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07-11-2006 08:25:33 am CDT

I just talked to Steven and he says Steve has already gotten up and walked to the chair in his room!!! Great news!! -Shoe

Baja Dave
07-11-2006 07:38:21 am CDT
Dee Dee, our thoughts and prayers are with Steve, you and the rest of the Cat clan. Tell Steve we wish him a speedy and complete recovery. I will give ya'll a call in a couple of days when things settle down a bit. With warmest regards, David and Jill.

07-11-2006 06:32:28 am CDT
Steve called at 5:50 am this morning (7-11-06) He is in alot of pain but doing well. Steven and I are on are way to Jackson to see him. dd

07-11-2006 04:38:46 am CDT
My thoughts and prayers are with you and family...speedy recovery! Greg

07-10-2006 11:41:03 pm CDT
Thanks for all your Prayers! Steve is recovering in ICU and is expected to make a full recovery! The surgery FINALLY started at 5:45 and he went off bypass at 8:30. Dr Kwan performed FIVE bypasses! I got to see Steve around 10:00 pm. He looked good. The next few days will be rough but I will try to make post as a come by the house to get change of cloths and check on Daisy Dog! If you would like to know how Steve is doing you can call the Shop or leave a message at Home and I will return your call. We are in Jackson Hospital in Montgomery. Our home address is 174 Co rd 27 Prattville, AL 36067. HM (334)361-8655. Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. Also a special thanks to all our firends who sat and waited with us toady. It was a long day and all the chatter helped ease my mind! Deedee

Lamar Hickman
07-10-2006 11:34:58 pm CDT
I hope you do not mind me posting the good news on the Lake Martin Forum. He has a lot of folks out there that care for you Dad,and I am included. Please let us know where we can send cards. My Best, Lamar

Steven Northington
07-10-2006 11:20:38 pm CDT
Hey this is Steve's son steven i want to thank all of you for your concerns. He's doing just fine, he went on bypass around seven. The surgary lasted about an hour and forty five minutes. He made it off bypass ok and is now stable in ICU. He'll still be on a breathing machine till in the morning, the doctors say he'll be up and eating in a chair tomorrow.

07-10-2006 10:29:19 pm CDT
Dee Dee, Steve, and Little Cat, Posted on the LM forum,too, to tell you all your friends sure do care about you and are all sending their best wishes, prayers, and just good thoughts.' I love it when your buddies say, "Bling it on!". But there's no "need for speed" at the moment. Just "take it slow" until you get all your strength back and then you can go in "fast forward." Your gal pal, Joanna

Lamar Hickman
07-10-2006 09:56:46 pm CDT
My thoughts are with you Steve. Anything I can do for you or your family, please let me know. Anyone know where a cheerful card can be sent? Bling it back as quickly as you can my friend.

07-10-2006 08:24:44 pm CDT
If there is anything we can do let us know. Our prayers are with you. The Blackmon family.

07-10-2006 07:46:23 pm CDT
Our thoughts and prayers are with you Catboat and the Cat family. If you need anything at all, you have my numbers. God's Speed!!! Rhonda and Ronnie

07-10-2006 04:39:35 pm CDT
Thoughts and prayers are with Steve and the Cat family. May God bless Cat and his family, hang in their big guy and Dee Dee, all will be fine. Any hospital info to send get well wishes, just email me if you do not want to post on forum.

07-10-2006 03:16:41 pm CDT
Does he have some blockage, or symptoms of a heartatack? Keep us posted please! Hope all goes well! Will keep him in prayers.

07-10-2006 01:31:09 pm CDT
Steve went in for surgery around 1:00 and is expected to be in for 3-4 hours. I will be heading to the hospital around 4:00pm and to check on he and Dee Dee. -Mark

Donald McKenzie
07-10-2006 01:26:46 pm CDT
Tried to call DeeDee today to check on Steve but he was getting ready to go in for surgery. Just a note to tell everyone there that we are keeping Steve in our prayers. I know DeeDee is stressed out so if anyone else wants to give me an email or a call to keep us abreast of how he is doing I would sure appreciate it. Home# 225-695-6405 Everyone here in Louisiana is thinking about you Redneck! Put a Whipple on that old heart and some steel braided lines to flow the blood and lets get back on the water!

07-5-2006 08:47:27 pm CDT
Rob Young's 34 Advantage Party Cat arrived today for service. If you are in the area, this is one to stop by and take a look at. It is awesome. It is powered by two Merc Racing 525's. A big thanks goes out to Rob and his family as our new customers. Steve and Dee Dee

Robert Nelems
07-3-2006 09:37:18 pm CDT
Forgot to mentrion the Jameson Inn is the best bet cause they have a huge parking lot for trucks and boats,easy in and out,no hassle. The Bass Tournaments always use them cause they have so much room for boats.But book early,this event will sell out the hotel.Any questions,call me at 205-221-3072.This is the most fun Saturday of our entire year. Hope lots of you can join us. Robert

Robert Nelems
07-3-2006 09:30:04 pm CDT
Jameson Inn,205-387-7710,Days Inn,205-221-7800,Holiday Inn Express,205-302-6400.And for those of you with loud boats,our Marine Police friends generally look the other way a little for this event only, because it is such a good cause and we raise lots of money for the Smith Lake Task Force.And Steve,after you blow by my Formula,you might want to raft up later and check out my air conditioned cabin,98 degrees outside,a cool 68 degrees downstairs.We may not be first to the first stop,but we will be the coolest. Robert

07-3-2006 09:01:43 pm CDT
Robert,,, you failed to mention Cathouse Marine's entry for a front runner at blast off. Watch for the Eliminator Daytona blowing water upfront with the others. We need to find a place for all that are coming to stay. Maybe Baja Dave knows of some place. "Bling it on" Steve and Dee Dee Northington

Baja Dave
06-30-2006 09:00:55 pm CDT
July 29th is also the date for the Lake Martin Lion's Club Charity poker run. The entry fee for it is $100. I figure you pay $20 to enter the Smith Lake poker run and use the other $80 for gas to get there. Hey Robert, you going to put everybody up in that big ol' house of yours that Saturday night??? We could always rent the rooms in the "motel" at Duncan Bridge Marina for the weekend.

Robert Nelems
06-30-2006 07:14:21 pm CDT
Great,I will UPS some more info. I will have the Beasley family in a new 2007 Formula 382 with 600's as the lead boat until Lewis Rushing's Skater and Gerald Brooks'HTM get on plane,then it's all over for me.But we will have the generator and A/C running so we will be cool.

06-30-2006 04:45:59 pm CDT
We'll gather up a crew and be there.

Robert Nelems
06-30-2006 03:53:10 pm CDT
The 6th Annual Mike Beasley Memorial Poker Run is Sat July 29 on Smith Lake. This is a great fun run that raises a lot of money for good causes.Entry fee is only $20. Lots of money comes from corporate sponsors. Last year we had 520 entries.We have a late afternoon air show with stunt pilots. This is a really fun event.I want to invite all you Lake Martin guys to join us. Lewis Rushing always brings his Skater,we have several local cats,ands lots of local Formulas.Lots of fun and a good cause,we don't keep a penny,all volunteers.Steve,bring the Eliminator and bring your friends. Robert

06-29-2006 09:27:29 pm CDT
hey wheres my truck?? hope to hear from you tomorrow...thanks

06-29-2006 08:45:14 pm CDT
I like Freddie's approach. Just let me know when, where, and how big a gun to bring!

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