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The Persecuted Church

I have had the true honor of being a voice of the martyrs representative for over 10 years now. Instead of me discuss what it is and isn't; or the persecuted church and what that means to you and me, I will instead share with you a few videos so you will quickly see why this matters whether you are secular, Christian or something in-between. ;o)

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Richard Wurmbrand - a HUGE influence on my life. The Answers to the Atheist's Handbook that he wrote from a historical perspective would be comical if it weren't true; moreover how sad is it that this book used in public schools to indoctrinate the youth in the Soviet Union uses many of the same arguments that public schools in the United States and Europe uses today? Coincidence? I think not... 

What will you or I do when the persecution comes here? Will we fold as quickly as most or will we persevere? The choice is ours...