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07-19-2007 08:30:43 pm CDT

just curious who's coming in town tomorrow or saturday (very early) for the blue angles fun run to p'cola, also tomorrow night we will be having a club meeting and selling our new T-shirts and womens tank tops at scully's on eglin pkwy. come one come all!

07-19-2007 03:31:26 pm CDT
It says 440.15 November 1941

07-19-2007 03:22:38 pm CDT
OK Guys, What did the caption under the 1941 Lake Martin picture state? What was the water level?

07-19-2007 11:37:11 am CDT
Steve did you see the pepsi boat in daytona for the pepsi 400. Of course it had Gordon on the side. It was a daytona eliminator of course!!!

07-18-2007 07:57:29 pm CDT
I got it. Very interesting. Thanks. Steve

07-18-2007 06:37:29 am CDT
Steve I sent you the big pic of the 41 lake.

07-17-2007 06:41:55 pm CDT
I would really like to see that pic blown up. Please email it to me. Interesting. Steve

07-17-2007 03:14:33 pm CDT
I think I can read some of the legend below the Lake Picture of 1941. It seems to read November 28, 1941, and I am guessing the level is stated as 440 ft. ??? I am squinting so hard this is happening

07-17-2007 10:34:22 am CDT

will the lake be this low by Winter???

07-13-2007 04:15:43 pm CDT
OK, I see Boats Are Fun. Who is the character in the rear of the boat with only one oar in the water?

07-11-2007 09:30:33 pm CDT
CG, I have made you "keeper of the website". I have the pics ready for you to work on the website. Call me about this. Steve

07-10-2007 08:43:22 pm CDT

I was inside already. Here is what Hell looks like

07-10-2007 08:28:50 pm CDT
Give us some pictures of the Billy Bow Legs and YMCA poker runs... still waiting.

07-10-2007 06:27:15 pm CDT
I am gonna have to make yall some pics.

07-9-2007 08:45:57 am CDT

I thought this was the Cathouse.

07-8-2007 08:50:49 pm CDT
Gathering on Longneck Island next Saturday. Hope you can make it. We will have a grill, so bring something to put on it. Working on a band, but not sure if that is going to play out. Rhonda and Ronnie

07-8-2007 12:46:46 am CDT

Cats Playhouse - ie. "Cathouse" at Lake Martin You ought to see the view

07-8-2007 12:44:12 am CDT

Steve's boat on Lake Martin - July 4th

07-7-2007 10:44:33 pm CDT
We Love you. God Bless you! you will have GOD with you each day. You are the greatest!

Dee Dee
07-7-2007 04:06:06 pm CDT
We Love you Anita......

Kip & Sarah
07-6-2007 06:02:01 pm CDT
These are the times when friends pull closer to support one another. We all know how serious Anitas cancer is. Anita's courage and the support of her family and friends will win this battle. Lets all make sure we are there to support her !

07-6-2007 11:59:53 am CDT

Here is a recent pic of her with Benton in DC for those have not met her yet.

07-6-2007 11:51:03 am CDT
Thanks everyone....for those of you who know us, you know it will be tough for her to be on the sidelines for a while, but the long term prognosis is good. It's just unusal for someone 42 years old to have colon cancer, but it does happen. Keep her in your prayers, she will need it!!! I'm setting up a my-space page to track her progress, so I'll let you know when it is there to view.

07-6-2007 08:38:18 am CDT
Hey Andy and Anita, The Shoemaker family will be thinking of you and sending our strength your way. You are great people who have always been extremely courteous to us and if you need anything whatsoever, feel free to call me. -Shoe

07-5-2007 05:20:06 pm CDT
I have never had the pleasure of meeting Andy personally, but he and Anita will surely be in our thoughts and prayers. Andy, stay strong, be positive, and BELIEVE. Time can can heal all things... Steve is proof positive. Steve, can't believe it has already been a whole year... good for you!!!

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