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There are many things that you can do from your home to let your elected official know that you have concerns, whether they are about current legislation, or action that you think Congress should be taking. Below are a few suggestions about what you can do to help make a difference. 

Tell Congress to Help Make College Affordable for All Students

When it comes to aid for college students, Congress has been saying one thing but doing another for the last six years.  Just this year they passed a bill to cut the deficit which takes money right out of the pockets of hard working American college students.  Talking out of one side of their mouths, these leaders claim to care about education and providing opportunities for young people.  But this Congress voted for the largest cut in student aid in our nation’s history.

Under their leadership college costs have increased of 46% over the past five years and 5 million college students are now receiving federal aid, and graduating with more and more debt each year.  By cutting Pell Grants, and rising interest rates for student loans, leaders in Congress are making college students shoulder the burden of their record-breaking deficit.
We believe that our leaders in Congress should keep their promises!  Join BereaBuzz in our drive to tell Congress it’s in their power to make a college education a dream that all young Americans can afford to achieve.

Congress should work to:

  • Make college tuition tax deductible
  • Cut interest rates for student loans
  • Expand Pell Grants 
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    Tell Congress to Help Make College Affordable for All Students
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 Write A Letter To The Editor
Letters to the editor are an effective way of speaking to a large group of people, and often get the attention of elected officials. First, you should pick an issue that you feel strongly about. One important thing to remember is that newspapers like to publish letters that have a local tone, so your letter should address how the issue is pertinent to people in your area.

If you need the address for your local paper:

Or check out this site which has links to papers all over the country: www.newslink.org

Call, Write, or Email your Elected Officials:
Not sure who represents you in Congress or how to get in touch with them? Check out www.congress.org – all you need to know is your zip code!

Organize a letter writing party to get your message across en-masse, or get your friends to send letters via email. Communicating with your elected officials is imperative to the democratic process.