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Scarab Man
12-4-2007 05:11:14 pm CST
Whats up Big Daddy?I could use some fresh Powder coat on my windshield frame,its looking a little worn.Tell Dee Dee and Critter I said hey,sorry I've been quite for a while but my little man just turned one and he is a hand full.Whats up Cody,I hadn't talked to you since we where jumping the pass in Destin.Let me know about the Powder Coating and Merry Christmas to all and all a Miller Lite!!!

12-3-2007 08:01:14 pm CST
We now offer powder coating and anodizing. Call for info.

12-3-2007 07:57:56 pm CST
That deer hanging in the tree, sure does bring back some memories about things happening on the loop aka. co.rd27 And, LTL, you may be on to something there with the pics. They could pose in the bucket, and the cab, and even on the hood. LMAO.... Don't rule it out. Let me work on it. I have a feeling, they have all lost there tan, and will not participate. But we will see. And, by the way, you said you were coming to visit "where the hell are you"?

12-3-2007 03:23:59 pm CST


12-3-2007 03:22:17 pm CST
Is it that time of year again?

12-3-2007 10:21:08 am CST
Why thank you Jim. That is the nicest thing you have ever said about me. OK Steve, it is time for an update to the HOT CHICS page. How about a photo shoot of some of those babes with the TRACTOR!!

12-1-2007 05:07:56 pm CST
LTL, You have a morbid sence of humor. The room gets dark when you walk in the door.

11-30-2007 11:12:34 am CST
#3..Earnhart must have been on the 'pole position' when it hit that boat.

11-29-2007 08:20:06 pm CST
That hurt......

11-29-2007 03:45:58 pm CST

How Fast at time of crash?

Lake Martin Shirts
11-29-2007 01:03:37 pm CST
Found these cool shirts. THought some of you would be interested

Lake Martin Shirts
11-29-2007 01:03:09 pm CST
Found these cool shirts. THought some of you would be interested

11-28-2007 05:20:09 pm CST
LTL, that is too funny. LMAO. And, Head, we'll be at party. I'll go and get LTL and bring him also. He aint far from you.

11-28-2007 02:46:52 pm CST
Hope to get Steve to Dr. before he trades boats for more tractors From boats to tractors a sign of old age. Going to have party at lake as soon as we can, leave Stu. at home

11-28-2007 10:36:26 am CST
Being too old and slow,not to mention fat, for HOT chicks or HOT boats, I find myself strangely attracted to the tractor on the Fall 2007 pic page. I think I turned John Deer Green with

The only #1
11-27-2007 08:04:22 am CST
How ever posted under name "1" below, either can't see very well, or has never met D.D. She is on the page twice.

Hammer Time
11-27-2007 07:55:20 am CST
new pics look good ol tymer! Ha just messin with you but hey the best lookin one of all is of the hot chick beind the desk in the chair! see ya soon!

1   2
11-27-2007 12:30:41 am CST
great hot chic page.but i did not see a pic of the hottest chic ihave ever seen on a boat. D D

11-25-2007 02:42:03 pm CST
I put a new tab on the menu side of the site. It's titled Fall 2007. Just a few pics of things going on in the off season. We are thinking of doing a page on the Daytona project, and maybe one on an American Offshore headed up from the Houston, TX area. I'll keep yall posted. Meanwhile, if you have an interesting picture, email it.

Cathouse Marine
11-23-2007 07:44:50 am CST
Now is the time to winterize. I am sure most are done for the season. Cold weather is approaching fast. In most cases, this will only take us a day, and with some boats you can just wait on it and take it back with you. Click on the email link for appointment. Some customers have been calling about upgrades over the winter (new bezels, gauges, upholstery work,Stereo, etc). Prices are pretty good on accessories this time of year and it is the perfect time to do upgrades. Email if you need some help with these. Thanks, and have a great Christmas Season! Steve

PP Family
11-22-2007 06:23:53 pm CST
Happy Thanksgiving!

Steve O
11-21-2007 03:07:09 pm CST

Side Shot

Steve O
11-21-2007 03:06:34 pm CST

Hey Steve thought I would post a picture of my next little project for you get the creative juices flowing...HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!

Steve O
11-19-2007 08:56:44 am CST

The wait is killing me, especially since the weather has been warm....Man I wish parts would hurry....dang transom adapter...

11-16-2007 07:50:48 pm CST

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