Earrings 2
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Large & Bold Oval Hammered Sterling Silver Stud Earrings  

These Bold Hammered Sterling Silver Stud Earrings in an Oval Cut
Shape are Simply Stunning and will have all your friends asking you
where you got them. They measure 1 1/8” Long by 1” Wide. Who
doesn’t Love the look of Hammered Sterling Silver?

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Price - $40.00

Long Dangling Amber Chip & Sterling Silver Earrings    

Yet another Great Long Chip Pair of Earrings. Here you have the long length with 
very little weight. I used Rich Deep Colored Amber Chips to create these Awesome
Dangling Earrings. Long Chip Earrings are all the rave now and among my best
selling Earrings. Don’t let these Beauties pass you by…they’re simply Great!
These Earrings measure just over 1 3/4” long & the French Earwire is
Sterling Silver.
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Price - $28.00

Bright Yellow Amber & Sterling Silver Earrings  

Who doesn’t like Amber, especially in this Bright Yellow Color. These are
more of a tumbled shape measuring 1/2” Wide & 3/4 Long. Amber is also
very light weight, so if you’re looking for larger light weight earrings,
then Amber is perfect for you.
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Price - $32.00

Bright Pink Oval Mother of Pearl & Sterling Silver Earrings  

What Fun these are! The Bright Pink is what I would have to say is “Bubble
Gum” pink. These Beautiful Earrings would definitely jazz up your outfit.
They measure 1/2” Wide & 3/4 Long.
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Price - $28.00


Rich Deep Maple Orange Colored Amber & Sterling Silver Earrings  

Talking about rich…these are such a deep rich color of Maple. The shape is
more puffy rounded and measure approximately 3/4” around and like most
Amber….are very light weight considering the size.
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Price - $38.00