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06-10-2008 1:25:54 PM CST
hey Steve...i was just wondering....HOW EXACTLY WAS IT YOU WERE HOLDING THEM DOLLAR BILLS IN YOUR MOUTH???? ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

06-10-2008 10:02:15 AM CST
That would be right instead of left. Sorry for the brain fart, but I was too involved in wondering if that was the famous thong I have been hearing

06-10-2008 10:00:49 AM CST
I am guessing NautiMinded is front row, second from the left!!

06-09-2008 8:30:26 AM CST

Here's the group photo from Navarre. As usual a good time was had by all!

Drive by
06-08-2008 3:13:21 PM CST

you know you do!!!!

06-08-2008 10:00:54 AM CST
Had a great party last night. Wish you guys could have been here. About 30 folks and some GREAT entertainment. A good time was had by all.

06-08-2008 9:15:26 AM CST


06-08-2008 9:14:29 AM CST

blonde is nice too

06-08-2008 9:12:21 AM CST

you know you like it.......

06-08-2008 9:08:51 AM CST

Big, round & juicy......

06-06-2008 5:10:27 PM CST
We are heading your way in the morning BRF. Bringing the boat. Hope to do some fishing.

06-04-2008 4:57:06 PM CST
brf weather report from seagrove(between destin and panama city) 1ft-3ft seas, wind south 10 to 15,clear skies,air temp 89 degrees, beer temp about 40 degrees.......bling it on!!!!!

06-04-2008 11:56:42 AM CST
Hate she is gone....she was a good lookin woman. Her face was pretty too. :-) Need more of those types on the "HOT CHICS PAGE"...time to move the oldies to the archives.

06-03-2008 5:15:11 PM CST
Yep, I went down swingin'.

06-02-2008 7:16:49 PM CST
steve, dee dee must have busted you up good for you to have cleaned up the site, I'm sure you were a hand full up until she got the best of it on!

06-01-2008 12:44:35 PM CST

Nice pics of the Cathouse Marine Chick.....lets see the big, not the miniture pics

05-29-2008 2:00:24 PM CST

hey brf is that a new type of cleat you have on the bow or maybe you have found a new kind of, or maybe you have her get the bumpers in before you get underway to earn her, good thing she has short legs so as to not block the drivers, she looks a little pissed maybe you worked her to hard that, surely that is not that new fishing bait you were talking, ok I'm thru!

miller time Jr.
05-27-2008 11:28:29 PM CST
we going down to Jacksonville Fl. for the poker run its the same weekend as bowlegs, just wanted to know if anyone was planning to go from around here.

05-27-2008 9:49:29 PM CST
Some leaving Wednesday night, and some Thurs. AM. I'll let you know who is going when soon. Many are here at shop, makes for lots of work

05-27-2008 1:31:14 PM CST

what's the plan for Bowlegs? who's all going???

Summer Lover
05-27-2008 6:16:51 AM CST
We enjoyed meeting you and the rest of the Cat Clan as well - maybe next time it will be a non-Sunday, or a "private club" with more drink options.

05-26-2008 3:37:15 PM CST
It was nice to meet you both in person. Enjoyed the visit. "If it ain't a CAT, it's a DOG".

Summer Lover
05-25-2008 8:45:55 PM CST

The boss said she found a pair of canoes she liked, but I don't see any paddles. Called it some kind of Cat???? Now I am confused...

05-25-2008 10:30:02 AM CST
nice looking dog! your right, cleaning the boat today for just that reason.

Summer Lover
05-25-2008 6:57:00 AM CST

At least he won't be complaining about the bruise on his back - may be wondering why he is wearing his testicles as earrings until the blood starts flowing back to his brain. And cg - the picture of the dog is about a year and a half old - Maizy now needs far fewer IPL's, so wake up and hit the lake.

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