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06-8-2006 09:22:12 pm CDT

Crab island

06-8-2006 09:20:08 pm CDT


06-8-2006 09:18:18 pm CDT


06-8-2006 04:32:30 pm CDT
This is the shit.

06-8-2006 01:21:37 am CDT
This is in reference to the wego flying tube! Here is a suggestion; Send one over here and we will have the Marines test this on the rivers here. If it is safe fer a Marine then its got to be safe fer y'all! Plus they will figure out the landing problems with that contraption, I heard they were pretty fart smellers....HA!HA!HA!

06-8-2006 01:16:07 am CDT
Hey Chris, thanks for the photos.You really bailed Cat out of a situation. Thanks for the pictures CAT, UmmmI mean CHRIS..HA!HA!HA!

06-7-2006 05:53:11 pm CDT
Thought some of the big boat owners would like to know Gerald Dial was BEAT in the primary!!He is the man behind the boat ban bill.To bad for yall the primary was not earlier.

06-7-2006 05:41:34 pm CDT
I still have nightmares about all those ants on my boat........

06-7-2006 05:40:05 pm CDT
Shoe whats up? You guys need to come over here....kiddie rid toy? not if you saw one go about 5o feet up and then had to fish the rider out of the water floating face down. Just don't get on this thing it can kill...........

06-7-2006 08:53:31 am CDT
Freddy, Are you that deep in the cooler by 741 est that you are talking off the wall about kiddie ride water toys? How are you? and if you get back this way we need to get together!! -Shoe

06-6-2006 06:41:22 pm CDT
wego kite tube 10 foot diameter flying tube: At first glance this looks really cool and it satisfies man's dream to fly. The video shows some 180lb stunt kid floating across glass smooth water. The add says" take flight, fly through the air like a bird, reach incrediable heights". But, and there allways is a but, after close scrutiny, this contraption opens you up to laws of physics that you probably don't want to experience at the lake, like what goes up must come down, and where there is an action there is an opposite and equal reaction, like say: a wind gust, and guess where that reaction is going to put you when you are tied to a boat? up, straight up, whether the boat is going fast or slow. I am no aeronautical engineer but, the rapid changing angle of attack, and the lack of drag make this thing an extremely uncontrollable ride, or to put it in simple terms, it flys like a bad toy kite with no tail. Remember when you were a kid, hold the string, the wind gusts, the kite shoots skyward, then noses over and heads straight into the ground, really, really fast, that sound like a fun ride? On an evolutionary scale this thing is equilavent to the Wright brothers Flyer, would you want to go alloft in it? Probably not. Hell in a few years everyone may be flying around behind boats, but untill this thing is perfected, and there is more control, and a means to regulate your height, reguardless of wind gusts, I would advise you to keep your feet wet. Round objects have directional controll problems, that is why even today, with all our technology, we do not have flying saucers in the Air Force. The kite says "don't fly any higher than you are willing to fall", well, get a strong gust , and neither the you, nor the boat driver, can keep this thing from trying to put your ass in orbit. The add don't mention the landing, not a damn word. There is a reason it is called Wego, as in "wego to the hospitol" and don't anybody try adding 15 feet of chain to the bottom of this thing as a tail! and don't ask how I know all this

06-6-2006 01:19:54 pm CDT
Good photos Chevy,looks like it was beautiful.

06-6-2006 12:14:07 pm CDT

Ladies of the day!

06-6-2006 12:10:55 pm CDT

For the guys...

06-6-2006 12:09:02 pm CDT

You know...

06-6-2006 12:05:58 pm CDT

I like this flag...

06-6-2006 12:03:43 pm CDT


06-6-2006 11:59:59 am CDT

Here is a few of the people from Lake Martin. I was a long ways away when this was taken. STEVE Delete the one below this, not sure what happened to it?

06-6-2006 11:58:36 am CDT

06-6-2006 11:55:29 am CDT

CatBoat and the family!

06-6-2006 11:49:11 am CDT
I'll post some soon as I figure out how to resize them.

06-6-2006 07:32:08 am CDT
If Cat was seeing all of those things, I want some of what he was drinking :D Must be some really good stuff!

06-6-2006 06:25:34 am CDT
We forgot to take a camara to Billy Bowlegs. If yall have some pics, please post them for all to see.

06-4-2006 07:23:34 pm CDT
We had a great time on the coast this week. However, I am worried about Cat. He was seeing sea lions, mermaids and penguins(on their back flipping their flippers) on the little sandy beach at Pirates Bay.

05-30-2006 06:54:46 pm CDT

Are you guys taking all our water?

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