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04-19-2008 09:23:49 am CDT
You should have been there cg. Then It would have been 3 sour puss's.

04-19-2008 04:46:17 am CDT
dang, I can't look at that pic to much my eye's go cross looking at those two sour puss's on the right....lmao

04-18-2008 08:40:55 pm CDT
O.K. the boating pic of month is done. Best one ever.

04-18-2008 08:25:51 pm CDT

LTL, Sorry your ole' gal has rednecks hangin' all over her. McKay, BRG, and CAT. We tried to fit all of us in the cab, but it aint happenin'.

04-18-2008 01:42:00 pm CDT
You're a good man Steve....I don't care what LTL says about you

04-18-2008 11:24:33 am CDT
Yall ease up on a brother. I have been busy planning appeal.

04-18-2008 10:59:56 am CDT
Hey steve, I was thinking you should just put your Cat picture in as boat of the month and leave it there for a good long time. I see alot of people moaning about it, but when you ask for pictures, no one acts.. Seems like alot of talk, but no action.

04-17-2008 09:03:15 am CDT

Steve..are you still Breathing??? Anybody riding this weekend???

04-17-2008 08:56:24 am CDT
Wow!! CAT finally changes his "Boating Pic of Whenever He Gets a Hankering to Change It". Wonder how long that beautiful white landscape will stay up?

04-17-2008 08:34:17 am CDT

brf you need to call this you can't see his name let me know...if you remember this....LMAO

04-15-2008 05:53:53 pm CDT

04-15-2008 08:40:59 am CDT
I am not alone on the pic of the "month" thing....woohoo. As for Chris, I don't know him, but it usually doesn't take long for 40 yo guys to learn that they ain't wired for 2-20!!

04-14-2008 01:36:32 pm CDT
Steve, been pretty busy lately so finally getting back around to checkin out the site. I'm not gonna continue doggin on ya cause your local boys are doing a good enough job at it but please, either change the name to "Hot Boat Pic of The Year" or change it more often. Now, I got that outta the way. About Chris, you know, when you're 43 and trying to run with 23-year-olds, your equipment might be deemed - inoperative. When he decided to trade in one 40 for 2 - 20's, he stepped off in a bunch of chit. There's no help for the boy now. He's gonna have to fight his way through this one himself. Andy and I were with him this weekend. Huge crawfish boil (500lbs) and BBQ (70 chickens) and plenty beer at a neighbors place and then went and closed down Tin Lizzy's. I remember some of it! Chris slept (passed out) in the boat for most of the night. Only three more weekends till the 200. Remember what I said about that 2X4 and your lunch bag. :) Hopefully, we won't have any accidents on Thursday or rain on Friday this year. Got a few new folks coming in to town this year and we're hoping to get a little fun-run together for Friday. Show people some of the stops and maybe grab some good fried seafood at Middendorf's. The more the merrier. Talk to ya soon and tell Dee Dee hello for us.

04-14-2008 10:11:28 am CDT
I hope that sexy tractor survived all the abuse it got Saturday. I need some recent pics to make sure she is OK. How about posing her with some thongs!! My poor sexy green girl. I am looking for a shelter for abused tractors honey. Hang on, help is on the way.

04-13-2008 08:53:00 pm CDT

Hammertime can you email me at

04-13-2008 07:42:54 pm CDT
Thanks for your support. It was nice to visit with you and "Your better half". Steve

04-13-2008 10:16:44 am CDT

Steve, It was a pleasure doing buisness with you, Great service and Great company. Sorry we had to run off. Maybe next time we can visit alittle longer.

04-10-2008 09:11:38 pm CDT

Would greatly apprecaite anyone/everyone who would be willing to help our club out for a wonderful cause. Im trying to sell the remainder of our club T-shirts that we have, For $14.95 shipped you get a awesome T-shirt with some really nice boats, good quality print and the best part your helping support our charity groups, the money we raise goes to a local Autism group that helps kids in need that cant afford it, It also goes to our warrior fund for our troops that have been wounded or killed in the line of duty, helps there family's out. Please check out this link and see what others have said about the shirt, and how many people have helped us out so far.. We have done excellent so far but i would like to atleast double, if not triple what has sold so far, with your help it can be done.. Shirts can be purchased on our website

04-9-2008 06:30:14 pm CDT

I'll be there!

Hammer Time
04-8-2008 08:35:48 pm CDT

Mullet beach...Talladega weekend...take boats...anybody coming???

04-5-2008 10:24:34 pm CDT
It has a tag on the transom bracket the says it falls under some 1935 canadian patents.

04-5-2008 10:23:05 pm CDT

hey steve. do you stock any parts for my old Evinrude?....LOL

Hammer Time
04-3-2008 03:22:52 pm CDT

04-3-2008 01:54:33 pm CDT
Jr`s still looking for his ass. Isthat

04-3-2008 09:40:07 am CDT
It is really just a way to get at you, but a change in scenery would be nice. I especially like DeeDee's idea of a bikini shot!! Somebody said something about a butt shot........

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