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05-24-2008 4:55:54 AM CST
OH CRAP I JUST DROPPED MY LAPTOP ON THE FLOOR FROM LAUGHING SO HARD.....LMAO!!!!!! cleats is the correct spelling, one to many for lunch.

05-23-2008 11:26:39 PM CST
ALL performance boats have Popup cleats/or no cleats at all. I say DRAKE jump off the boat once, and his panties came off... Yea, I said "Panties". I have pics.

05-23-2008 2:16:49 PM CST

remember this Memorial Day weekend if your boat does not have pop-up kleets, to clear the boat before jumping!

05-23-2008 7:58:10 AM CST
LMAO...I was thinking the same thing mckay, summer lover wake up that dog on your sun pad and or show us another pic of your boat, every time I see that pic I want to take a nap myself or it could just mean I am getting LTL if you give them water floats with chicken grease rubbed all over them the gator with zone in quicker....LMAO.

05-23-2008 7:42:16 AM CST
I have heard twice this week about an alligator that was supposedly found in Manoy Creek. I don't know if it is true, but if it is, I ahve a cuople of LM forum friends I am going to invite over for a

Summer Lover
05-22-2008 10:42:42 PM CST
I would hope he has Aft torpedo tubes or that Mr Shark has had a recent McSurfer meal....

05-22-2008 8:16:27 PM CST
cg, Just wait. You are going to be suprised at just how fats that yak can go...LOL

05-22-2008 3:01:29 PM CST

dude you need a bigger boat!

Cody and Jenn
05-20-2008 10:18:49 PM CST

Cathouse's newest member had her first glamour shots today! Everything is going great and healthy! 9 weeks to go!!!!

Summer Lover
05-20-2008 9:42:34 PM CST

I guess the PC crowd got to the LM forum, I will have a toast to the easily offended people while on the lake next weekend. And the short people, fat people .. OK, a toast to myself. And Steve, I think that you just needed to blow some of the carbon out to pass that test...

05-20-2008 12:16:53 PM CST
Steve, Thanks to you (Jed) and deedee for taking Monica and I out for a boat ride during the Tickfaw 200. We had a blast. It's not every day you get to go 120MPH on H2O.Thanks and hope to see yall next year.

Hammer Time
05-20-2008 12:50:11 AM CST need to call someone got Jenn all worried about you!

05-19-2008 9:47:54 PM CST
Sorry ECPBC. I am speaking of the post below yours (David Grimes).

05-19-2008 9:45:57 PM CST
So, what we gonna do??? Send him a check?? (Speaking of post below). Someone please tell them, there is a better way of contact, and much discussion to be had! "Dear David Grimes, Please call Cat at 334.358.2838"

05-19-2008 9:45:48 PM CST

All, We invite everyone to come out and Enjoy our First BBQ Bash hosted by Helenback at crab Island this sunday the 25th, starting at 11am till the party ends, BBQ for club members is free and everyone else is $6, money goes to charity! would like to have a decent head count if possible, so please call me or email me and let me know if you plan to attend, Thanks ECPC

05-19-2008 10:32:44 AM CST
As a member of The House He voted against the boat ban on Martin. Now David is running for U.S. Concress ,2nd dist. He's a good guy and a good Republican. Check him out.

05-18-2008 6:40:32 PM CST
Ok, maybe we can meet up again somtime..LOL

05-18-2008 9:38:22 AM CST
It was good to see all you guys too. No cg, I don't know any Indian sign language, I only speak 'merican and And McKay if you didn't see the resemblence, it's only cause you don't know me well enough yet!!

05-18-2008 9:01:56 AM CST

hey randy, is that indian sign language you are sporting there, pale face bear right at lake point, nice meeting you and the crowd. yata hey!

05-17-2008 10:41:32 PM CST
It was nice seeing everyone again. Nice meeting you LTL however I still don't see the resmblance to the trophy ...LOL BRF said it looked just like you..Just kidiing..LOL

05-17-2008 9:16:39 PM CST

Steve found a parking place at chuck's, hey the pizza was well worth the stop! keep Blinging it on Steve, nice to see you, glad your alright! did not call you later on because we got in a talk fest with pp and alscn at the rock.

05-17-2008 8:41:03 AM CST
chucks sounds good, i still haven't tried there famous pizza yet.

05-17-2008 8:38:04 AM CST

This is my Ride. It would be nice to put a face with the trophy...LOL

05-17-2008 7:07:20 AM CST
Thanks feb. I would like to have one of those old clocks. By chance, do you ever sell one?

feb (Lamar Hickman)
05-17-2008 4:11:54 AM CST

Another ticker for you to look at. It is from around 1879. It is a Seth Thomas clock movement for The Southern Calendar Clock Company who built the cases. it is one of the best clock movemenmts Seth ever made. I just finished the restoration prior to my move late this evening. It is one of the very best like you Steve, Keep your heart ticking as well as this antique. I am not a heart surgeon, but a clock man. Nice to hear you are doing better. I do not like these scares. Best Regards, Lamar

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