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06-7-2007 07:05:01 pm CDT
Steve, you don't have any way of making them smaller? Look into getting a USB 2.0 card reader it will make all the difference in the world!

06-7-2007 11:20:07 am CDT
I'm glad you get boats out of your shop faster than you get those Billy Bowleggs pictures on your website.LMAO,just kidding and thanks for fixing the Scarab, see ya towards the weekend.

06-6-2007 09:33:36 pm CDT
Well, I am not sure that the camara is set right. It takes about 2 mins. to download 1 pic. Dee Dee got a new camara. Any help would be great. Thanks. Steve

06-6-2007 03:24:03 pm CDT

Baja Dave
06-6-2007 02:10:05 pm CDT
Steve, pictures from the Billy Bowlegs Festival last weekend???

06-6-2007 12:24:25 pm CDT

nice lil grocery getter!

06-6-2007 12:18:52 pm CDT

Here we go

06-6-2007 12:17:34 pm CDT

Can we get a few more on here fellas?

06-5-2007 02:27:08 pm CDT
Doug Carpenter. If you visit this site, please call Steve (me) on my cell phone. I need to talk to you. Steve

Hammer Time
05-31-2007 11:32:44 am CDT
My boat is in millbrook so we gotta go pick it up...we will pull out of montgomery by 7 pm or so...gonna all go eat. we are staying to fort walton and fairfeid inn or something like that...i guess we are gonna put the boat in the water at the ramp just over the destin bridge unless yall know of one in fort walton...

05-31-2007 01:52:10 am CDT

what time are yall going down on friday cus we're leaving friday too, and will have two boats going down, dont know the name of where we are staying but ill find out tomorrow moring.

hammer time
05-30-2007 04:18:33 pm CDT
hey steve you got any cathouse stickers...what about taking them to bowlegs this weekend?

hammer time
05-30-2007 04:14:34 pm CDT
yes sir...where is everyone staying? we are leaving Auburn as soon as we all get out of class on friday...should be three boats going together with us.

Picture Patrol
05-29-2007 04:56:58 pm CDT

Yall remember this last year at Bowlegs... Somebody got the hell slapped out of them. LOL

05-29-2007 12:38:30 pm CDT
Yes, Bowlegs is this weekend. You coming?

Hammer Time
05-29-2007 11:50:09 am CDT
is billy bowlegs this weekend?

05-27-2007 10:01:21 am CDT
See what I get for leaving the office unlocked. lol

05-25-2007 11:02:31 pm CDT
Lee, that looks really good. Can't wait to see it. If you need anything, let us know. Tell us how the EFI 500's sound with the Whipples.?? Steve

05-25-2007 08:41:57 pm CDT

my chit is finally coming together!

Baja Dave
05-24-2007 06:58:41 am CDT
Now THAT is a real "Cat" boat!

05-23-2007 01:50:30 pm CDT
We went to the river sunday, it was anniversary so we stayed close to home. And, yes... We had to call Tyler and shame him into coming in for service.

Baja Dave
05-23-2007 07:52:36 am CDT
Shame on you Tyler... you should know better. Hey Steve, did you have to call him and make him bring the boat in? I got the Baja out for the first time in earnest this past weekend. Fresh VR1 Racing oil, fresh oil filter, fresh fuel filter, fresh drive oil and service, new spark plugs and new water pump impeller. She ran like a scalded dog (not Cat) with no problems at all... thanks to that Cathouse magic touch!!! Appreciate it Steve. BTW, where were you Sunday Steve?

Baja Dave
05-15-2007 09:02:22 pm CDT
Lee, you mean "cha bling!" Is this one coming into the Cathouse for some performance upgrades? Maybe get it over the 200 mph mark!!!

05-15-2007 05:52:00 pm CDT

cha ching!!!!!

Hammer Time
05-15-2007 11:48:49 am CDT
The new pics look good Mr Steve...

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