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08-13-2006 08:41:01 am CDT
Kevin, being a newbie to navigating Gulf and Intercoastal waters, you need to worry about yourself, and leave the driving to me. And, Robert, that is a good question. Steve

08-13-2006 07:09:42 am CDT
King Allen are there any driving issue's that you need to go over with Steve before we leave. Remember how he try's to park the boat at the rock.

08-12-2006 05:41:09 pm CDT
A question for the poker run crowd.After a great run on Sat,Sunday you can watch the offshore races but you have to choose. OSS in Orange Beach is 50 miles west,SBI in PC is 50 miles east. Not taking sides but wonder who is going where,and why. We will be in OB.

08-12-2006 10:29:49 am CDT
From the way you talk, I figured she was riding with you "King Allen".

Livin' Loud
08-12-2006 09:31:02 am CDT
Dee Dee riding with you?

08-12-2006 07:59:22 am CDT
King Allen, i talked to Shoemaker, Futral, Kevin, Womble and Tierce. They are all in, but it may be 8:15am, most of us have to drop off kids at school. We should have a big group traveling together. Yall bring the digital camaras and we'll post some pics while we are there. Steve and Dee Dee

Livin' Loud
08-11-2006 08:20:02 pm CDT
Destin Bound Thursday 8am I65 right past airport exit KING ALLEN , Lenna and Dee Dee Anybody else?

08-11-2006 05:28:29 pm CDT

Ty Ty just look at what you'll be missin'.

08-11-2006 03:47:19 pm CDT
Guys im gonna have to back out of the trip to Destin with ya'll,my wife is in the hospital having early labor pains and she's only 24 weeks along into her pregnancy.Whats up with the no drinking beer in the hospital rule,don't they realize that it takes the stress off the spouses.LOL

Todd & Melissa (Mistress)
08-10-2006 08:30:31 pm CDT

We will be there, can't wait!!!!!!

08-10-2006 06:39:20 pm CDT
Tacky Jack's is still open and still my favorie place

08-10-2006 01:40:53 pm CDT
"Why I got to be Jed"? Good story, and very true. See ya next week Coon ass. Steve

08-8-2006 11:38:30 am CDT
Tony/Allen, it's just a trip our group makes every year. We either go east to Panama City or back west to Orange Beach. Used to go to Tacky Jack's and Flora Bama but from what I understand, Tacky Jacks aint there no mo. Anyway, I'm sure there will be some race boats to see also since the OSS race is that weekend in OB. We usually hook up around 9:00 in the morning around Crab Island. I know it's a long way and gas is outrageous but you know what they say, WTF? In fact, that's how we first met the Cat Man about 5 years ago! Pulling up to a dock in Pensacola Beach to grab a bite to eat and some guy hollers "Wassup Coonass?" cause he saw the Louisiana numbers on the boat. From then on everyone down here has been labeled Coonass and cat Man's alias is Jed Clampett! (Why I gotta be Jed?)

08-8-2006 01:06:18 am CDT
Steve, how was your Saturday outing? didn't see you sunday. Is all well? You must miss putting miles on that thing, how far did you go - 50 mile trip?

08-6-2006 09:07:14 am CDT
Allen, there you go, chasing women again. You are still tryin' to be KING ALLEN.

Livin' Loud
08-5-2006 09:26:58 am CDT
Why go all the way to Orange Beach on friday? The party-- the women-- the boats- will be across from AJ's Stay Local--- less stress Allen

08-4-2006 01:03:13 pm CDT
Don, I don't know you but I am curious about your upcoming trip. (just the logistics of it) Going to Lulu's by boat leaving from??? -Tony

08-4-2006 07:57:12 am CDT
Cat, you got 2 weeks to do some "light" partying. Then, it's Destin and all bets are off! Just kiddin, do like the good Doc told ya and use common sense. We will definitely see everyone in Destin. If anyone is interested, we are making a run to Lulu's in Orange Beach Friday by boat. Yeah, I know it's a long run but what the hell. Should pull out around 9:00 Friday morning. If anyone wants in shoot me an email. BTW, anyone planning on going to the OSS World Finals in Destin in November? Sounds like a mighty fine place to see a boat race!

08-3-2006 03:06:48 pm CDT
Kinda cleared for lite party....... See ya on the lake.

08-2-2006 12:45:41 pm CDT
Are you cleared for beer drinking or do I need to continue keeping up your slack.Talking about lucky,I just bought a lake lot next to the main Miller Lite the area.Can you say fringe benefits!!!

08-2-2006 08:40:46 am CDT
The Doctor has released me to resume as normal (using common sense). We are going to get out on the lake this Saturday and Sunday. We look foreward to seeing you all. Steve and Dee Dee

07-31-2006 04:45:24 pm CDT
ABC 33/40 Bham,5 PM Mon,and maybe their 10 PM newscast

07-30-2006 08:39:58 pm CDT
Fox 6 News (BHAM) 9 tonite

07-30-2006 05:29:04 pm CDT
We can't get our stations to do squat..... Maybe they will catch on.

07-30-2006 03:44:48 pm CDT
Fox 6 News(Bham) will be on my dock at 6 PM today,looks like the ball is beginning to roll.

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