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 First Home Game  



Disciples Christian Church welcomes the attendance and embraces the participation of Cottey Students in worship and activities of the church.  ?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /-->


Our congregation is proud to support Cottey students in their journey of faith.  On Sunday mornings we have an informal open discussion/question and answer Bible Study (Discovery Time) at 10:00 and a one hour worship service  at 11:00.  Students are encouraged to take leadership roles in worship by providing special music, reading scripture, call to worship, offering and communion. 


The church location (125 N. Prewitt Street) is handy for Cottey students and is only two blocks west of campus on Cherry Street.  Church members are available and happy to provide rides if needed.  


Our congregation is small in size and friendly.  Members have hosted Cottey students for many years.  It’s always a treat whenever graduates return for campus activities and visit us in worship. 


The City of Nevada provides a picnic each fall, open to first year students and their families and second year students in leadership positions.  Disciples Christian Church has participated in this event for several years with an information table.  This event gives members of the church the opportunity to meet new students and to welcome back returning students.  At our table we also have information available about our church and free giveaways.


We understand that the schedules of Cottey students are busy and studies are demanding.   It is our desire to provide a place of quiet and an opportunity for worship – with no strings attached.  Please join us on Sunday mornings. 

To the Disciples of Christ Church,
Just wanted to give you all a shout out and let you know how much you meant to me the two years I was at Cottey.  I also want to thank you all for your support, kind words, encouragement, and the finals packages you put together that helped get me through those last exams and late nights. I have finally decided to transfer to American University in Washington D.C. and even though I'm going on to new adventures you will never be forgotten.
                                Thank you for everything 
                                        Alyssa  Christenson      

To everyone in the Disciples of Christ Church, 
     Thank you so much for your love and fellowship this year!  I know that going to church with all of you was always a highlight for me.  Alyssa and I (being next door neighbors this year) often talked about how much we appreciate having a church family here.  I personally, love the churches size.  It is intimate and I love how open everyone can be!  Also, our hospitality and generosity is really touching.  Thank you for always making us feel welcome, for car rides to church, and the gift baggies for finals!  Can’t wait to see you again next year!

 Elisa DeDesky 




Dear Church Members

     Thank you so much for the many sweets you gave me.  They were delicious and made my studying much easier.

     I also wanted to let you know, how much of a pleasure it was to get to know you and to enjoy your company.  Unfortunately my academic and extra curricular activities kept me very occupied and I couldn’t be as often in church as I would have liked.  I really really enjoyed your church though and I wish you all the best of happiness and health.

     I am returning home for the summer.  I will see my mother again and I intend on resting a lot.  I also will do some traveling.  For example I would like to visit my friend from Cottey in France.  Then in the fall I will return to the US to study at Smith College, Northhampton, MA.  I will major in biochemistry there.  (if God so wants…smile).

     Once again you are all amazing I will always remember you with love and fondness.

Thank you for everything,

Nataliya Herasymova




Spring Instrumental & Choir Concerts at Cottey





Graduation Weekend 2011

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Family & Friends