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Cathouse Marine
07-4-2007 09:27:41 pm CDT
On a serious note!!! Our friends in LA. need our prayers. Anita Thames (wife of Andy, aka. coon ass) has been diagosed with cancer. She will began Chemo on Monday 7/9/07. Then surgery after several weeks. I spoke with Andy today, and all of this caught me really off gaurd. From what I gathered from Andy, this will be a long process, but the end result should be great. Let us support them over the next several months, and help them through this long recovery. Now that we look back, it was only one short year ago next Wednesday that Dee Dee and I went through a life changing experience ourselves. I am sure I can count on all of our friends and customers for support and prayers. GOD BLESS THEM PLEASE! Steve and Dee Dee Northington and family.

07-1-2007 04:52:29 pm CDT
What exactly does FB mean? Help me with this one. Millertime, Cathouse will be there. Bling it on.

06-30-2007 10:45:13 am CDT
Bad news!! Richard (FB) is out of the hospital and is going to make it.

06-30-2007 09:24:03 am CDT
To all my "running Buddies" ELVIS LIVES!!! He will be at Millertime's House on Lake MArtin on the Fourth of July at 4PM. If you come by boat dock space is limited due to low water. You can anchor in cove or come by land. Come join us for the fun. Pool is available for front row seats. Bring your family. Hope to see ya'll the 4th!

06-28-2007 09:10:33 pm CDT
Great. Send a few my way, I'll put them in the shop for customers. Email me, I'll send a check for them. Hope you all are doing good.

06-28-2007 09:02:13 pm CDT

The moment you all have been waiting for is finally here! Club T-shirts are here, we have all different sizes. Also we did some loose fit and tight fit womens tank top style shirts with the club logo in the middle chest area.. One will be given to the boat captain and the rest are for sale$$$$$$$$

06-28-2007 11:47:23 am CDT
cg, I think they are about ready to start on your boat.

06-27-2007 03:00:24 pm CDT

no pain on that face!

06-21-2007 08:25:39 pm CDT

Happy B-day steve! FWB

06-21-2007 07:25:55 am CDT
Happy Birthday to you Steve. Sorry I am a day late. Wishing many, many more in the future.

06-20-2007 09:10:32 pm CDT
Happy B-Day old man.

06-20-2007 09:06:58 pm CDT
Happy B-Day Steve, and many more!!!!!

06-20-2007 08:12:58 pm CDT
Well, Today is #44 for me. The Lord has given me another. God bless you all. Steve

06-20-2007 04:51:41 pm CDT

06-13-2007 08:58:26 am CDT
FYI, yesterday while an excavation company was digging close to the shop/moving dirt down to the pond and the phone line was cut. Repairs should be made sometime today. Sorry for there not being an answer.

06-12-2007 09:04:38 pm CDT
YMCA poker run is very organized. Fun to do,and you will love it. We are talking to several boaters from here and will try to make it. The "Cat Video" link on this site is from the YMCA poker run last year. It's one of the best. And the Emerald Coast Club is in a class of it's on. Steve and Dee Dee

06-12-2007 08:35:16 pm CDT

For anyone that might be coming in in time for the club meeting it will be at scully's on the bayou, near cinco bayou bridge. the meeting will start at 6:30, with lots of good topics. I also hope to have the T-shirt graphic to show everyone.. and in case anyone didnt know this weekend is Destin YMCA poker run, captains party friday. This is a awesome poker run.

06-12-2007 03:12:31 pm CDT
You are encouraged to come to the shop and load those pictures to the server. I will show you how. Also, we have 29 Fountain for sale at the shop. If anyone runs across someone looking, let me know. Steve

06-12-2007 02:44:44 pm CDT
Where are pictures from BowLegs? You are slacking!! Oh yea and I saw that picture from last year at Bow Legs of Parker. I didn't think that butt was the same butt I saw him with.haha

06-10-2007 09:25:46 pm CDT
I know, hate to see her go but dont need to keep two boats.......been my baby since Feb. 1998!

06-10-2007 06:00:05 pm CDT

06-10-2007 09:12:37 am CDT

Powered by Cathouse Perfomance of course!

06-10-2007 09:11:14 am CDT

MINT 1996 27' Fountain for sale...85+ GPS anyday and close to 90 on a good day! NO expense spared. Email or call me at 334-657-4071.

Hammer Time
06-8-2007 06:06:57 pm CDT
Anybody gonna be on lake martin tomorrow?

06-8-2007 08:03:01 am CDT
I am not very good with the computor. You just come to the shop and fix it.

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