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04-9-2006 12:11:05 am CDT
Cat, Fix me up with a password! -John

04-8-2006 09:34:01 pm CDT
Thanks for the password. Great new site to tell everyone the real story.

04-8-2006 09:22:35 pm CDT
Sorry Magic Float, forgot to email you the password. You were not on the customer list, but it is done now.

04-8-2006 08:48:27 pm CDT
I'm missing something,I don't have a password.

04-8-2006 07:43:39 pm CDT
Thanks for the new forum. I wish I could be there Sunday but I have to work. Please keep us informed.

Rhonda Hardy
04-8-2006 06:13:11 pm CDT
Thanks again Cat for the new site. AWESOME!!! Tell your other half and family, we said "HELLO"

Just wait until tonight   CATHOUSEMARINE@AOL.COM
04-8-2006 05:29:54 pm CDT
I am going to add more photos tonight. Check it out later.

04-8-2006 05:28:03 pm CDT
The boat ban site is wonderful. I feel ten years younger.

04-8-2006 04:11:27 pm CDT
Steve, can't be there Sunday morning, got to go get forgiveness for falling short of the mark. But I'll be glad to help you guys out anyway that I can. You are welcome to use anything that I have sent that might be worth using in letters to the governor. I intend to write him myself. I don't think Alabama Power can buy the votes back that he might lose over this. And it was a close one the last election when he was running against a known sorry wad. He better be pondering how many people (who weren't allowed a public forum or to voice their opinion) were not for the ban. If you need me to research any issue(s) let me know. Phillip

04-8-2006 02:38:14 pm CDT
Several are meeting Sunday 4/9/06 at the shop (Cathouse) to discuss the Boat Bill. If you would like to come, email me so that I will know who all to expect. We will meet at 11:00am. Bring any contact information, articles or any ideas you have. Should you need to call, call the business phone at 334.-358-2838. I'll be in the shop 7pm til 9pm Saturday, and Sunday 8am- until.

04-8-2006 12:15:21 pm CDT
let me have them in a room alone with a big stick and they will soon understand the level of my greif!! LOL!!!

04-8-2006 11:01:16 am CDT
hey how do you get to be a member of the club? the boat law forum is pass word protected...did you find any one to model? I will offer to take the photo, at no charge...or do we just need to send sample shots...

Thong Panties
04-8-2006 10:18:01 am CDT
The Thongs just came in, and they have the Cathouse Marine logo on the front. I am in need of someone to model them for me, so that I can put a picture on the merchandise page. Email me, or call me. I need a model NOW>

04-8-2006 09:52:30 am CDT
Heard about the air show last night,sounds fun.Hope ya'll don't get rained out..

04-7-2006 09:49:42 pm CDT
hope everyone is comming out to the river tomorrow if the weather is nice to us for the air show the best seats anywhere!!! we have seen some great views of the planes in years gone by. hope to see everyone there...

04-7-2006 09:38:16 pm CDT
Many of your post are getting posted on the lakemartin forum. They can't seem to understand the level of grief most of us have. I just wish they would order t-shirts from this site when they visited. LOL. By the way, the 27 Fountain project is going GREAT! And, another 22' Vindicator is in the making. I'll let you all know how they turn out. Oh yea, there will be a Yacht race on the river sunday. 25' Donzi Cruiser against a 28 Carver. This ought to be a good one. Bling it On!

04-7-2006 03:10:38 pm CDT
hey you guys need to read the editorial page in the "daily home" today it is a good one...

04-6-2006 11:08:13 pm CDT
Lake Wind Advisory in Effect for Area Lakes from 10 AM Friday to 4 AM Saturday. "SMALL BOATS" Will be Especially Prone to Capsizing. Just passing this on from the National Weather Service.

04-6-2006 07:45:01 pm CDT
This bill is a joke! So I take my boat to Lake Martin...what will happen? Will I get a ticket? BIG DEAL!! If this bill is signed into law it probably wont even be enforced and if it is then so what, will they arrest me? I doubt it!

04-6-2006 06:49:02 pm CDT
I'm going to Atlanta tomorrow. Guess I'll joined in and take a "dump" while I'm up there and "float one" down the ole Chattahouchee. You guys in east and southeast Alabama be careful about where you step in the water.

04-6-2006 06:41:33 pm CDT
I started a couple of discussion threads on ScreamAndFly a few says ago. I guess we (Alabama) are the laughing stock of the boat world now. Steve, I got no response from the speaker of the house. Phillip

John Davis
04-6-2006 12:00:50 pm CDT
Steve, since we all know that this damned bill passed I was thinking about downsizing to a 25' eliminator cat with a large blower motor. Do you have any that might be for sale. I have always been a fan of the 25 daytona. You might want to stock up on a few of those "legal" boats.

04-6-2006 04:22:53 am CDT

Baja Dave
04-5-2006 09:04:26 pm CDT
Hell, my wife DID buy our boat!!! She also made me pull the Corsa tips off of it and replace them with some stainless straight tips... after she heard Shoefly's 30 Outlaw with them on it. She thought it was awesome. Thanks to Cat and Mike for doing that project for me.

Baja Dave
04-5-2006 08:58:51 pm CDT
Hey Scarab, I was telling Steve earlier today that I pulled up the Eliminator Daytonas in the 24 - 26 foot length for sell on BoatTrader online. There was a 26 Daytona on there with a Mercruiser 575 SCI with a bunch a goodies that had it producing around 1000 hp. Said it would run 120 mph. Also found one that had a Viper V-10 engine in it!!! Would these be sufficient???

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