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06-29-2006 06:21:11 pm CDT

What lake is proposing size limits? And some things are worth taking up arms for.

06-29-2006 11:57:51 am CDT

it sucks that i want be able to see all the big sonics and fountains on the lake .there is 1 boat that is aloud that is a fountain 27 fever.anyways i hope u r able to find a boat that can stay.i got a 26 foot cobalt that can stay berely.

06-28-2006 06:32:09 am CDT
Freddie, you always have had a wild imagination.

06-27-2006 07:28:09 pm CDT
The dog stole that spinner right off a moving car, and then a bunch of mexicans stopped and he chewed up their Tech-9 and they fled.

06-27-2006 07:22:36 pm CDT
Yes that is my dog.....maybe Shoe needs to start catmasters.

06-27-2006 07:20:54 pm CDT
Gathering at Lakefun and babygirl's house Saturday. Live entertainment will start around 3:00 pm but people will start gathering well before then. Come by if you can. It should get interesting later in the day.

06-27-2006 10:10:32 am CDT
LMAO.... I believe that too.

06-27-2006 08:57:05 am CDT

thats merely a target in my neighborhood

06-27-2006 06:23:57 am CDT
Hey Freddie, is that your dog? Or, one that has been hanging around in Shoe's neighborhood?

06-26-2006 10:06:04 pm CDT

Even our dogs are pimped

06-26-2006 09:33:04 pm CDT
I saw it too, it was pretty awesom.I saw both outdrives and props.

06-26-2006 12:43:21 pm CDT
Thanks Tony, that was too much fun! My boat would not speak to me when we got home.

06-25-2006 11:46:59 pm CDT
Parker, your outdrives look great. The bottom of your hull needs a little TLC though... Wish we had the camcorder going... A picture of you boat hovering completely out of the water... What a sight!

06-25-2006 11:38:40 pm CDT
mms:// This was the Oklahoma Poker Run video I placed before. The address scrolled into two separare lines and some had problems opening it...

06-24-2006 11:58:22 am CDT
Cathouse Performance Marine welcomes Gary Cromwell to our staff. Gary will be a great addition to our business. He will begin work on Monday June, 26. This will enable us to service and repair most outboard powered boats, and all stern drives as well. If you powerboat guys know of anyone with outboards (pontoon, bass boats, etc) your referal will be appreciated. Also, July 4th weekend is fast approaching. If anyone needs repair or service, call and make arrangements now. New hours are 8:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday, and 9:00am-noon Saturday. Steve and Dee Dee Northington

06-24-2006 11:02:21 am CDT

Here is a picture of some winners at the Destin Poker Run. From left, Jeff oldnettle (first to sign up for the run) Steve Northington aka. me (winner of the best boat name). Linda Plott (winner of Best lookin' crew, and she is fine! Far right, Jimmy Futral (winner of best boat graphics. I had posted this earlier, with no picture. Got the pic from Kevin Green who was also on the run.

06-24-2006 10:56:26 am CDT

Pimpin' aint easy!

06-24-2006 10:48:16 am CDT

Having a fine lady on board will put a smile on your face. This pic is from Destin Poker run.

06-24-2006 10:46:31 am CDT

Looks like the Cathouse Marine shop dog is laying down on the job. Amazing what castration will do to a good dog!

06-23-2006 12:22:42 am CDT
We are all going to chucks say. night.Everyone come out and have a good time.BY the way me,scott bieber,and byron s are up and drinking alot of beer right now.BLING IT ON.GET some parker you ho.You we love you ,even though you are a sorry ass man ho.

06-22-2006 10:52:17 pm CDT
Can I open a franchise over here at Lanier and call it Doghouse performance marine? We will need much slower boats anyway to cut down on injuries from running aground since the corp of engineers can't read a gauge and let too much water out of the lake.

06-22-2006 10:40:29 pm CDT
Ugly Johns Poker Run, Oklahoma Style... Grand Lake August 12th, 2006 Video from last year- mms://

06-22-2006 02:34:43 pm CDT
Don't hate the Ho,hate the game.He needs to name his boat HOBEGONE!

06-22-2006 09:19:44 am CDT
Parker, what is the name of your boat? And, if you were at the poker run, you would have gotten "Biggest Ho' Crew" award. lol

06-21-2006 10:45:14 am CDT
"Bling it on" got best name? That must have been the only boat with one.

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