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10-18-2007 05:03:37 pm CDT
Yea, I showed him mine, but he didn't show

10-18-2007 04:42:59 pm CDT
Thanks, I have it covered.

10-17-2007 06:07:21 pm CDT
Steve, Did you need me to drop off another copy of the video?...I have one that doesnt have music.

10-15-2007 04:52:57 pm CDT
Trim it up!!!!!42....4200....42

10-15-2007 03:25:37 pm CDT

Hot Rod Regal showing it's "tail".

10-12-2007 09:11:00 pm CDT
Thanks for the resend cg

10-11-2007 10:25:02 pm CDT
Hey steve if you want to give him one of your copies I can drop another one off on my way home. Hey cg, my computer crashed. just got it back up but lost my pics you sent me. Could you resend them?....Please....

10-11-2007 07:12:58 pm CDT
Mckay, why don't I just mail my video (3 copies here at the shop) to LTL. LTL, send me an address via. email. I will mail you copy, or Mckay can do same if you email him. That way yall don't take up a bunch of comp. space.

10-11-2007 07:11:08 pm CDT
Hammertime, you would have a really wild/badazz boat with some power. But, for now, she looks good. You know how to drive it for sure.

Hammer Time
10-11-2007 06:36:56 pm CDT
It's hard to keep the hull clean when we ride the river every weekend and can't get anyone to go anywhere else...

10-11-2007 05:21:52 pm CDT
That BAJA has a filthy hull.

10-11-2007 12:37:02 pm CDT
I had the same problem recently. Then I read where comcast and a couple of other ISP's have limited file size becuase of some folks using to much bandwidth. The kicker is they won't disclose what the limits are set at however. They say if they did folks would set their systems just below the limit. This way keep everyone guessing. I downloaded a file called XFire to transfer mine.

10-11-2007 12:01:38 pm CDT
I have been trying to email this video. But, for some reason it wont upload and send. Its a fairly large file but I dont usaully have this kind of trouble.

10-11-2007 09:26:23 am CDT
Hey CAT, I thought a boating pic should be a boat actually in the Tha pic might qualify for some aviation web sites too. McKay you can email me that video.

10-11-2007 07:47:57 am CDT
Yea, rub it in

10-10-2007 08:02:30 pm CDT
I have been thinking about upgrading. Just not sure about how fast I can Aford...LOL

10-10-2007 07:25:17 pm CDT
Hey Mckay, we can fix the slow part.

10-10-2007 06:32:46 pm CDT

LTL I might be able to hook you up with a copy. BRF new sighn for you...LOL

10-10-2007 06:26:32 pm CDT
Me and my SLOW

10-10-2007 04:15:36 pm CDT
There is new boating pic of the month up. And, Intro page pic coming soon.

10-10-2007 03:21:02 pm CDT


10-10-2007 10:31:58 am CDT
Wish I had been there. No party is so much fun that it can't use an old fat guy to liven things up. OH wait, I just remembered, just being there in spirit was enough to liven up part of the day, and even grace the DVD highlights Now if I could just get a copy of it

10-9-2007 12:15:28 pm CDT
cg, I've got the DVD's ready. Do you want me to give your copy to Drake? I am sure he will see again before I will. p.s. the date is set on the dvc...6th of oct. 2007 42

Hammer Time
10-9-2007 11:43:44 am CDT
player! did u get the pics i emailed you???

10-9-2007 08:30:46 am CDT
What's this about some A/C lines in a JD? Steve????

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