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04-19-2019 1:00:31 PM CST
I’m so devastated that you’re closing.

04-14-2019 7:46:08 PM CST
I was there this morning the store was closed. Looks like some construction going on. Will you be open this season.

Katherine Gawron   Bereel12534@yahoo.com
04-13-2019 7:42:03 PM CST
Please let me know if you are open this season! My birthday is in 2 weeks and i would love one of your cakes!

Lisa Usyk   lisausyk@icloud.com
04-10-2019 3:39:34 PM CST
I would like to order a cake or two for my mother's birthday on April 20th. Wondering if your open.

Denise Cance   dcance@windsorsanitation.com
04-10-2019 10:48:56 AM CST
Is your phone working or did you change your number I cannot get thru.

dyan kaplan   dyankaplan20@gmail.com
04-01-2019 11:44:40 AM CST
My daughter is getting married at West settlement Inn and would like to know if you make pies and would deliver them to roxbury . Enough pies and probably cakes for 100 people.

Kenneth Kissam   kgkissam@netzero.com
03-16-2019 4:05:36 PM CST
Are you opening this year? If so, when is your opening day? I miss your Apple strudel.

Henry & Ingrid
02-09-2019 8:09:08 AM CST
Looking forward to the 2019 season and calendar, thank you all for a “Sweet “ 2018.

Nancy Pahl   nancy.pahl@yahoo.com
08-22-2018 11:29:38 AM CST

Hey Diane, Hello My Martini Friend. Please send me the Joe Pahl Menu Special. Tommy will be up in November with your favorite

LJ   ljinnes@gmail.com
08-13-2018 6:06:34 PM CST

my cousin and i have been going here every year as adults (and as kids) and she told me this year bakery only (which your bakery is awesome) but part of our tradition was to stop at Hartmann's first thing and have lunch, tea and cake. please bring it back; everyone seems to miss it. and BTW i love the little tea pots, so if you're selling them, let me know - but i'd prefer to have tea in them in your restaurant section

Mitch V.   mitch.vinicor@gmail.com
08-07-2018 10:44:27 AM CST
I love this place and have been coming there for decades, but I haven't been there since last year. I am about an hour away, and two friends and I regularly meet there for lunch. But with no lunch, and fewer days, I regret that it's not worth coming for just coffee and cake -- no matter how delicious your cakes and pastries are. I sure hope you will consider resuming a food menu next season!

06-21-2018 9:48:03 PM CST
No lunch? No Wursts? Really?

Rita Spiritelli   Reit124691@gmail.com
04-17-2018 12:46:37 PM CST
I will miss those great German Lunches!

03-18-2018 3:06:27 AM CST
Last time I was there the place is for sale Did you sell the place yet? If not when are you opening for 2018. Your website is not up to date.

03-05-2018 9:39:58 AM CST
When are you opening for the 2018 season ????

Marty Gilbertie   martypump@yahoo.com
02-27-2018 3:19:28 PM CST

Since 1982 !!!!

12-02-2017 8:02:10 AM CST
Be warned, Hartmanns is going through tough times right now. As of a few weeks ago they had made no stollen and the cake bin was bare.( I always go for the Furst Puckler. ) Did you notice no one has bothered to change the openning notice on this website from early September saying there was no cook? We understand this can happen, but to not maintain up-to-date info is not professional. My family and friends wish the owner (and main baker) a speedy recovery. We've loved the place for years and want to keep visiting and supporting it. Maybe 2018 will be better for them. Actually this website is nicely organized and attractive, but you can't rely on it for truly "newest news" of the place.

Catherine Logue   catiedaily@gmail.com
11-22-2017 7:15:52 AM CST
Hi. Love all of your desserts, I have been going here since I was a little girl with my grandmother Nellie Gavin. Getting married in May 2018, what is your wedding cake pricing? Can you get back on email, thank you!

Steven M   StevenJMcGuire@gmail.com
11-06-2017 7:40:03 AM CST
We always stop here whenever and wherever we are in the Catskills.. The best pastries and the BEST German potato salad. Keep doing what you're doing and never change!

Maurer, Gisela   Maurereast@aol.com
10-16-2017 11:12:40 AM CST
Hi, would like to know if you have Stollen awalible when we come up on Oct.20-17 , could you please let me know. I don't want to drive31/2 hrs for nothing. This would be the first Christmas without your Stollen. Sincerely Gisela Maurer

Barbara   bayovine@hotmail.com
10-14-2017 3:49:38 PM CST
Have you changed ownership? Brought friends down today from Albany, 10/14/17. Ordered the usual Reuben sandwiches but the corned beef was tough and tasteless, Also there was a limited supply of baked goods. Disappointing visit.

Sharon   nittanyhokie712@yahoo.com
09-16-2017 9:57:06 AM CST
Will you bake a black forest cake? We need for a party on Oct. 21?

Artie   arthursusan@yahoo.com
08-12-2017 9:11:58 AM CST
Have tried calling always busy - want to order cake for pick-up Aug. 16 - Please e-mail me how I can do this

Lynn Hordines   lynnnew32@aol.com
03-09-2017 8:45:32 AM CST
Good morning. When do you open for the 2017 season?

Jean   alljeansangels@gmail.com
03-06-2017 8:28:06 AM CST
Would love to know your 2017 season

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