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07-16-2006 06:35:12 pm CDT

Robert Nelems
07-15-2006 07:29:10 pm CDT
Hey Steve,took a short cruise today,thought about you as I pushed the throttles down. You will be back in the Daytona soon. Just follow doctor's orders for now,won't take too long. Robert

07-15-2006 01:35:05 pm CDT
Man, I know yall are out on the lake today, wish I was there. And Tyler, keep up with the Miller Lites, I'll catch back up one day. It's hot as hell outside, I just walked for some excercise and it is bad. Steve.

07-15-2006 12:36:18 pm CDT
Now that was almost an emergency !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-15-2006 10:16:24 am CDT
Hey brother. Glad you are home and resting. I was thinking I could take the pontoon boat off the lift and put the Daytona on the lift here at the house and run it some in the afternoons to keep the gas from getting stale. All kidding aside if there is anything at all you need don’t hesitate to call. Take it easy!!!!!!!!!!

07-15-2006 09:42:39 am CDT
Hey Big Daddy,hope your fixed now,its been rough on me having to drink your share of the Miller Lite around here.Let me know if you need me to come run your boat,just because your under the weather doesn't mean the cat has to stay home!LOL Let me know how you liked the plant me and Mike sent you and tell Critter I said hey.

07-15-2006 12:03:05 am CDT
Hey, Stevie what the hell!!! Man I finally got the news yesterday. You are in my prayers and may god bless you with a speedy recovery. Over here I deal with injurys and death everyday! It has something I have had to make a reality in my life while I am here. I can not and refuse to accept it in my personal life. You have been a friend for a long time and will always be!!!! I love y'all and will be home soon! Take care and GOD bless!!! ARTURO

Post Main
07-14-2006 10:45:00 pm CDT
Glad you are at home. Don't do that again. Please have Dee Dee called me when I can come see you. Fat Bastard

07-14-2006 08:52:24 pm CDT
Steve, Glad that you are home! Hopefully you are resting like you are supposed to be! You gave all of us a reality check because none of us really saw 5 bypasses coming your way! Take care of yourself and Bling It On to the lake when you are feeling much better.

07-14-2006 05:02:22 pm CDT
Steve it is good to have you around!!!!!!

Robert Nelems
07-14-2006 02:04:51 pm CDT
Hey,Steve,it was great talking to you earlier,glad you are home. Robert

Joe Lindsey
07-14-2006 12:12:57 pm CDT
Glad you're home buddy. get you some rest. call if you need anything. I'm a phone call away. Joe

Baja Dave
07-14-2006 11:08:25 am CDT
Hey big Cat, glad to hear you are back at the Cat House!!! Yes, everyone has been concerned, but that is what friends are for. We love you to man, but "you ain't getting my Bud Light"!!! You get your rest and get healed up. Things will only get better from this point on. You are going to feel SSSSOOOOO much better in a couple of weeks. Tell you what... your experience has grabbed my attention. I have put in 10 extra miles on the bicycle each day that I have ridden this week!!! Your friend, David

07-14-2006 10:20:20 am CDT
Hey, you all are great. Man, what a week it has been. I have been gone from here since last Sat. am at 2am. I have been sitting here reading all of your messages and tears pour from my eyes. I love you all very much. I will rest for now, but will check in later...... "Bling it on" Steve

Baja Dave
07-13-2006 09:09:00 pm CDT
That is terrific news DeeDee!!! Steve should continue to show improvement each day... especially when he gets out of that hospital and gets back into his home environment. Make him take it easy after he gets home!!! Tell the patient we said "hello". Our continued thoughts are with you guys. David and Jill.

07-13-2006 09:30:02 am CDT
Steve had a great night! He gets stronger each day and we will probably get to come home tomorrow evening (YEA)! He has made three laps this morning and has eaten a good breakfast. Thanks again for all your thoughts and Prayers. Steve and DeeDee.

07-12-2006 12:45:19 pm CDT
For those who have not been updated....Steve is doing very well and has moved to a private room out of ICU. Everything looks great except for the pain and discomfort. He had his chest tube removed this morning (OUCH) and doing those dreaded breathing exercises. -Shoe

Tony Nivison
07-12-2006 11:46:44 am CDT
Steve, glad to hear everything is going well. Check is in the mail for that water pump kit. You had asked me to remind you to put a new one in your boat... Consider yourself reminded :-) You all are welcome to come cruise with us until you are in shape to run the beast again... -Tony

07-12-2006 08:46:56 am CDT
Steven or Dee Dee any updates on Cat?

07-11-2006 04:04:40 pm CDT
Get well soon man! Bling it on! Thanks for the updates, glad all is well.

Joe Lindsey
07-11-2006 01:59:58 pm CDT
Steve, We all hope you get well fast as a "BlownCat" DeeDee / Steven, Don't hesitate to call me if there is any way I can be of help. 221-0803. Joe

Robert Nelems
07-11-2006 10:35:25 am CDT
Hey Steve,get well soon man.We are all thinking about you. Robert

07-11-2006 10:27:37 am CDT
Get well soon Steve,please call if anything is need for you are the family.

Tiffany Hammock
07-11-2006 09:57:38 am CDT
Hey Steve. Our prayers are with you and your family.. Get Well Soon.. Thanks Dee Dee and Steven for the updates. Call me if you need any thing. Tiffany and Clint..

07-11-2006 08:39:35 am CDT
OK Guys and gals need some more support for Steve and family we at the Lake Martin Forum are tyring to fill up one whole page of the forum for thoughts and prayers for Steve and his family, so if you have a chance go to and help us out we need approx. 290 posts to fill the page for Steve and his family.

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