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03-28-2006 04:41:46 pm CST

A better idea is to keep your boats, convince the State that the state docks needs to be sold, buy it and open a marina/rest/bar/boat storage/etc. Now that might be something worth pooling your money over. (I have heard that the EPA might be a stumbling block to developing the state dock area though. :( Not sure) Phillip Alabama River Rats (ARR!!!)

03-28-2006 04:20:06 pm CST
If we have to sell our boats because of this new law , would anybody want to pool their money together for a new strip bar .

Baja Dave
03-28-2006 02:03:16 pm CST
The following was a quote from House Majority Leader Ken Guin as taken from an article in the March 28th edition of the Daily Mountain Eagle - Guin did not hold much hope for bills in both houses that could ban the use of certain types of boats on Smith Lake, as well as 10 other man-made lakes in Alabama. It would regulate the use of houseboats, vessels of large sizes and vessels with certain speed ratings on specified Alabama lakes that do not have locks available for river navigation. Existing law does not limit the type or size of vessels or the speed rating of vessels that may be used in Alabama lakes. Criticism has grown around the state, and Guin said he has received negative calls about the bills. "People have become unglued," he said. "In the calls I've received, no one has called with a boat that size, but they want to someday," said Guin, adding with a laugh he tended to sympathize as he'd like some boats that size, too, one day.

03-26-2006 09:01:36 pm CST
It's on line.

03-26-2006 07:19:35 pm CST
The article in the Jasper paper that was supposed to run today will run tomorrow. Should be online around 10 tonite at Have no idea what is in it,they interviewed several people,including me.

03-26-2006 06:42:41 pm CST
I would have to agree with Mr Berrey...It would be nice to see them, I think that carrie would like those... I also need to get her a shirt...

03-26-2006 06:19:17 pm CST
I think we need to see your female model in a pair first so we know what they look like!

03-26-2006 06:18:48 pm CST
I think we need so see your female model in a pair first so we know what they look like!

03-26-2006 05:56:16 pm CST
I am thinking of ordering some "cathouse marine" thong panties for the chic's. Email me, and let me know what kind of interest we might have here! If I get enough emails, I will order them. WE can put the logo on the front. Just a thought,,,, let me know what you think.

03-26-2006 05:52:17 pm CST
Several came over to the Cathouse Bar and watched some Bristol racing, and had fun toady.. Thanks to all that showed up!

03-26-2006 12:48:56 pm CST

oh here is a good shot of "snapper air miles"

03-26-2006 12:47:13 pm CST

a little work never hurt anyone...

03-26-2006 12:44:54 pm CST

and another... Randal had it looking good...

03-26-2006 12:39:56 pm CST

a motley crew...

03-26-2006 12:38:39 pm CST

another colorfull sight...

03-26-2006 12:37:33 pm CST

see if you remember any of these...

03-26-2006 12:35:51 pm CST

have a few memories of those strykers too...

03-26-2006 08:50:35 am CST
I have deleted a couple of post lately. Hopefully, in just a few days, you all can post whatever you want, and speak your peace as you want. Until then, let's post only the facts on the boat bill, and any other fun stuff we can get our hands on. Steve

$$$ and politics
03-25-2006 10:11:32 pm CST

03-25-2006 09:49:17 pm CST
Story is up at and later at

03-25-2006 06:22:12 pm CST

at the rock.....

03-25-2006 06:21:01 pm CST

I bought a Stryker from Don Brooks back in 94, first one built with a 502/Blackhawk. Wish I still had it!

03-25-2006 01:10:33 pm CST
Whatever Robert, 4 minutes is too long. I wonder why they don't paint some outboards blue like the HP series I/Os.

03-25-2006 12:26:17 pm CST
Put in wrong link for the Daily Mountain Eagle. It's And the photo of me in the G-3 is the only time in my life I have run any outboard not painted black,and it was only for about 4 minutes. The inline 6 100 is now installed.

03-24-2006 10:33:00 pm CST

Somewhere, I have pictures of the boat with the new power. Robert has changed it over to an appropriate black motor.

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