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03-22-2006 09:31:59 pm CST
Robert Nelems, we are thankful of your lead on fighting this bill. Let me know where to meet you, and i'll be there Wednesday. Look foreward to meeting you. Let's beat this, and move on to a great summer! Steve

03-22-2006 03:44:07 pm CST
Don't know how to edit a post,I meant to say I won't be in a suit,just jeans and a T-shirt

Robert Nelems
03-22-2006 03:41:52 pm CST
Willard Bowers direct line,205-257-4090. But he is on vacation and will be back Mon.His sec said phone has been constantly ringing and that's good. I will be at the Senate proceedings Wed,Wed is a critical day for us. I want be in a suit,jeans and a T-shirt,anyone that wants to join me come on down,cell # 205-275-9260. We are going to beat this. Just finished a 3 hour interview with the Pell City paper,it will be Sunday front page,should be available Sat nite 10:30 or so at Robert

03-22-2006 03:30:11 pm CST

hey when is everyone comming to the river? We are ready to ride... if this law passes we will let all you big boats slum with us river rats...

03-22-2006 03:20:39 pm CST

hey I'm glad you liked it... I guess the Nick photo was too much I'll try not to send more like that one...haha

03-22-2006 12:08:20 pm CST
Here is another person to call, Willard Bowers with Alabama Power Co. @205-257-1000. He the person handling this for them. Jam the phone lines!

03-22-2006 11:33:03 am CST
LMAO!!!!! That is funny as hell. Don't let me fool you, I had one eye open.

03-21-2006 10:01:47 pm CST

A nice cat...pretty kitty

03-21-2006 09:55:24 pm CST

util somebody gets SLAPPED...

03-21-2006 09:51:44 pm CST

its all fun & games ...

03-21-2006 09:45:30 pm CST

lets try this again... this is my favorite thing about Parker...

03-21-2006 08:55:37 pm CST
Mike, when downloading a picture, make sure your download is complete. I can't wait to see that pic you were trying to post. Steve

03-20-2006 08:44:30 pm CST
Hey guys, looks like yall go a handle on the boat bill with Nelems watching your back. Remember, if you need some access. or "Trick Parts", visit me at The site can be found on this site under "friends of Cathouse". My latest customer is Kevin Green... good luck on the 27 Fountain. Glad to assist you today. I'll post some specials later. Coming soon i'll have 496 headers that will work with corsa switchables. Fred.

New Billet colors now available
03-20-2006 08:41:21 pm CST

New orange billet

Robert Nelems
03-20-2006 06:14:21 pm CST
This bill has had more twists and turns than a roller coaster.Appears now that Russell Lands is not the bad guy,they may actually be on our side. I will have more info tomorrow on that. I hope this is true, I always considered the Russell folks to be good guys,they sell big boats like I do. They have some new 54' slips at the Ridge and a big new monster forklift. I will continue to follow this,we are all in this together. Please post anything you hear,as will I. Robert

03-20-2006 11:04:22 am CST
Here are a few more senators to call, Larry Dixon @334-242-7895 and Jim Pruitt @334-242-7898 to voice your opposition to boating bill SB487 and HB756.

03-20-2006 10:26:52 am CST
Critter and Steve~ Congrats! Told you I'd look it up Critter! And I'm highly impressed, except for the fact that me and the Bird Dawg aren't on the "hot chick" page! hehe Steve can tell you that my "tobaccy chewing" sandbar boyfriend thinks we're hot! The site looks great guys!! C-ya at the river soon! Carol

robert nelems
03-19-2006 08:12:58 pm CST
Now we know the real reason behind the boating ban bill. Go to Prepare to be shocked by the greed.

Scarab man   tledbetter@TRMOTORSOPELIKA.COM
03-19-2006 07:58:52 pm CST

Baja Dave
03-19-2006 07:55:27 pm CST
Cat, on the new 27 Fever project, what drive setup and prop are you going to run with that monster engine? Also, at those speeds, will a steering system upgrade be required?

Fat Bastard
03-15-2006 08:56:48 pm CST
I thought everybody knew Parker is gay.

03-15-2006 08:14:46 pm CST
parker joked on a yellow boat ,but now he owns it.who has the sex problem now?

03-15-2006 08:07:03 pm CST
Is that Parker? OMG. What's up with the hat?

03-15-2006 07:12:54 pm CST

Couldn't help it had to pass this one along!

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