The Program


                                          The program is divided into three distinct phases:                                                


Phase One -

For three to five months, the student resides in a home-like environment called an introduction center. During these three months, she receives the maximum amount of personal attention and guidance from staff members.  She immediately begins Bible study and is given the oppurtunity to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior.  After sucessful completion of Phase One, she moves on to Phase Two.

Phase Two -

For the second phase of the program, girls are transferred to Dover, Pennsylavania where New Life For Girls has a 27 acre property with a dormitory in the shape of a cross, and a gymnasium.  The dormitory houses up to 80 students.  At the training center, the Bible classes are more intense, and emphasis is placed on learning how to re-enter society through self-discipline, academic/vocational training and extensive counseling.

Phase Three -

During the final months at the training center, the student's readiness to re-enter society is evaluated and she is assisted in making future plans by the Dean of Women and her guidance counselor.  After graduation, she is free to return home or to assist in the ministry of New Life For Girls.  We also have a Victory House which is a transitional housing program which helps the women find a job, a church, and teaches them how to succesfully enter back into society.