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Hammer Time
08-1-2007 06:57:54 am CDT
The concert is sunday afternoon i think about 7pm or so...i'll call the radio station and check it out. we have been puttin the boat in the water in millbrook...i put it in prattville about 3 weeks ago and it's pretty shallow and muddy...other than that the river has been good place to ride!

Kip & Sarah
07-31-2007 07:50:15 pm CDT
What river? what night ? What Day? Why you guys keepin this secret from us?????????? Hey Steve got any directions for a poor boy from Pell City?

07-31-2007 03:07:09 pm CDT
Is the concert during the day? or night?

Hammer Time
07-31-2007 12:06:38 pm CDT
chris daughtry concert this sunday on the river...if you've never been you can get the boats right behind the stage...gonna be a blast!

07-28-2007 07:20:08 am CDT
I'll keep yall posted.

Stev and Lisa
07-27-2007 06:18:25 pm CDT
Steve and Dee Dee, are you guys coming back on the 4th? Hope so we will not have any customers to entertain that weekend and will meet you at pier 59.

07-26-2007 05:37:59 pm CDT
Steve, ... thought you were going to post some pics from Logan Martin. I ve been fielding calls from all over Pell City making excuses for you . Please post some pics so I can start answering my phone again.........

07-25-2007 09:48:57 pm CDT
Hey Kip/Sarah. I would like to plan trip back to your lake weekend after this one. I have had several that said they want to come. Maybe 10-12 boats total. Call Pier 59 and see if they will make room. You all are great. Steve and Dee Dee. Bling it on!!!!

07-25-2007 08:49:01 pm CDT

Thanks Mtime. I need new speakers runin 3 900's 2 12' subs andf 16 6X6'S the 6x6's dont perform gonna try a new brand. We had the best weekend of the summer. looking forward to another. You guys are awsome thanks for making the trip up here. Owner of pier 59 called to say thanks for the new customers. Bet that has never happened on Martin.......

07-25-2007 06:49:16 pm CDT
HEY CG, Looks like a rare Oriental Kung Fu Cat with and attitude.

07-25-2007 05:39:47 pm CDT
I know the subs are JL W3 12's and there are four of them. And the componant speakers are Focal's and I think there are 8 of them. 2 of which are 6x9 and the rest are 6 1/2's. There is one amp one the subs, and two for the rest of the speakers. Hope this helps! Steve we had a blast this past weekend! Hope to so it again soon.......With no blow outs!

07-25-2007 02:43:48 pm CDT
that sounds good mr steve...are yall going to the water this weekend...which lake?

07-24-2007 09:41:44 pm CDT
Hammertime.. I only have white stickers right this minute. I should have some red,blue and purple ones soon. I'll send you one for free. Thanks. Steve

07-24-2007 05:04:43 pm CDT
No Sarah, I don't have a clue.

07-24-2007 08:32:46 am CDT
hey steve do u know what brand & size the speakers r n miller's boat?

07-24-2007 08:23:04 am CDT

Party Saturday at lakefun and Babygirls house. Live entertainment featuring the Gray Cats.

07-23-2007 10:10:09 am CDT
how much for one of those emerald coast boat club shirts and a cathouse sticker for the baja for boat week???

07-22-2007 10:02:54 am CDT
No, the other in'd (LOL).

07-21-2007 07:35:34 am CDT
oh shit

07-20-2007 09:40:31 pm CDT
But have to attach the pressure washer to a ho's.

07-20-2007 09:21:12 pm CDT
Well, we have a pressure washer.

07-20-2007 04:46:57 pm CDT
Concrete pad prevents erosion from ho's drippings. Not sure I want to see a picture. LOL

07-20-2007 09:26:35 am CDT
Check out "Boating Pic of the Month"

07-19-2007 09:15:44 pm CDT

Maybe you should try a lil of this at the hose hang out.

07-19-2007 08:31:45 pm CDT

heres the back of the T-shirt

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