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04-3-2008 02:06:25 am CDT

where is every one going on this weekend?

04-2-2008 09:19:16 pm CDT
I really dont mind my picture being up there, please feel free to leave it as long as you like, its not hurting my feelings one bit, thanks again steve

04-2-2008 04:25:09 pm CDT
Hey LTL, you really want me to change that short cut to that name? Maybe I'll try to do a better job for yall. Sorry.

04-2-2008 11:16:48 am CDT
As I said before, it should be called "Boat Pic of Whenever Cat Gets a Hankering to Change It"

Hammer Time
04-2-2008 10:18:28 am CDT
Here comes your photos mrs d! i think i have one of you bent over the back of Bling it On...actually very good butt shot! ha ha! Hey is anybody going to mullet toss???

Dee Dee
03-31-2008 09:23:40 pm CDT
Hey, can someone send another picture for "Boat pic of month". I need to get Steve to change it more often. The present one is dang good, but I think with Spring here, it's time for a "Bikini" shot. Dee Dee (haha, Steve;'s sleeping, and I know how to manipulate this website)

03-28-2008 08:34:24 pm CDT

Steve and everyone else of lake martin, Very sorry things didnt work out and they were able to get that (very screwed up) law passed! I had some really great times up there with many of you, specially at the rock. I hope somehow, someway, you all can get it appealed, but until then i look forward to seeing many of you down here on the emerald coast! LATZ

03-28-2008 04:48:35 pm CDT
CG, you are crazy. LMAO I like the future look at Lake Martin. Too funny.

03-28-2008 08:34:31 am CDT

future look at lake martin...after the ban!

03-28-2008 08:26:05 am CDT

steve found a way to keep you around....note the bad reduction device! bling it on!

Hammer Time
03-25-2008 09:05:20 am CDT

Steve...i heard you and mike went to give my wife a 42ft fount the other day but had a change of heart....what's up with that?!?!i think yall made her day! Hey is anyone riding this weekend?? where at??

03-23-2008 07:41:29 pm CDT

In case anyone wants to come, this saturday the 29th Emerald Coast Powerboat Club will be having there first meeting for the season, this will be held at Helenback, starting around 1:00 P.M. would like to see some of you attend.

03-17-2008 10:53:20 pm CDT

come buy it before I sell it....this is way too much boat for me!....

03-17-2008 07:34:26 am CDT

Here's what happens when you put a 200mph blower on a peddle boat

Steve O
03-12-2008 11:38:00 pm CDT

Chris Cat arrived today.....I'm ready to ride...Just checking on the Galaxy...See You

03-12-2008 07:48:53 am CDT


03-12-2008 07:48:21 am CDT


03-12-2008 07:47:13 am CDT


03-12-2008 07:46:44 am CDT

1996 27 Fountain 90 mph! MINT! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second owner, bought it in Jan 1998 with 67 hours, hull has around 330 hours, engine only has around 50 with latest Cathouse upgrades, Crane roller cam & lifters, Pro Charger stage II sc running 7 boost, custom heads and ecu tuning by Precision Marine, new tri axle trailer, two covers, full MSD ignition, CMI E-tops, nice stereo, too many extra to list, meticulously maintained, not in a position where I have to sell but only used about 10 hrs last year, too many toys and not enough time! Looking for offers in the forties. Call Lee @ 334-657-4071 or email

03-11-2008 09:16:53 pm CDT
Don, thanks for the inquire. You have mail. If you would like references, just ask here on this board. Steve

Don Mitchell
03-11-2008 10:08:14 am CDT
Could I get some prices from you for Summerization, Oil Change, and Winterization, it's for a SeaRay 180 I/O. The paper work on motor is at lake. I'm tired of dealing with Harbor Pointe. Thanks, Don

03-10-2008 10:14:33 pm CDT
Steve, you are SO DEAD! THAT IS NOT ME! The boobs are too big.

03-10-2008 04:00:27 pm CDT
My x-wife visits this site often. And, that ain't her. It's Nauti I told you.

Hammer Time
03-10-2008 12:18:13 pm CDT
We are gonna go riding at Orange Beach this weekend...anybody up for a road trip or already going to be there???

03-10-2008 11:33:40 am CDT
Upon closer inspection by someone with better sight than me it has been pointed out that she IS wearing a thong. It must be leather because it matches her

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