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01-3-2008 10:38:55 am CST

can't find boat

12-29-2007 03:11:26 pm CST
Merry Christmas and Happy New years from the other coonasses oh yeah and GEAUXXXXX TIGERS

12-29-2007 02:34:54 pm CST
No, but I was the 2nd grade spelling bee champion of Lincoln County Ms.!!!! Hey by the way, I am going to New Hampshire in a couple of weeks to pick up another car for Anita, so I'll wait till then to stop by on my way back through. Have a few cool pops ready!!!

12-28-2007 03:24:55 pm CST
Hey Andy, so you are an english teacher now??? Yea, yall come, I dare you. Bling it on

12-28-2007 02:38:59 pm CST
Hey you misspelled forward!!!!!!!!!!

12-28-2007 02:37:18 pm CST
Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and Santy Claus brought everyone something nice!!!! Hey Steve are all the coonasses invited for the party???????????

12-28-2007 07:54:14 am CST
We will be having a New Years Eve gathering at Cathouse. All friends and customers are welcome. For those of you with children, we will provide a sitter. We look foreward to seeing you. 7pm until, New Years Eve. Steve

12-26-2007 08:01:07 am CST

12-24-2007 07:17:44 pm CST
not sure tony, but I'm pretty sure I'm rub'n my nipple

12-23-2007 02:13:27 pm CST

Whats so funny?

12-19-2007 09:06:01 pm CST
Window Shopper 12-10-2007 04:47:13 pm CST There are two boats 4 sale on your site with no info and price... (JP and Lee's boats...) Jeez, you would think that Steve would know my phone number (334-657-4071) and how to spell my name right after knowing me almost 20 years!?

12-13-2007 08:47:25 pm CST
The baby weenies are so cute. Issy did a great job!!! BTW, Steve do you know anyone that may be interested in buying our boat?? Rhonda

12-12-2007 08:44:24 am CST
The baby weenies had their first Dr Vist all is well the girl weenie weighted 14 oz 1 maleweighted v oz and the other male weighted oz . we go back in two weeks for worming. Im sure at this point eyes and ears will be open. I'll get steve to updated pics soon. They are so cute! and Izzy is a great Mom.

12-12-2007 08:40:43 am CST
Hey Jake! Come back Anytime we enjoyed having you over. Hope you and your Mom have a Merry Christmas dd

jake Ragland
12-10-2007 07:17:07 pm CST
hey uncle steve deedee madison and steven. how's it going. miss yall i had fun while i was over at thanksgiving. COOL WEBSITE LUV JAKE

Dear Window Shopper
12-10-2007 06:35:24 pm CST
For more info on Jason Parkers boat, call him at 334.201.1980 It is "Boat pic of month". As for Lee's boat, from this message board, email him for more information at .. All the others are in the "paid advertising site" page under "Hot boats for sale". Thanks for your visit to the site.

Window Shopper
12-10-2007 04:47:13 pm CST
There are two boats 4 sale on your site with no info and price... (JP and Lee's boats...)

Hammer Time
12-9-2007 03:52:21 pm CST
This weather makes me wanna go burn the water up! When are we gonna have a party?? what is everyone doing for new yrs?? hey scarab! we def gotta jump them waves again! Next yr though we are gonna have an extra passanger... me and jenn ARE HAVIN A LIL BEBAD!!!!!! we are fired up! I'll have the car seat in the baja july 21, 08!!!! ha ha well i guess we got a good reason to move up to a 27 or 29ft now...anybody know of one??? see yall soon!!!

12-6-2007 10:43:14 pm CST
Thank you Izzy for the beautiful puppies. Good job girl.

Dee Dee
12-6-2007 08:43:54 pm CST
Steve made me a link on left side of site, "Weenies in Cathouse" Issy had baby weenies today, 12.6.07! Gary did the deliveries for me. Check it out. It was very exciting. Get those boats out of my shop so the the new weenies can play (kidding). Hey all, and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Yeee Haaa, I have baby weenie dogs...

12-5-2007 01:47:16 pm CST
Damn, those are nice looking, wish I was 30 years old again(oops I`am 30 years + again), those are nice boats.

12-5-2007 11:40:09 am CST

For sale again!

12-5-2007 11:38:34 am CST

How about some GOOD pics Stevo!

12-5-2007 07:43:05 am CST
Well, I figure one thing for sure ISLEEPU. I will make sure you are on my team when we go dear hunting.

12-4-2007 07:02:51 pm CST
Hey Steve....How much fun will it be on County Road 27 this Christmas with all those "deer" around?? You still have any prophylactics left?

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