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05-30-2006 11:24:44 am CDT
Found out we're having a BOY,will be born around Thanksgiving.The weekend was great on Martin,weather was perfect.Had fun with everyone who showed at the rock.TYLER

05-30-2006 05:48:58 am CDT
Hope you all have fun this weekend. Hope to see you back down here for the Royal Purple.

05-29-2006 10:44:01 pm CDT
A drink off sound good to me....I will have to get back in drinking condition. Unfortunantly I have not consumed any alcohol in over 6 months. Count me in for round 2 or 3 I should be ready by then. Somebody send me some photos of Billy bowlegs be creative!!!!! Y'all have fun and be safe.

05-29-2006 05:29:12 pm CDT
Just a reminder... The shop will be closed on Thursday June 1st, and will be open again on Monday June 5th. For those that are going to Billy Bowlegs, and need anything done it must be taken in by close of business Tuesday May 30th. Only normal maintainance and minor repairs can be done this week. Sorry for any delays this may cause. Thanks, Steve and Dee Dee Northington

05-27-2006 10:58:03 am CDT
Maybe we need to have a drink off,last man standing wins.What we need is to have fun and stop bitching at each other.Buy me a Beer Longtimer and I'll put you on my best friend list...Tyler

05-27-2006 02:16:13 am CDT
Oh yea, what the hell is a fake name and a fakee-mail?? Must be a fake person!!! From a "REAL" person to a "FAKE", shut the hell up and go back to your "FAKE" life!!!

05-27-2006 02:10:06 am CDT
hey JM8D, I think a face to face is what alot of y'all need to do. It is obvious y'all are a bunch of sissys, I would even bet that you don't support our troops that are over here in Iraq defending your freedom...To all those REAL people that matter, I hope y'all have a safe memorial day and consume a cold one for the troops!!

05-26-2006 05:29:21 pm CDT
I put my money on Scarab Man. See yall at the rock.

05-26-2006 05:06:45 pm CDT
yall just need a face to face !don t forget to post when an where !

05-26-2006 08:01:17 am CDT
Hey Fake Man,do you always hide behind your computer?Wimps and Cowards you must be,your Administrator told me to go play with my self somewhere else.That was a little childish but funny. TYLER

05-26-2006 07:45:40 am CDT
This post is directed at "Pointing out the Obvious": I am the one who slammed someone on for name calling, and just so you have the facts straight;(Until Now) I have never posted on this website!

05-26-2006 06:48:36 am CDT
I wonder why some have to change their names, use fake email address when they jump from site to site? Probably means they are to much of a punk, or coward.

Pointing out the Obvious
05-25-2006 11:43:23 pm CDT
Maybe copy-and-paste had nothing to do with your banning; maybe it was because you called the mod an idiot, not a bright thing to do after people on this very board slammed that one because of name-calling.

05-25-2006 09:00:47 pm CDT
I've been banned from the forum on SAVELAKEMARTIN.COM ,their the King of copy and paste but when I do it to them on their site they ban me...Way to funny,it smelled like old people on that forum anyway !! TYLER

05-25-2006 12:55:36 pm CDT

Royal Purple is June 17th - 3 weeks - Bling it!!! Oh, and don't forget the wet T-shirt contest @ Prop Stop.

05-25-2006 12:30:30 pm CDT

I know y'all are well informed on this subject but I happened to stumble on an article in a boating mag the other day. It seems Georgia Power (Which is part of the same parent company as Alabama Power - Southern Companies)is attempting to impose the same kind of restrictions on some reservoirs in the peach state. Hopefully they have someone like Steve and DeeDee that is willing to take up the fight. BTW, I hear this is going to be the only approved watercraft for Lake Martin.

05-25-2006 08:32:00 am CDT
Check out this web site. We need this in Alabama.

05-24-2006 05:12:32 pm CDT
Just when you think he has it gapped back, he passes under that bridge and gives her a little more.

05-24-2006 07:47:19 am CDT
That was cool. Wish my Daytona was that fast.

05-23-2006 01:06:41 pm CDT
Very cool !!

05-23-2006 12:31:06 pm CDT
Don't know if anyone has seen this video but it is the Baccardi Silver/Bud Select cat at somewhere around 200 mph. Video is shot looking out the back of the boat - SICK!

05-22-2006 03:09:42 pm CDT
I had a fun weekend as well.Iam going to put in my boat in and go to eat at cast. wed. evening.EVERYONE come we are going about six or so.Also a big thanks to allen and the guys at CKR for my new stereo.By the way dont forget everyone needs a cathouse t-shirt,so call steve he has some left over from the boat races.All sizes and colors.

05-22-2006 01:08:26 pm CDT
Hell of a great weekend , had a blast with everybody. Can't wait for Friday night,I believe Chuck's will be happening.Going by boat,if anybody needs picking up I'll be coming from Sandy Creek. Yellawood I believe you need just a few more speakers, never really could hear your radio much.LOL

05-21-2006 04:05:00 pm CDT
Y'all listen to Cat. Please leave those people alone.

05-21-2006 09:26:25 am CDT

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