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****As of 7/1/2022****

$85.00 A MONTH for 2 months contract minimum then month to month  $60.00 A MONTH for 12 months contract

**Dock Rental no longer includes free storage, storage in open storage is $25, secured is $30** 

See Shelly to fill out paper work, sign contract. You need Registration, Liability Insurance and Boat Title in your name



1734 Wheelhouse Circle, Ruskin, FL 33570        Phone:  813-645-1411
Fax:  813-645-6438    E-mail:    Website:
Shelly and Dale Gray, Resident Managers


1.       Slip/Mooring Assignments shall be made by the Park Manager.  Only boats titled and registered to the Lessee will be allowed to dock at Lessee’s assigned slip.  Boats docked at the Chulavista Landings Docking Facility (hereinafter Chulavista) shall be at the Lessee’s sole risk.  Chulavista shall not be responsible for any damages or accidents related to the use of the docking facility by Lessee and their guest(s).  Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold Chulavista harmless from any damages associated with Lessee’s use of the docking facility.

2.      Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at least 18years of age when on the boat dock.  Playing, running on and/or swimming from the dock are strictly prohibited.

3.      The safety of your boat and the protection of the dock and other boats from damage caused by your boat is your responsibility.  The cost to repair damage incurred to the dock by your boat shall be chargeable to the Lessee.  It is recommended that all boats be removed from the dock if hurricane or tropical storm force winds are forecast. 

4.       Docking facilities may not be modified or changed in any way without the Park Manager’s written permission. 

5.       No one other than the Lessee and their guests are allowed on the docks and only at the Lessee’s assigned dock.

6.       Fishing is allowed at the Park Manager’s discretion, by Residents and Registered Guests with appropriate licenses (see fishing information)   from designated areas on the Main Pier and the channel banks. 

7.      The Main Pier is designated for fishing and boat launching only.

8.      One slip at the dock will be designated as a temporary use slip for loading and unloading of gear and other such uses of short duration, i.e., less than 30 minutes. 

9.      The canal inlet leading to the docks is ABSOLUTLEY A NO WAKE ZONE!! 

10.     Boat slip Lessees must register their boats with the Park Managers by submitting a completed registration form, waiver of liability form, and proof of liability insurance prior to Lessee using a slip or the dock facilities. 

11.     All boats must be insured for comprehensive, collision and liability coverage, with proof of insurance provided to the Park Manager. 

12.     No cooking is to take place on the docks or on boats that are docked.  The use of a vessel as a dwelling is strictly prohibited. 

13.     No equipment or other personal property of the Lessee may be left on the dock except for a limited period of time for loading and unloading. 

14.     Floating bait buckets shall be allowed within the confines of Lessee’s boat slip only, and must be properly attended so that no sea growth is allowed to accumulate on the bucket, or dead bait allowed to remain in the bait bucket.

15.     Lessee is required to remove all waste, oil, batteries or any other hazardous material from the dock property for proper disposal.   No hazardous material shall be left in the trash receptacles or dumpster on the Park premises. 

16.     Lessee may never dump overboard any garbage, food containers, food, paper, fuel, oil, sanitary waste, etc.  There are heavy fines for dumping waste into the water and Park Management will aid in the prosecution of all violators by the appropriate authorities. 

17.     Transporting or carrying fuel onto the docks for the purposes of refueling is prohibited. 

18.     All boats moored at the docking facility must remain in seaworthy running condition.  Any boat that is deemed by the Park Manager to be unseaworthy or not in running condition will be removed by the Lessor from the docking facility after seven (7) days’ written notice to the Lessee. 

19.     Any and all violations of these Rules and Regulations shall be reported to Park Management in writing.  In addition, any requests that the slip be modified or changed in any manner must be submitted to the Park Managers in writing, for approval prior to such change or modification. 

20.     Any and all violations of these Rules and Regulations may result in loss of dock privileges.  Further, these Rules and Regulations for Boat Dock Use and Mooring are an addendum to and a part of the Rules and Regulations of Chulavista Landings.  Failure to abide by these rules and regulations will result in enforcement pursuant to Florida Statute 723. 


Fishing license information:

Lots of places and opportunities to wet a line in Hillsborough County

Looking for something fun to do outdoors? Go fishing.

Hillsborough County has many places for anglers to test their skill and luck, from saltwater estuaries, bayous, and Tampa Bay to freshwater lakes, rivers, and creeks. Get a Florida fishing license, grab a pole and bait, and find a place where you think they're biting.

Recreational anglers, whether Florida residents or not, won't need a license to fish for saltwater species on June 5 and 6. Nor is a license required to fish freshwater bodies the following weekend, June 12 and 13. Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission provides these license free days and a few others during the year to encourage people to try the sport.

An annual saltwater or freshwater fishing license is $17 for Florida residents and $47 for non-residents. Shoreline fishing is free for residents. Florida residents 65 or older do not need a fishing license if they have a Florida driver's license or identification card. Teens and children under age 16 do not need a fishing license. You are able to add some additional fishing privileges (crab, etc.) free to your license by visiting the FWC (Florida Wildlife Commission) website. They are also additional fees for specialty fishing privileges which can be viewed on the website. 

Beginning June 1, normal regulations resume for keeping redfish, snook, and spotted seatrout in the Tampa Bay area. The fisheries had been off-limits to replenish the species after a red tide killed many fish in 2018.

Bodies of water are abundant throughout Hillsborough County, and fish are available for anglers eager to pull or reel them in. Get out there, wet a line, and good luck!

copied from the Florida Fish and Wildlife website, updated 5/27/21 sdh

**Please be aware of the current "redtide" when fishing and consuming your catch. Any updates should be addressed on the FWC -sdh 7/16/21