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10-7-2007 10:55:36 am CDT

Pic from the mountain

10-7-2007 10:52:49 am CDT
hey cg, Drake needs a ladder on the front...

Hey Punks
10-6-2007 10:43:02 pm CDT

somebody say something about JD.............dont be messing with my JD an I do want to here all about that Viper gettin whupped by the BAJA -Deep V Man

10-6-2007 09:46:36 pm CDT
when installing a radio in a john deer tracter allways check to see where the a/c hoses are run

10-6-2007 09:46:34 pm CDT
when installing a radio in a john deer tracter allways check to see where the a/c hoses are run

10-6-2007 08:22:41 pm CDT
Drake, keep your hands in the boat. You failed sign language big time. Just let it go.

10-6-2007 07:18:49 pm CDT
Very nice day on the river....stories to follow i'm sure.....4...2... lol..4200

10-5-2007 08:56:09 am CDT
Cody, email me that picture, I want to use it on the site. The one of the your baja.

Site Master
10-4-2007 08:17:35 pm CDT
I wanna see that race.

hammer time
10-4-2007 08:46:16 am CDT

i don't even know what to say about this...

Hammer Time
10-4-2007 12:02:07 am CDT

But then again i guess i could just step over you steve!

Hammer Time
10-3-2007 11:59:27 pm CDT

everybody be lookin out for the baja killer! she's a bad bad biach!!!

09-28-2007 08:22:37 pm CDT
sounds good, its going to be a good time had by all, and a great way to end the season.. Rooms at the marriott will need to be booked by this wensday.. hope to see you all down here..

09-28-2007 08:01:17 pm CDT
We are deciding now, who is and who is not coming to "Fun Run". We should have a good idea in the next couple of days. Ronnie has been calling and giving me grief. I might just come down there and whip is azz. Look foreward to seeing yall if it all works out.

09-28-2007 12:58:25 pm CDT
come on, surley there has to be a few of you that wants to come back this way for the panama city fun run, lots of fun, food and prizes..

09-28-2007 09:43:25 am CDT
Drake, be careful riding down the river. Chris, come by the shop.

09-27-2007 08:36:22 pm CDT
Nice pic hammertime, what day are you guys going to be on the river? I'm putting in this Satuday at Wetumpka at about 10:30am and riding to Montgomery, slow boat style, and on the 6th of Oct. with a few other boats....hope to see some of you guys out there...boatrfun

09-27-2007 09:24:15 am CDT

what's the game plan for this weekend?!?! hope is has somethin to do with a few budlights a caddie and the river!

09-26-2007 09:33:14 pm CDT
It was great to meet you and your wife. You are welcome anytime. We will see you on the River. Steve

09-26-2007 12:02:11 pm CDT

Hey Steve I really enjoyed visiting the other day and I'm looking foward to the river trip. You really know how to a guy feel wecomed. Nice Place!!!!

09-23-2007 04:03:55 pm CDT

just curious if were gonna be able to have any you attend our first annual fun run to panama city. again there will be lots of foood, fun and prizes.

Cathouse Marine
09-17-2007 07:34:09 pm CDT
O.K. if yall want to plan party here at cathouse bar saturday, (football etc.) let me know. We have 5 bigscreens/flats in the shop (no kidding) so all can watch. I will cook for yall. And we can ride on Sunday. Let me know who is interested. Good time is gauranteed. Steve

09-17-2007 02:05:35 pm CDT
how bout those pics from the river....where the hell are they?? everybody needs to plan on riding the river sunday and sat steve said for everybody to come to the shop to get your drink on (he's got the beer and food) and watch the game!

09-17-2007 07:18:29 am CDT
Steve, thanks a bunch for the fun, food and hospitality over the weekend. Andy and I had a great time. A little rough jumping up at 6:00am Sunday for the drive home but what the hell! Was home for 12:30 and in my recliner in time to watch some NASCAR. I'll give you a call sometime this week and we can discuss engine issues with a little clearer head! Way too much Bud Light went down Saturday.

09-16-2007 01:03:17 pm CDT
Kevin, your boat engine looks great! Email me some pics, and we will put them on the website. On another note, Don and Andy brought in a 38 Cig. Top Gun Lipship addition from Baton Rouge LA. We will be doing rebuilds on the HP500's. It is the actual 1998 World Champion Cigarette. If yall get a chance, come by the shop and see it. GREAT looking boat. Thanks goes out to Don. It will be a great project. Steve

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