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07-16-2008 10:31:23 PM CST

Look ahere look ahere!!! I am the happiest father ever! Me and Jenn are so blessed! Thank you all so much for your prayers, love, and support! Caylee Madison was born at 1:35pm today weighing in at 7.9pounds!!! Thank you all again!

07-16-2008 8:55:45 AM CST
It's all good Steve. But for my money, you could have left the old ones up till you get some new ones to ADD to I specially miss Trish. That is one sexy lady!!

07-15-2008 10:05:53 PM CST
Hey Tony, I agree. Would you be interested in helping maintain the site? You seems to be comp. savey. If you are interested, we can chat and work something out. It is about time to upgrade a lot of things. Let me know what you think.

07-15-2008 1:44:04 PM CST
I say you need a rule that states that only pictures taken by poster can be put on that site. Its no fun seeing stolen pics...

07-14-2008 10:09:13 PM CST
Thanks LTL. I had gotten behind on the page, but you don't worry, I will up date very soon...

07-14-2008 6:15:07 PM CST
What happened to the "Hot Chicks Page". The new one jsut ain't gettin I was going to show some freinds the other day and realized it was gone.... WAH WAH. And BTW-- Happy second anniversairy!!

07-12-2008 11:15:59 AM CST

They call it a Tattle Tale because it never lies.

07-11-2008 10:15:17 PM CST
Go to bottom of this page and click on page 37 and read from bottom to top to around 35. You all are awesome!!!! It's hard to believe that was two years ago tonight. Thanks. I could'nt have done it without you... "Bling it On"

07-10-2008 1:00:13 PM CST
Hey Steve, glad everyone is enjoying the videos and pics! And just where are the rest of the videos?

07-07-2008 6:50:13 PM CST
Steve I'm digin the videos at the bottom of the page...that was a blast!

07-07-2008 6:48:04 PM CST

Mr. Womble

07-07-2008 6:46:03 PM CST

Two mafia men

07-07-2008 6:45:02 PM CST

Always showing off

07-07-2008 6:43:54 PM CST

Looks like Bling It On is in Hammer Time's wake...ha ha how about we take down the 07 pics and replace with the 08s???

07-05-2008 2:55:06 PM CST
I posted a link on the left side of the page to "Boat Freaks". It is a fun site. Click the link page, register and check it out.

07-05-2008 2:53:14 PM CST
Ha HA, Cody's got dingle berries. LMAO

Hammer Time
07-01-2008 11:25:43 PM CST

Dee Dee...don't you know if Jenn can't handle my ass your sure can't... i can't wait to see yall!!!! ha ha ha ha!!!!

07-01-2008 6:16:36 PM CST
Cody, I removed the recent photo you posted. You and Steve paying each other back should not involve me in any way! I am sure I will see you over the weekend, it is then you will have payback from me..... Said day when a grown woman whips a young man's ass. LOL. :-)

07-01-2008 1:24:57 PM CST
now what kinda girls did you say i had on Hammer Time??? payback is a mofo!!!!!

06-30-2008 7:50:21 PM CST
It's one of my favorite signs too!! Every establishement needs one.

06-30-2008 5:56:42 PM CST
I got to have one of those signs. LMAO

06-30-2008 4:21:31 PM CST

Sign spotted at CATHOUSE MARINE!!

06-29-2008 7:20:11 PM CST

Just a Lake View. What is more important?

06-29-2008 6:48:08 PM CST

I am now an official Lake Martin full timer. It has not been easy, but neither are any of the good things in life. Give me a few days, weeks or even months before dropping by. It is currently more like a warehouse than a home. LOL

06-29-2008 6:12:49 PM CST
there will be several fire works displays seen from Crab Island this friday the 4th and then another big BBQ on crab island the 5th ( Saturday) for any of you with no plans.

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