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03-24-2006 10:26:57 pm CST

Looks like fun to me.....Robert water testing his new ride.

03-24-2006 10:24:54 pm CST

More of Robert's bad boy G-3. Gotta love it!

03-24-2006 10:22:52 pm CST

Robert's G-3 sitting at Trick

Baja Dave
03-24-2006 10:14:29 pm CST
Holy Crap Catman... that 22' Stryker with a HP500 and standoff box on the drive would probably be bumping up the Cat's rump!!! The way those hulls handled though, I bet it would drive like a dream. A 22' Stryker sat outside a business on HWY 280 for sale for about a month a year or so ago. I stopped and looked at it twice on the way home from the lake. Was in really good condition, red and white colors.

03-24-2006 10:09:25 pm CST
Sorry, the last post was a brain fart. Now that I think about it... My wife drives our EFI powered boat with no blowers during poker runs on the coast at around 110 mph. It's amazing at what technology has done for Engines and hull design and boats that are very safe, secure and stable. The marine industry is foremost, and Merc has done there homework for sure. This great technology keeps me busy. Who would have thought years ago, you could by "off the shelf" HP series Merc packages that produce so much reliable power. Too bad blue paint is so expensive. Steve

03-24-2006 10:00:25 pm CST
Now that yall talk about old boats, I/O older boats, I just wonder what a EFI big block with pro charger or other S/C efi unit would do for these hulls? I would love to sit in the back seat of that stryker with my laptop and send it sailing with tons of power. Now, that has me thinking. The current 27 Fountain we are doing will have EFI500Hp with procharger. Imagine that in older 22' stryker for power! Please, someone send me that project! Yall just remember one thing always... "if it aint a cat, it's a dog". Steve aka. Tramps like us.... baby we were born to run...... I like that saying. bling it on.

03-24-2006 09:57:36 pm CST
Yeah,1984 Rick Day and Nelems Marine set the NOA world's Bass boat record in Knoxville at 118.532.I think the record is still standing today with our Venture bass boat. And I remember Tough Monkey,not fueled by gas,fueled by other substances that will remain not named for legal reasons. But the Venture record was legit,I'm proud to have had a small part in it,Rick Day was the driving force and as he made one pass at 122 mph I was in awe of his courage. We wanted the bass boat record at 120,came very close at 118 average.The record boat was destroyed in a fire about 1989 or so.Good memories here. Robert

Baja Dave
03-24-2006 09:13:24 pm CST
You guys are stirring up old memories now. We used to burn up and down the Warrior River in a 22' 454 powered Stryker. Those boats were BAD A$$. Robert, do you recall back in the late 70s and early 80s the "bass boat" racing up at Duncan Bridge in the tricked out center console "bass boats? Also Robert, and Steve you will love this one, do you remember the tricked out V-drive boat named "Tough Monkey" that Ricky Day came across? Had a 427 with two 4 barrels, a blower and a two speed transmission. SOB would run over 100 mph from a dead stop in a 1/4 mile!!!

03-24-2006 08:37:50 pm CST
After the past couple weeks of the boat bill I need to chill a little and tell you about my favorite boat of all time,took me years to find it. It is a 1968 Switzer 16' Shooting Star with a 1968 Merc 1250 short shaft and super speedmaster lower unit. Totally restored and usable anytime when Smith Lake is dead calm. 38 years old and runs 80 mph GPS if water is completely calm. Takes my mind off things when I run it. Have a 1967 that needs total restoration,have a 1967 1100SS with Quincy Stacks and SSM for it but will be a long time before it's done.Just for memories I have a 1963 Glasspar G-3 with inline 6 100 Merc,totally restored. Just like the first new boat I ever bought. In my world of the big,expensive boats I sell,these old classics are still cool to me. I'm computer dumb,maybe Karen can post a pic or two. Robert

03-24-2006 08:20:19 pm CST
The 22 Stryker is from the old 2150 Hammond molds that came from George Linder's 21' Challenger.After 30 years there is still no better running,better handling 21' V bottom.It loves big horsepower and loves bad water.We sold these in the late 70's.early 80's. We have a 1981 2150 Hammond/Challenger at the shop,an employee owns it, with an old tired 260 Mercruiser it still runs over 60 mph and it's 25 years old. Lot of history with these boats. Don Brooks did a pretty good job with his Strykers, molds are still in storage in Huntsville,AL,maybe still for sale

03-24-2006 07:54:34 pm CST
One another note, we took in a sweet 22' Stryker today for some work. Looking at the boat, it is nice. 454 carb motor and needs complete service. I can't wait to take this baby to the river and try her out and tune it up. I'll try to post a picture of it. It is 16 years old, and still a hot boat. Robert, I am looking foreward to doing some service work for you. I have always been a fan of Formula Boats. Rock solid and ready for action. Steve

03-24-2006 02:38:30 pm CST
Mountain Eagle story will be Sunday,they are expanding their interviews

03-24-2006 12:48:48 pm CST
Thanks for your last 2 posts,Baja Dave. You said it all,we need to gets your comments out for everyone to read. The most hard hitting newspaper article should be the Sunday Daily home. Should be able to download it after 10:30 Sat nite at . Our jasper paper will have a story Sat morning,should be able to download very late tonite at One of the best things I've discovered is that the bassboat guys are taking our side too cause they know they might be next.Keep the pressure on. Robert

Baja Dave
03-24-2006 09:27:14 am CST
Thanks Steve. I know how you and Robert Nelems are agonizing over this chit right now. It was downright heartbreaking last night to see the residents nearly in tears when given their chance to speak. One lady and her husband had saved their money for years to by a houseboat in which to use to entertain their grandchildren. They have just purchased it and have not even had it away from the dock yet. She was so distraught she could hardly speak. Then there was a marina owner/operator that had just spent over $15,000.00 dollars to upgrade his sewer pumpout facilities. He just said "what a wasted investment if this bill passes". If Dial, Laird and APCO could just see the anquish, pain and uncertainty in the average person's face that this effects, they would be embarrassed. One thing I forgot to mention in my prior post, the Senators and House Reps said they were still confused and uncertain on why a 30'6" houseboat would be prohibited but a 60" sailboat would be allowed... or why a 26'11" boat that can exceed 60 mph would be banned but a 25'11" boat that can exceed 80 mph would be allowed. I think I know the answer to the latter... you ban a 21' or 22' bass boat from the lake and B.A.S.S. and BassMasters would be up their ass to the neckbone and they do not want to take those organizations on. BTW... a resident boat (houseboat) is being classified as any boat with a sanitation system, galley and sleeping berth. That is why the confusion on the exemptions of live-on-board sailboats.

03-24-2006 08:46:45 am CST
That is interesting. Thanks for the post Dave. Steve

Baja Dave
03-24-2006 08:34:12 am CST
Went to Pell City last night to the Logan Martin Lake Protection Association meeting. Let me start by saying that the Senators and House Reps that were in attendance were all 100% against the bill and said they will fight it 110%. The Marine Police and Coast Guard were also in attendance and they also are against the bill. There were a couple of hundred people in attendance and ALL were against the bill... only one person was for the bill... ONE. I think the most enlightning details that I heard were 1) the Senators and House Reps in the St. Clair district were not even aware of the bill until it when thru the Senate and House committies. They said the speed and slealth in which the bill was rushed thru was appalling. 2) There was a representative from one of two Lake Harris homeowners associations there. She said they had zero notification about this from Senator Dial and House Rep Laird. Furthermore, these two refuse to meet and talk with them about it. They are having an association meeting on March 31 and these two have declined to attend. 3) This is all about a big Georgia corporation wanting to build the plush resort community on Lake Harris to cater to the wealthy and affluent people from Georgia wanting to flee Lake Lanier. The real butt clincher... Dial is a real estate developer and Laird is a real estate seller. The least expensive home in this proposed lush resort community... around $550,000.00. This is all about greed and money. The Georgia corporation that wants to develope the resort on Lake Harris wants assurances of the boat regulations before they sink their money into it. Senator Dial and House Rep Laird are willing to sacrifice the rights of the residents of Alabama to give 'em what they want... so the residents of Georgia can enjoy they hell out themselves on Lake Harris at our expense. To conclude, the Senators and House Reps said that if Dial, Laird and APCO succeed in getting this bill passed, be prepared, that it probably will not end here. The next step could be having bass boats banned, then having PWC banned, that they might not stop until the lakes are totally boat free.

03-23-2006 10:43:50 pm CST
Nice try,but it won't work.This boat was designed by the manufacturer to exceed 60 mph,so it is banned anyway,regardless of how fast it actually runs. But hopefully next Thursday this will all be over.Meeting tomorrow with 2 Senators and the head of our state association to plan strategy for next week. We are right,right will prevail.

03-23-2006 08:52:25 pm CST

The boat ban issue has been solved. See photo for details, and look close. This boat, when operated on Alabama inland lakes can be legal. Just fire up the 2.5hp 1939 outboard during operation in the state of Ala. Then, when you go to the coast, crank both 500efi hp500s. Cathouse Marine can perform this modification to your boat for a small fee! Call Cathouse Performance Marine for details, or email them at . Now, we all can be legal and still enjoy our boating. Just look at what Ala. Power has forced us to do!

03-23-2006 05:11:52 pm CST
Baja Dave please let us know how these Senators feel about the bill. I'd like to come but have conflicts. Keep us posted! Thanks!

Baja Dave
03-23-2006 02:23:18 pm CST
The LMLPA (Logan Martin Lake Protection Association) is holding a meeting tonight at 6:00 at the Pell City Civic Center concerning the boat bill. Senators Jack Biddle, Del Marsh, Randy Wood and Jim McClendon are scheduled to attend, along with other legislative reps from the St.Clair county area. Anyone is invited to attend.

03-23-2006 01:22:44 pm CST
Robert, thank you for all of your information and awareness on the subject. -Shoe

03-23-2006 12:30:38 pm CST
Tonite at 10 PM NBC13 news in Bham will doing a story on the REAL story. It may be possible to watch in on the net,not sure.

03-23-2006 10:56:30 am CST
Great news! Now we need to get network tv involved before they go back in session!

03-23-2006 10:07:45 am CST
The Associated Press has picked up the story from last Sunday's Daily Home.It's in just about every Alabama paper this moring. This is a major good development for our side.

03-23-2006 05:59:00 am CST
who would the female model be in the merchandise section?!?!

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