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11-12-2007 07:04:05 pm CST

This coke bottle was found on the lake over the weekend. But, i am having troubled finding out how old it is. Can anyone help out?

11-11-2007 09:20:48 am CST

no glasses required

11-11-2007 09:15:51 am CST

for all you catwhipped boys........

11-9-2007 08:16:27 pm CST
O.K. Go to 'Hot chic pics" page. Look in top row, middle and click. I will leave this here until Dee Dee finds it. Hurry, it want last long. LMAO. I got this from Lamar. funny.

11-9-2007 09:22:34 am CST
Sorry, that post did not work like it was suppose to. I'll try again.

11-8-2007 06:15:04 pm CST

Anyone going to the lake this weekend? Is this the engine Steve put in the Python?

11-8-2007 04:39:30 pm CST
Until it does, I can't read it!! And I increased the font size as large as Internet explorer It's hell getting old.

11-8-2007 12:41:17 pm CST
does that post come with a magnifying glass?

11-7-2007 09:30:58 pm CST

Read carefully.

11-6-2007 08:38:35 am CST
How much are the tickets? And, who is gonna be racing?

11-5-2007 05:14:22 pm CST
Selling Tickets For The River Race Sunday,Better Hurry Selling Fast !!!!!

11-5-2007 10:24:51 am CST
Python looks good Steve! Need to bring it down for the Tickfaw 200 next year! And, BTW, I'll disregard all those vulgar voicemails I received during the LSU/Bama game. At least you were able to talk s**t for three quarters! I didn't get the messages until I got home Sunday. Phone went dead and I forgot my charger at home. All kiddin aside, what a friggin game and party afterwards (about 75 people). Went over to Madisonville to Mike Stewart's (huge Bama fan) to watch the game and spent the night on my buddies 42 SeaRay. Great ride over and back but a little too slow for me! Of course, there is something to be said for being able to stand up and pee while the boat is up and running! Great boat for an alcoholic!

11-5-2007 08:12:04 am CST
That motor won't stay together past Thanksgiving!!!

11-4-2007 04:22:32 pm CST
That looks sweet.

11-4-2007 11:39:49 am CST

Project Python complete! 358 B&M 250 Blower. Nitros Oxide and 28" Bravo One four blade. Fun.

11-4-2007 11:34:50 am CST

Can you say "Baja Killer".

11-2-2007 08:47:18 pm CDT
72 degrees that again

11-2-2007 08:45:29 pm CDT
You really going out tomorrow, its only getting up to 72, think you can handle it?????lol

11-2-2007 08:03:28 am CDT
Hammertime aka. Cody. I called you back, you did'nt answer. I have the Python ready for you. Complete with Supercharger and NOS. How about a race Saturday 11.3.07 on the river. You scared?

11-1-2007 07:32:03 pm CDT
hey old timer...answer the damn phone! Dee left some of her stuff over here! ha ha we gotta get a helicopter with the cats pic soon!

11-1-2007 09:36:35 am CDT

That must have been one heck of a party last sunday...It's been quite here

10-29-2007 01:18:38 pm CDT

Great pics cg Thanks

10-29-2007 08:56:00 am CDT

air mckay!

10-28-2007 06:09:51 pm CDT

Hey cg, send your e-mail so I can fwd the pics from this weekend...

10-28-2007 10:14:08 am CDT
Very interesting day on the lake, walked on some Islands I've never seen, Sand Island is now a very large hill. We need to do this again.

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