunities to share the ministry with others through songs, testimonials and the Word of God whenever the door opens. Your partnering with us today will help a woman in trouble receive the hope she needs in Christ Jesus.

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