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03-10-2008 11:24:19 am CDT

CAT sent me this pic and said it was NautiMinded. I am not sure I believe him because she in NOT wearing a thong (thank God for small favors). I have it on pretty reliable sources that it is really his first I also suggest a name change, from "Boating Pic of the Month" to "Boating Pic of Whenever I Get a Hankering to Change it". How about some more pics of that sexy tractor?

03-8-2008 08:18:46 pm CST
You know what the saying is....and probably what someone read/felt. Written in brail "Package is smaller than appears". ///// Mastercard commercial "Hangin' out with friends having a few cold ones and checking out the chicks", $25.00 cover charge.... "Flurtin' with a gorgeous chick, that can't see what you look like" $200 tab...... "Gettin' your package checked out by hand, and she leaves with your other buddy"....USELESS PACKAGE. Hearing all this mess.... "PRICELESS"

03-8-2008 07:58:58 pm CST
Don (DMac) from La. Just as soon as you get a chance, get with Chris. Seems as though he has a problem with his "package". Reliable sources from in and around your area tell me that inadiquate (spell check) cubic inches leads to severe underpower problems. I also believe he has been inspected, and deemed pretty much usless. If that is true, it will only lead to more "lip service" and that shit ain't never worked in his favor. Check on him, and all these details and get back with me asap. If you need any other info, holler at Andy. He has a little more info. Man, talk about a train wreck! One would think that with him being such a young age, he would not have expired all of his manhood. You know what they say... When your package aint keepin' up, you gotta get blown, or get blown away. (thats what they say about boat engines anyway)

Hammer Time
03-3-2008 04:56:01 pm CST
here come your pics!

02-28-2008 04:23:36 pm CST

Dear Kip, quit your pitiful pethetic whinning. If you recall, you have never sent me any pictures of you and Sarah activly boating(You are over marrying by the way) . The only pictures you have ever sent me resembled more of a bikini bonanza, and they were promptly pasted all over this website. I acutally got tired of the phone ringing with people wanting to know who Sarah was. So, hush already. Dont make me drive up there and whip a big boys butt!

Hammer Time
02-28-2008 09:08:51 am CST
All fun and exciting things are risky! drive and ride like hell!!!!! ha ha what everyones plans for te weekend...make some waves?????

02-27-2008 09:24:13 pm CST
Hey Steve, Checked out the pic of the month. I get the impression you think Shawn ad Melinda are safer vessel operators than Sara and I . I am offended. How come Sarah and I have never made boating pic of the month. We are fine examples of safe boating ??

02-25-2008 06:53:10 am CST
The A.O. is still heading up there as far as I know.

02-24-2008 05:54:27 pm CST
The "Hot Boats for Sale" page is updated somewhat. Check it out if you get a chance. It is a few really good deals there, some need to move boats because of upgrades. "Bling it on", warm weather is almost here.

02-23-2008 11:32:45 am CST
If anyone in interested in an engine upgrade/exchange, we have a complete EFI502 mag ready to drop in. It has 0 hrs and HP camshaft. Price is dependant on what exchange is. In case you have twins, we have two in stock. They are complete.

02-22-2008 04:15:48 pm CST
Hurry up and get those pics And don't for get to include the tractor!!

02-22-2008 08:57:03 am CST
All is well here. Still waiting on the American Offshore from down your way.

02-21-2008 07:09:30 am CST
Hey steve I havent heard from yall in a while. Hope all is well in Bama. Jamie

Hammer Time
02-20-2008 03:41:16 pm CST
hey fellas! we found out this morning that me and jenn are having a PRINCESS BEBAD!!!! We are so excited! We had a great time sunday! always awsome time! real good memories!

02-19-2008 03:07:08 am CST

1988 28' scarab, brand new 454mag, less than 10 hrs, "more speakers than i need", said Dee-Dee, NEED TO SELL!!!! CALL STEVE OR ME FOR DETAILS, 334-207-8293

02-18-2008 07:03:34 pm CST
All is well. Thanks.

02-18-2008 07:04:04 am CST
I hope you guys are alright. Did the cathouse get any damage?

02-15-2008 03:48:06 pm CST
Race party for Daytona 500 on Sunday. I'll put a butt on the grill. Pre-race starts at noon. See anyone and everyone that would like to come.

Hammer Time
02-15-2008 12:36:36 am CST
Hey party for the race on Sunday? what's the deal? hey and we really need to get everyone on the water that we can for a video to go on here!

02-12-2008 03:06:57 pm CST
We have a 1982 Ski Nautique for sale at the shop. All original, very nice condition. $8,500 will get it. Way cool boat. Also, we will update the Boats for sale page in the next couple of days.

Tony (PP)
02-12-2008 01:08:16 pm CST
How funny would it be to the the Pier Pressure with a powerboat sticker on it? Maybe some day I can come hang with the fast boat crowd...

02-9-2008 09:26:04 am CST

Feel free to email me and i can call you or you can call me, as for shipping it depends on how many shirts you would like.

02-8-2008 09:39:19 pm CST
Yea, we'll be there. Come on by, call me. But Bud shootout is Saturday, that is party day.

Hammer Time
02-8-2008 07:21:13 pm CST
who do i send the money to and how much is shipping?? Hey gonna be at the shop sunday afternoon???

02-7-2008 08:43:15 pm CST

Sorry i should have told everyone yes there are stickers and T-shirts involved and being a member of the club also gets you a new T-shirt everytime we design a new one. but again, most importantly it goes to charity. if you really dont plan to be down in this area all that much, but would still like to buy a t-shirt i'll be more than happy to sell you however many you want and ship them to you, the cost of the T-shirts now is $10 plus shipping, we have most sizes.. on that note though, id like to see everyone join the club, most of us spend $100 like its pocket change on a weekend, so please help us help those in need

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