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02-7-2008 01:51:49 pm CST
Like the guy running out of gas in the mazda and the girl just laughs and laughs.

02-7-2008 12:50:38 pm CST
Clint, you can't expect me to be a pimp and have full tank of gas too, do you??

02-7-2008 07:38:55 am CST
Parker I'll keep my dingy so I can tow you home when you run the $5 worth of gas out!!

Hammer Time
02-6-2008 10:33:47 pm CST
How much for the memberships and is there any t-shirts and stickers involved???

02-6-2008 09:09:30 pm CST

Parker, anytime you are ready you can join the club, you can either snail mail the money and info or if you have paypal you can send it to my email address with your info and i will take care of the rest, last but not least you can wait, and when u come to town you can take care of it then.. Also anyone else that would care to join is more than welcome. Just so everyone knows we are a non profit org. and for the most part the money goes to charity, For 07 we donated to the warrior foundation and one of our local autism groups.. Thanks and let the boating begin!

02-6-2008 11:02:50 am CST
Shaun or Steve, when and where do I send the $$ for the ECPBC.

02-6-2008 11:00:00 am CST
I'll tell you what Clint. I will trade it for that dingy you got. haha

Hammer Time
02-3-2008 04:02:14 pm CST
i came by last week aND there was cars and golg carts everywhere was locked. i need to get by there sometime this week! we need to get a game plan for thunder on the beach in april and mullet toss and maybe anything before then!

02-3-2008 10:57:29 am CST
No. And, Hammertime, when are you coming by the shop.::::

02-2-2008 11:17:47 pm CST
is that the sunsation that got sideways in the pass at boat week????

02-1-2008 09:59:40 pm CST

Thanks Steve and Dee Dee for posting our picture, one of the better ones, but more importantly, Big thanks for supporting the club and doing what you all do, ECPC wouldnt be what it is if it wasnt for you all and everyone else that makes it what it is and will be.. Would love to see more club memebers and hope to have you all down here more this summer, specially with plenty of your boating friends! takecare and thanks again, Shaun

01-31-2008 08:32:31 pm CST
New pic up for intro, and Boat pic of month. Thanks Shaun. We all appreciate the hospitality and good times when we all come there and visit with the Emerald Coast Powerboat Club. I have a couple of Stickers and applications at the shop for anyone that is interested in joining this group. We get to see them several times a year. Thanks for the memories, and good times to come. Dee Dee

01-31-2008 03:00:30 pm CST
Speaking of Boat of the Month. Somebody send me a couple of pictures so that I can change that out.

01-30-2008 07:41:52 am CST
Parker hurry up and sell the boat so we can get a new boating pic of the month.

Cathouse Marine
01-26-2008 06:59:04 pm CST

Mardi Parade in Prattville.

01-20-2008 11:25:55 pm CST
Just to announce........Tom and I are going to be grandparents! Jene', our oldest, and her husband Charlie (whom some of you met over the summer) are bringing in to the world on or about August 4th, our 1st grandchild!

01-20-2008 10:01:01 am CST
Had a Birthday party to attend SAT night. And now heading back to Atlanta. I'll show up when you least expect Take care of those pups. My cocker has been attacked twice in a week. Got his throat ripped out and a hole in his widpipe. To stays in hospital so far. I have seen a couple of dogs in the hood that appear to be suffering from lead poisoning. Wonder if they will survive?

01-16-2008 09:44:56 pm CST
The puppies are really cool. (pain in the ass really) They are ready for there new homes. I have to post some different pics on that link, but have not had time to work on them. As for summer and the lakehouse, get it finished already.. And if the law allows me to, I'll be there. Bling it on. LTL, you suppose to come to Cathouse, how about this weekend. Weather says you can't do anything else. Be there, and bring your buddies.

01-15-2008 09:04:02 am CST
What happened to the puppy pics? How about an update. I am still waiting on more pics of that sexy tractor

01-14-2008 08:20:40 pm CST
It looks like it maybe a couple of more months yet. Then you can come by. I hope the new Lake House is ready about then. You ready for some exercise?

01-14-2008 09:39:00 am CST
"When I get depressed, I just look at our two wiener dogs, You'll never see more of a can-do attitude in a more can't do body than a wiener dog". I like that one.. And, Be Bad, come on by.

Hammer Time
01-13-2008 11:02:36 pm CST
Pimp...haven't heard from ya in a you been??? i am gonna go crazy if ridin time doesn't hurry up and get here! i am gonna be huntin over by you this week so i guess i will try to come see sweet DD...see ya soon!

01-12-2008 07:46:14 pm CST
Hey Steve and DD. I thought you two might enjoy this one: (this is a quote from "The Dog Says How" by Kevin Kling) "When I get depressed, I just look at our two wiener dogs, You'll never see more of a can-do attitude in a more can't do body than a wiener dog".

01-7-2008 07:30:15 pm CST

Here is all we have thus far. Coming along just fine.

Steve O
01-6-2008 06:48:06 pm CST
Yet another wonderful Alabama day I could have been out for a ride, but boat is at the Cathouse :( NAHHH.....I took out the little Cat boat today instead... Lets see that pretty motor of mine...

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