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05-12-2006 06:24:24 am CDT

Ticfaw picture. Futral's 27 Daytona

05-11-2006 11:17:18 pm CDT
Croozin me and my wife hade a very good time.Think you so much for letting us stay.Tell don that shannon loves him.Also ask toby what happens when you shoot an alabama redneck the bird?I plan on seeing yall in june.

05-10-2006 12:50:31 pm CDT
That looks like it was on the way to Sun Buns. Cathouse, Mrs. Cathouse, Lil Bit and Yellawood, we had a great time with yall. Just wish we could have hooked up on Saturday. Hope everybody comes back for the Royal Purple. It's going to be June 17th with a very similar route to the 200. Make sure and bring Alan, Ledbetter and all the gang. We should have some more room to stay at the condos for that one. Hell, I might even drive you around for that one so you can have some drinks Cathouse! P.S. Everyone check out Plenty of pics from the 200 with more to come.

05-9-2006 02:17:06 pm CDT
Thats one hot tail

05-9-2006 11:18:16 am CDT

Travelin' down the tickfaw river.

05-8-2006 12:16:40 pm CDT
Steve; Is the BCA supporting or opposing the new law? If they are opposing it, they could finance the whole thing. If they are not going to put up money for the law suit, then they are not with you. Find out who the donated money to in the Alabama Supreme Court races and vote for the other guys. Even if this is tried in federal court, the court will have to apply alabama law, and our supremes decide what that is.

05-3-2006 04:12:19 pm CDT
I couldn't find its site but tomorrow hopefully I'll be there in person.

05-3-2006 03:53:30 pm CDT

For those of you going to the Tick Faw, be sure to visit The Prop Stop. It's wild. I think they still have a web site. It should be Phillip

05-3-2006 01:46:14 am CDT
You got it Steve. I will send what I can and I wish y'all the best. Keep me informed. Thanks for all you and DEEDEEEEE dooooo! ART

05-2-2006 10:14:02 pm CDT
Brand new CMI sweeper headers with custom tailpipes, stainless distribution tubes, all bolts, gaskets and fittings included. Made for a 27 Fountain with a 502 EFI/MPI without silent choice. Both headers have bungs in the collector for either pyrometer or o2 sensors, must sell asap, my loss your gain! Only $3500! Call Lee @334-657-4071.

05-2-2006 07:48:04 pm CDT
My check goes out tomorrow. We all need to dtep up and help. Steve has worked hard on this,he cannot do it alone. We have the best chance now to kill this now and forever on all Alabama lake.We have a few big contributors,but it will not be enough without the grassroots support.$10,$20,$50,$100,$500,whatever. We can make this work. Robert Nelems,Nelems Marine,Jasper

05-2-2006 06:18:04 pm CDT
We have hired an atty to challenge the constitutionality of the boat ban bill. If you are considering helping out, there is a fund set up for you. Send checks in whatever amount you can or will to" Frank M. Wilson atty c/o HB756 P.O. Box 2389 Montgomery, Al. 36102 The amount can be anywhere from $10.00 up to whatever you are comfortable with. Most of you that know me realize just how much time I have spent on this over the past months, and now I am soliciting your support. Your support will be of great help. Wish us all luck, and may the boating community be with us. Thanks to all as customers and friends. Steve and Dee Dee

05-2-2006 04:43:48 pm CDT
I can't hardly work for thinking about the Tick Faw. The boats ready,just need to add beer!!

04-30-2006 09:14:09 am CDT
We are gathering in the shop today to party and watch the race, all are invited. Call the shop if you have any questions. 358.2838. Todd and Melissa, I need to ask you a question, so if you read this, call me.

04-29-2006 08:16:58 pm CDT
I' am ready

04-29-2006 10:32:19 am CDT
hey when are we going to have some more brave girls to model for you Steve??? I know there are more out there...and the weather is right... hey we need to have a fish fry out on the river soon... we would bring the fryers and gas if someone wants to get with me on the rest of the stuff we will have a Cat House comming out party down at the river...

04-28-2006 06:55:52 pm CDT
Ronnie, aka Lakefun..... You are in sooooooo much trouble at the shop. When your impeller took a crap, it broke apart and went all through the cooling system. Now, we have to take the coolers and lines off, and get out all the little pieces. Beginning today 4/28/06, it is mandatory that you replace your waterpump every spring, like it or not. Call me at the shop tonight 358.2838 so that we may discuss these occuring charges.

04-28-2006 06:26:51 pm CDT
The 27' Fountain project went very well. It came to the shop running around 70 mph, and after upgrades were complete, we ended up at 86.9 gps/mph. It runs great.

04-28-2006 01:22:14 pm CDT
Hell,Iam sure most of the rednecks down thier will think that Iam kin.I will fit right in with my stero and tats.

04-28-2006 11:01:55 am CDT

04-28-2006 06:30:48 am CDT
Kevins famous words, "it's just good to have you around"......

04-28-2006 06:27:18 am CDT
Thanks to Steve and Mike for the great job done on my 27 Fountain!! I could not have asked for a better outcome!!!! It is just good to have Steve around!!! Kevin

04-28-2006 02:02:26 am CDT
I swear that boy has some kitchens in him! Hey SNAPPERHEAD, maybe he will sell his boat to ya! It's clear that you cant handle yours! HA!HA! SNAPPERHEAD or is it CRASH TEST DUMMY??????

04-27-2006 08:02:08 pm CDT
That guy with the lawn chair boat is wearing an Alabama cap. I love it!!!!!

04-26-2006 05:27:40 pm CDT
thats Alabama Powers new boat of the future... enviormental friendly...

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