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06-19-2006 08:47:21 am CDT
At the poker run in Destin this weekend, 3 of our own got awards. Alan Plott and crew got "best looking crew" award. Steve and Dee Dee Northington got "best boat name" award (Bling it on), and Jimmy and Shannon Futral got "Best boat graphics" award. Congrats to all from our area for a good show, and a safe trip.

06-17-2006 10:27:01 am CDT

On a lighter note... Might I present... Redneck Wakeboarding! Yes, that is a car hood.

06-17-2006 09:20:00 am CDT
Coach im sorry for saying something ugly but the person(Cornpone) has no idea of whats going on.The 29ft Formula is hardly a 75 mph(I have the same set up in my Scarab-twin 350's-59.5 mph max LOL)and the Bayliner has never been a cigarette and never will be.Cornpone needs to get his/her facts up to date.

06-16-2006 11:14:56 pm CDT
Hey y'all been following the story on the boating accident. WOW, looks like the people involved were very fortunate! As you all know I have to add my two cents so here we go; Sounds like coach is very educated on this computer shit..but isn't too swift on common sense! If everyone has a right to their own opinion's or facts how ever y'all want to see it then why all the fuss over this issue! As we all know a boating accident could occour at any time under any circumstance. This is a chance anybody takes when climbing into any boat fast or slow! It seems that the LM people sure do get pissy when the facts are stated. The only thing I have left is if coach or any other person who visits this site does not like the truth then stay the hell off and talk on your own secure, where you can post a real e-mail address sites!!! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!

06-16-2006 04:30:01 pm CDT
Never thought about that.

06-16-2006 12:37:23 pm CDT
I don't use a valid email address because I get enough spam already. Posting an email address is just inviting more: "If you post your email address on a Web page, your address may be vulnerable to receiving a significant amount of spam. Spammers compile their lists by running automated harvesting scripts that gather characters resembling email addresses. According to a Center for Democracy and Technology report (2003a, p. 8), most spam can be traced back to email addresses visibly posted on public Web sites." Considering how much spam is already swamping cyberspace, anyone who asks people to post their true email addresses is either irresponsible, or has figured out a way to make money off of spamming. Either way, I'm not going to buy into their game.

Baja Dave
06-16-2006 07:36:30 am CDT
I would have to agree with Steve on the description of the Formula. I would call it a "stylish, performance boat". I looked at the 292 Formula before I bought my Baja. Top speed on this boat with the 350 mag engines about 62 - 64 mph. A Cigarette boat... not hardly. I read an article about the accident in a Cullman paper that refered to the Formula as a "racing boat" two or three times in said article.

06-16-2006 05:32:43 am CDT
A "somewhat go fast boat" good one Steve. Hope you guys have fun at the poker run. I have to run a trailer down to Chocolate city then zip back if I am going to get wet this weekend.

06-15-2006 10:56:08 pm CDT
I just looked at the photos from the press. It is not 2 cigarette boats, but one outboard smaller boat, and one somewhat go fast just like Robert says. Looks like it was serious. I will try to post the link. I would be glad to foreward the link/email to COACH, but he did'nt give a valid email. Wonder why that was? Go figure. COACH, thanks for visiting the website, but when you do, please.... give a valid email please!

06-15-2006 09:47:27 pm CDT
I have conducted exhaustive studies in this area and found that when you place a human on the water and add alcohol, 87.5 times out of 100 you wind up with an idiot, and if you combine 2 or more idiots in the same general location the chances of an accident rise 59%, if alcohol is only added to one human the chances still rise 23.75% and these numbers are for daylight, at night, they increase by a factor of 1.61 and since you all are 1 hour behind us over here in Ga. there may be some slight deviation.

06-15-2006 06:02:14 pm CDT
I'll put my money on Robert any time.

Robert Nelems
06-15-2006 05:20:30 pm CDT
Coach,with all due respect,Cornpone stated that his friend was on one of the boats and it was a collision between 2 Cigarettes running 75 mph. The Formula was a 292 w/350 Mags,capable of 62 mph,the other boat was a 21'Bayliner with a 115 OB,maybe capable of 35-40 mph.I saw both boats,they are both impounded at a marina 1 mile from my home. I am not doubting his friend was on one of the boats,but where did the 2 75 mph cigarettes come from?Photos of both boats can be viewed at ,our local newspaper.Take care, and boat safe. Robert

06-15-2006 04:38:20 pm CDT
Scarab Man, you said some unkind things about Cornpone; check out this post from him: "We had a close family friend who was ACTUALLY on one of the boats, quite a few facts in the article are dead wrong." So it seems that he did not in fact "pull those facts out of his a$$", as you so eloquently stated; he got them straight from one of the very few people who were intimately involved. Can YOU say the same thing about your "facts?"

06-14-2006 09:39:40 pm CDT
Robert, we are having a conference call at 9am. Thurs. I think we can pull the trigger now. I'll let you know how it pans out. I'll be out of town for the weekend, but will keep you posted. Thanks for all you do. Steve

Robert Nelems
06-14-2006 09:09:45 pm CDT
Steve,this accident was close to home.I know most of the folks involved. Looking at both boats,it is a miracle that no one was killed. We are all thankful for that.A situation like this should remind everyone that a boating accident can cross all the lines of boat type,operator type,weather conditions,etc,etc,etc.Is there a lesson here? Of course there is. Be careful,be vigilent,please don't drink and boat,and have life vests readily available. Dr. Wade may have saved a couple of lives when he grabbed the vests,jumped in the water and got his friends to safety.Accidents will happen,but if we are careful,and prepared,we are more likely to survive something like this. Thanks for letting me vent,as this scenario could have been so much worse.Peace

06-14-2006 08:45:53 pm CDT
Sometimes, different boating groups have different opinions and perspectives on things. Yall play nice! Thanks for the facts on the accident Robert. It is appreciated.

06-14-2006 03:29:21 pm CDT
Coach what are you getting feathers ruffled about? Nelems simply stated the facts,LM forum member(Cornpone)and other members came out of there ass with untrue facts about a very serious accident.The difference between this forum and the LM forum is that most of us know each other,we get along and have fun instead of bickering.

Robert Nelems
06-14-2006 12:40:21 pm CDT
Sorry,Coach,didn't mean to offend. But when the thread stated that the facts were 2 cigarettes colliding at 75 mph,and then the replies picked it up as gospel,I saw a little lack of objectivity. Those observations are simply not supported by the police report,and I thought the folks here might want to know that.I live on Smith Lake. My agenda,if I have one,is safe boating,regardless of the type of boat, and I bet we are on the same page there.Robert

06-14-2006 11:00:59 am CDT
"the few posts I've read show a few with an agenda" So you admit that it's only a few, which makes it a much more objective forum than this one, where almost every post/poster has an agenda. Why is an agenda fine for here but not there?

Robert Nelems
06-14-2006 09:38:39 am CDT
Man, some of those guys on seem to know all about the accident. Guess they did not talk to the Marine Police,tho,because the owner of the Formula was IDLING down the main channel when the outboard boat roared out of an inlet and broadsided the Formula. Empty beer bottles were in the OB boat. I guess that denial of a spin,as one person over there seems to think. No,wait,it's facts,but I guess those guys over there aren't interested in facts. I'm sure most of the posters over there are nice,well informed and objective,but the few posts I've read show a few with an agenda,unhampered by facts. Too bad.

Robert Nelems
06-13-2006 10:13:27 pm CDT
Someone just informed me about misinformation on about an accident on Smith Lake Sat nite. It is amazining how some folks with no clue about what actually happened can post as if they knew the details. For the record,an old POS cuddy cabin powered by a 115 OB T-Boned a 292 Formula, ripped the nose off the old boat and punched a hole in the side of the Formula. Word is alcohol was involved on the old boat,not on the Formula.Wife of Formula owner was slightly injured,no one else on the Formula was hurt. Two people on the old boat had serious facial injuries,not life threatening.The Formula is a capable of maybe 65 mph with a lite load,they had 6 people on board,witnesses said they were running maybe 30 mph. The old boat that hit them might be capable of 35 mph. Someone on lakemartin .com was sure that 2 cigarette boats collided at 75 mph. I don't respond to comments like that,just wanted you folks to know the facts. Robert

06-13-2006 06:28:00 am CDT
A few of us are going to the poker run in Destin, FL this weekend, 6/16-6/18. If you are interested in going, call me. The poker run is put on in part by the Fl. Powerboat Club. It should be a great weekend.

06-9-2006 11:28:11 am CDT
Now that is what I call a Parker sandwich!!!!

06-9-2006 09:56:04 am CDT
I did not know they were behind me!! lol

06-8-2006 09:24:54 pm CDT

JP what are you doing?

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