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06-29-2008 5:32:43 PM CST

red neck hotrod

06-27-2008 4:22:39 PM CST

Redneck version of a 'go fast' boat.

06-27-2008 4:20:32 PM CST

Cat's little known cousin, Critter.

06-27-2008 8:27:54 AM CST
what are yall doing the 4th ?

06-26-2008 8:47:22 PM CST
AJ. You always got all the chics, tell us your secret??????? Us Alabama boys gotta know! Hey, have you gotta buddy comin' here to pick up a "Mini Cig"?

06-26-2008 3:30:22 PM CST

royal purple

not hot
06-26-2008 8:40:19 AM CST

not hot

hot chick
06-26-2008 8:34:49 AM CST

hot chick

06-25-2008 4:47:40 PM CST
You know, you all could help. Send me some pics and I'll post them. I dont think Dee Dee likes me runnin' around taking pics of chics.

06-25-2008 4:46:20 PM CST
I'll get around to it.

06-25-2008 2:25:35 PM CST

lol...brf I was waiting on mckaygmc to jump on that, but you beat him to the punch, he must be cleaning those fish he caught. crimson4lif has a point steve! you know, the answer will be, too busy! 4..2..4..2..4..2.....lmao

06-25-2008 1:47:12 PM CST
CAT...I would have to say your slipping....were half way through '08 and almost half way through the summer and no new 'HOT CHIC PICS' or anything else for that matter. Your slippin or getting old? As good lookin as the ladies's time for fresh meat!

06-25-2008 11:45:33 AM CST

06-25-2008 8:59:40 AM CST
looks like the guy in the Hawaiian shirt standing next to steve is shooting someone a bird, it must be beer thirty!

06-24-2008 2:02:43 PM CST

I agree LTL it would be nice to see more places like chucks. Or maybe Chucks should get more

06-23-2008 9:16:02 AM CST
I tried to get to Chuck's Saturday, but there was a waiting line just to get a parking space. It would seem that there is plenty of business for food and entertainment venues on the lake.

06-23-2008 5:38:52 AM CST
wish you could have made it this weekend c u at emerald coast aj

06-22-2008 11:14:29 AM CST

Thanks for the hook up Cathouse...

06-20-2008 4:19:27 PM CST
We got your back LTL.

06-20-2008 2:48:38 PM CST
What's this I read about you coming to get me Saturday? Ya'll gonna get me down there and gang up on me? Maybe I need to come with my own posse. That is dangerous territory for me. We all know that LaKKKeman rules that part of the lake. I like to stay up here in the 'hood' where I feel safe....LMAO.

06-20-2008 1:58:08 PM CST
Mario, I have sent you an email.

06-20-2008 12:22:59 PM CST
Hey Steve, I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but I am an avid reader of the Lake Martin forums and I have developed great respect for your advice and reputation from your posts there. I have recently bought a Yamaha 212SS jetboat, and am becoming increasingly frustrated with the lowspeed handling. Everywhere I have looked online, including the yamahajetboaters forum (, they all say to get the CobraJet Steerings fins (, which supposedly significantly alleviates this problem. Do you have any experience/advice in this regard? Thanks a lot in advance for your time. Mario

06-20-2008 12:10:17 PM CST
To clear up some confusion, the "Hammer Time" post below was made by me. I was refering to Cody, his boat is named Hammer Time! Not the "Hammer Time" from E-dock. However, should the big cat "Hammer Time" need a chic, post a not. "Bling it On"

06-19-2008 2:42:12 PM CST's on!!! gotta say that was a good one...but you know Hammer Time has alot more class and style than that...GAME ON GAME ON FOR CATHOUSE!!! Better look out...them damm chicken you get calls about are the last thing you gotta worry about now!!!!

06-19-2008 9:56:43 AM CST
LMAO, looks like a PBAM sandwich.

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