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10-27-2007 03:45:29 pm CDT
Speechless. Not me. I just got in from last nite. Would have loved to have gone but I was hoping to have a late night last I am sure it would have been a blast. Maybe next time.

10-27-2007 09:02:26 am CDT
i think this is the first time iv'e seen LTL speachless....LOL

10-26-2007 09:16:54 pm CDT
Surely, he is not afraid?

10-26-2007 08:57:10 pm CDT
Dang LTL, I will even buy you one of them Vodka things you like to drink at Sinclairs if you can make it!

10-26-2007 07:36:40 pm CDT
Oh yea, I will need some notice LTL. I will have to leave here at 10:30 to make it to ramp by 11:30. Ball is in your court.

10-26-2007 07:35:13 pm CDT
Lake Saturday??? I don't know. If LTL will meet me and ride, I might come. Dee Dee will not ride because of temp. Yea, I over married, and took every advantage I could of the situation. So, LTL, you up for a Ride?

10-26-2007 04:18:25 pm CDT
Steve, You coming to the lake saturday? Kowaliga Ramp is fixed.

Hammer Time
10-25-2007 10:33:46 pm CDT
i think mrs dee is in it for his boat...ha about a cathouse party soon!!!! i need to get rid of my 22ft and get a 27 or on the look out for me!

10-25-2007 05:01:54 pm CDT
Hell, even CAT admits

10-24-2007 11:34:34 am CDT
Funny, that's what DeeDee said about you!!

10-23-2007 12:46:24 pm CDT
After seeing that picture. I just realized that Andy way overmarried.

10-23-2007 09:52:16 am CDT

Here's a good pic of both Andy & Anita. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers guys. They absolutely do help!

10-22-2007 08:43:29 pm CDT
I chatted with Andy for a minute this afternoon. They will do a wait and see thing for a couple of days before doing any more surgery. That is about all he said. I should chat with him tomarrow and I'll let you all know what is up. Thanks Jim, and others. Someone email me a picture of Anita, so that all will know who we are worried about.

10-22-2007 05:55:02 pm CDT
I will get on my knees tonite Prayer works believe me.

10-22-2007 01:33:42 pm CDT
I just spoke with Andy on the phone. Without going into details, things don't seem to be going Anita's way at this time. We will know a little more later today. She had been home from surgery, and doing well up until this point. Yall got me through my surgery, how about lets do the same for her.

10-22-2007 11:28:02 am CDT
Many of you guys know Steve's friend Andy from here in Baton Rouge. Steve did an engine job in his Baja Outlaw last Spring. Well, Andy's wife was diagnosed with colon cancer in April and recently (3 weeks ago) underwent surgery. Saturday morning, she had to be rushed back to the hospital with an intestinal blockage of some sort. Don't want to air all of his business in an open forum but Andy and Anita could sure use your thoughts and prayers right now. I know he would love to hear from some of you. I won't post his phone numbers here but Steve can surely give them to you if you'd like to call. Andy's email address is Thanks in advance, Don McKenzie

10-21-2007 02:01:15 pm CDT
Anyone looking for some stock manifolds i have a stock set that are in great shape, complete with risers and everything. Also have a set of Dana Marine flow torque manifolds for sale.. Pm or email me if interested... these are the 496HO

Python Owner
10-21-2007 06:54:28 am CDT
I never want to get along!

River Rat
10-20-2007 07:54:44 pm CDT
Can't we all just got along?

Python Owner
10-20-2007 10:34:38 am CDT
Attention Steve Lammon. You called me out, off the sandbar last sunday for a drag race with your Hydrostream outboard. You did this knowing you would shame me in front of my friends. I have mad some MAJOR modifications during the week. The only thing you accomplished last Sunday is NOW YOU HAVE TO RACE ME EVERTIME YOU SEE ME! See you this Sunday, but don't expect the same results.

10-19-2007 10:11:06 pm CDT
Sunday, raceday. River Saturday afternoon.

Hammer Time
10-19-2007 04:11:28 pm CDT
Hey pimp! when are we havin a cathouse party again? i'll bring the pole dancers!

10-19-2007 03:47:43 pm CDT
I have a 350 at shop. Call me.

10-19-2007 08:00:46 am CDT
Hey steve. Would it be worth putting a 4bbl on my 5.0 or should I bee looking for a 5.7 to put in my little boat?

10-19-2007 07:36:52 am CDT
LTL, we are talking about the video right? LOL

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