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"Intelligent Design"

Stephen Meyer of Cambridge (and friend) explains what Intelligent Design is and is not.
*In a nutshell (as is covered in your free package); ID is the fact that a Designer created the universe, life, etc. as being the most credible hypotheses over that of "chance and/or necessity". It reaches this conclusion without the use of religious texts whereas Creationism would use the same facts but use them along with religious texts (such as Genesis/the Bible) to show that this Designer is the God of the Bible whereas ID will only say there must be a "Designer" but not conclude who/what the Designer is. *Unlike groups like Answers in Genesis may arrogantly presume; all creationists must come to the conclusion that there is a Designer and thus a God before they can come to the conclusion that it is the God of the Bible.
This is how ID leads back to God and is thus a necessary position that even agnostics must first come to.
Information theory = Design
The Culture ramifications surrounding Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism
Dr. David Berlinski (who is not a Christian) shows why Evolution and Naturalism must be false.
Intelligent Design 3.0 - where it is today

Intelligent Design FAQs & Primers

Our "FAQs" and "Primers" are summaries (sometimes illustrated) of topics of interest in the debate over intelligent design (ID) and evolution. "F.A.Q.s" are answers to Frequently Asked Questions. "Primers" are short introductions to common topics. Some of these pages are general, and might not have, if you thirst for more detail, try looking at the articles section or just e-mail us .

It should be noted that answers to FAQs are our opinions of the best answers, and much of this material is covered in more (and often better) detail in the ID literature. See the links at right for more detail.

Finally, we recommend our "Evolution Primer " and "Intelligent Design Theory in a Nutshell " as the most informative introductory articles listed here. Thanks and please enjoy! 


Our mission is to help people learn about intelligent design and evolution. For your convenience, all of our FAQ's, Primers, and "Nutshells" are available in PDF [Adobe Acrobat ] format, which you may download, print, and reproduce freely for non-profit educational use!

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Primer: Intelligent Design Theory in a Nutshell


Primer: Evolutionary Theory


Primer: History of intelligent design and the creation - evolution controversy


Primer: Evolutionary Theory in a Nutshell


Primer: Cosmic Design in a Nutshell


Primer: Origin of Life in a Nutshell


Primer: Irreducible Complexity in a Nutshell


Primer: Genetic Evidence in a Nutshell


Primer: Developmental Evidence in a Nutshell


Primer: Mutations in a Nutshell


Primer: Fossil Evidence in a Nutshell


Primer: Naturalism in Science



FAQ: What is intelligent design theory?


FAQ: Does intelligent design make predictions? Is it testable?


FAQ: Can we positively say something was designed?


FAQ: Is Intelligent Design the same as Creationism?


FAQ: Is it appropriate to justify intelligent design theory via analogies?


FAQ: Does intelligent design completely reject Darwinian evolution?


FAQ: Does intelligent design theory implement the scientific method?


FAQ: Has a lack of intelligent design theory hindered scientific progress?


FAQ: Is ID just a negative argument against evolution?


FAQ: Does intelligent design theory make the "Unexplained" = "Unexplainable" fallacy?


FAQ: Aren't "biological machines" too different from human-made machines to be considered examples of designed machines?


FAQ: Will intelligent design lead to false positives (or could it eventually say that "everything" is designed)?


FAQ: How or When did the designer do the designing?


FAQ: Is intelligent design merely an "argument from ignorance?"


FAQ: How do we Detect Design?


FAQ: Hasn't intelligent design theory been proven wrong?


FAQ: What sort of progress has intelligent design made recently?


FAQ: Wouldn't intelligent design theory be the end of scientific investigation--a "science stopper?"


FAQ: Who designed the designer?


FAQ: ID is asking us to accept the existence of an intelligent designer. Where is there evidence for the intelligent designer?


FAQ: Isn't intelligent design just a rehash of William Paley's 19th century design arguments, refuted by Hume and Darwin?


FAQ: According to intelligent design theory, who is the designer and why can't intelligent design theory identitfy the designer?


FAQ: Some things appear "unintelligently designed" or are poorly designed. Is ID falsified by "sub-optimal design"?


FAQ: Is ID a "god-of-the-gaps" argument?


FAQ: What is the Identity of the Designer?


FAQ: Is intelligent design an appeal to miracles or the supernatural?


FAQ: Is ID just a religious or theological concept?


FAQ: Could something be designed if it were an "evil design?"


FAQ: What are intelligent agents and how do they act?


FAQ: Can we tell the "purpose" of a designed object?


FAQ: What is the mechanism the designer used to design?


FAQ: Would teaching intelligent design violate the Establishment Clause of First Amendment of the Constitution?


FAQ: Doesn't ID suggest eliminating evolution from schools or "watering down" the curriculum?


FAQ: Why is intelligent design theory often controversial?


FAQ: Isn't intelligent design just a movement trying to push a political agenda?


FAQ: What prompts a group of people to challenge the dominant scientific paradigm?


FAQ: Does ID want to sneak creationism through the "back door" (into science and schools)?


FAQ: Is intelligent design just creationism (or creationism "in disguise")?


FAQ: Why isn't intelligent design found published in peer-reviewed science journals?


FAQ: Isn't ID just trying to "sabotage science"?


FAQ: Is ID just in the U.S. or is it also international?