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04-17-2006 10:51:43 pm CDT
HHHMMMMMM< sorry, deleted some post by accident. I like Roberts idea.

04-17-2006 01:39:38 pm CDT
Beware of HOTROD, if he is the same one that posted on the forum years ago.

04-17-2006 11:59:40 am CDT
Hotrod, that is a great idea. I have emailed you several times, and you will not reply! Email me with a valid address, there is something I want to tell you. Steve

04-17-2006 11:35:39 am CDT

Catboat, after carefully studing your women's bikini bottoms, i would like to suggest that just below where it says "CATHOUSE PERFORMANCE MARINE" you add the line, "IT AIN'T GONNA LICK ITSELF"

Baja Dave
04-16-2006 08:14:17 pm CDT
The wife and I also had a wonderful time on the lake with all of our friends and fellow boaters. We saw old friends (had Catboat and family tied off on one side) and met new friends (had JNRZ tied off on the other side). What an absolutely gorgeous day Saturday was. We eagerly await the next time. JNRZ... we should be on the lake the weekend of May 6th. May 5th is our 17th wedding anniversary and should be down that weekend enjoying it.

04-16-2006 06:30:02 pm CDT

Me 2...great time

04-16-2006 11:53:04 am CDT
Had a great time at Lake Martin Saturday with many of you. It was great to see you all. Look foreward to next time. Steve

04-15-2006 08:17:23 am CDT
Steve cool new web site. Like the pic of boats and chicks. Sorry about the bill they just want everyone off the lake crazy shit. Have a great Easter weekend See yall at the lake.

04-14-2006 05:29:02 pm CDT

Your correct majicfloat, that's the way we see. That has been the one question that we have been asking!!!Looking forward seeing you guys for a long time on the lake!!

04-14-2006 04:51:18 pm CDT
If that's true I 'll find someone else to vote for. BTW,any hot boat owners worried about not being grandfathered in and think you will be banned 10-01-06,think again. All you have to do is register your boat as a houseboat. It's easy,whoever wtote the bill listed a 3 point dfinition of a houseboat. Sleeping accomadations,galley,and marine sanitation device.Most of our boats already have that,and if not a portipotti is $59 at West Marine,a propane stove is $35 at Walmart,and sleeping accomidations are simple.Not the best ending,but grandfathered in is better than a ban.

04-14-2006 04:22:02 pm CDT
Seems the Gov. just signed the bill.

04-14-2006 12:57:12 pm CDT

lil'bit i don't know what you are talking about rude. i read on the lm board that some dumba$$ redneck was being a HOTROD impersonator on this board. i suspect that person is a closet homo and i don't mean sapien. low and behold it was true. i am in luv with those babes in the pictures, and i have no problems with the faces. my only problem is i ain't taking the pictures.

04-14-2006 10:10:21 am CDT
Cant we all just get along.

04-14-2006 07:51:38 am CDT
Women just don't understand sometimes.

lil bit
04-14-2006 07:11:27 am CDT
well if you didn't mean anything rude,next time write it were the men don't read it one way and the woman understands it the another

04-14-2006 06:47:30 am CDT

the real HOTROD got no problem with that babe's face. i just want to be that boat seat

04-13-2006 11:36:43 pm CDT

04-13-2006 10:00:11 pm CDT
Hey, yall be nice,or did I read hotrods post wrong? ... Tell ya what, if you have the nerve, send your pics! Or, should we have a vote?

04-13-2006 06:08:12 pm CDT
As Cat once said. Not going to quote, but this ain't going to be good.

Lil bit
04-13-2006 05:25:50 pm CDT
hey there hotrod if you don't like the pics don't look at the pics better yet why don't we see ya wife or woman up there and by the way I am the one in the orange boat I and I take offense for both you rude ass,didn't your mother raise you with a little respect,guess not !!!!!!

04-13-2006 02:47:35 pm CDT
Great site, wish my little boat looked that good.

04-13-2006 12:17:33 pm CDT

04-13-2006 11:51:00 am CDT
quality is good, how about some nekkid ones?

04-12-2006 08:54:03 pm CDT
How about my photo taking.Did everyone like the new pictures?

04-12-2006 06:24:19 pm CDT
WEll, there is a small cruiser in the shop that belongs to me. We went riding in it sunday for a couple of hours.

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