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Maximize Your Car Donation Tax

Donate Car For Charity accepts all vehicle donations, whether running or not, including: cars, boats, motorcycles, trailers,  trucks, RVs and more. Call us now,  (216) 458-1595, and one of our friendly operators will assist you. Or complete your vehicle donation using email:

Simple and Professional Car Donations

When you submit your car donation to one of our experienced and helpful operators on the phone, or contact us by email:  , you are provided with a reference number that will allow you to keep track of your vehicle donation throughout the entire process. 

Your Vehicle Donation is Tax Deductible

Once you submit your vehicle information, it is reviewed to ensure we get you the best tax deduction option possible . You will also be provided with all paperwork necessary in order to properly claim your tax deduction.

Fast and Free Pickups Nationwide

Donate Car for Charity provides fast and free pickups of your car donation nationwide. There is never any cost to you, the donor.


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All proceeds from vehicles donated to Donate Car for Charity, benefit the INTERNATIONAL CENTER for ENVIRONMENTAL ARTS (ICEA) a IRS registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We are an actual charity, not a for-profit middle-man like many other car donation centers. So more of the proceeds from your vehicle donation go directly to our charitable activities, not overhead or outsourcing.

The International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA) is a force for socially responsible activity whose mission is 'ICEAlity', that is to "Assist in understanding of the relationship between Humans and their Environment through the Arts for a sustainable Culture of Peace". American Cultural Ambassadors David and Renate Jakupca founded ICEA to meet the compelling needs of ordinary citizens for access to current, balanced, understandable information about complex global issues. Over the years, ICEA has gained a reputation for excellence based upon a unique library of specialized, current information on global importance and a wide range of imaginative programming and collaborations with other organizations to meet the needs of a broad constituency. With affiliates across the globe, the ICEA supports research, information sharing and effective action promoting a sustainable culture of Peace.  Your car donation supports ICEA in over 50 countries. It's amazing what a difference one person can make, and we thank you for being that person!
Please help us make a difference in someone's life today when you donate a car, boat, truck or RV.


International Center for Environmental Arts (ICEA)
P. O. Box 81496
Cleveland, Ohio 44181
Tel/Fax; 440-891-8376