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08-29-2006 06:30:01 pm CDT
I will be on the lake Sunday, around noon or so. Putting in at Jeff's. I think most of the Fl. folks will be there also. Looking foreward to a good weekend. Steve

08-28-2006 09:57:03 pm CDT
I should be there LATE Sunday night. I will call around to see where everyone is going to be...

08-28-2006 07:26:08 pm CDT
Who's in for labor day at the lake?

08-28-2006 04:16:29 pm CDT
Steve, it was good to see you out on the lake Saturday! We are loosing good weather fast, and it sucks! I will be having a football party one saturday in the future... I will be sure to let everyone know the exact day.

08-23-2006 05:28:51 pm CDT
Is that a Bayliner??

08-23-2006 01:28:51 pm CDT
I call shotgun

08-23-2006 06:30:23 am CDT
Scott, we should have rode that to Jawana's. We could have sat in the A/C. What will she gps on the top end?

08-22-2006 09:20:37 pm CDT

Crab island bound!!!!!!

08-22-2006 04:44:26 pm CDT
Steve when are you going to become a Bayliner Racing Dealer

08-22-2006 12:27:09 pm CDT
Todd what about some of the late night Lake Martin crowd pictures,I imagine you have a few good ones.Tyler

08-22-2006 09:20:17 am CDT
"Bayliner Racing". LMAO. I saw Jason wearing a shirt that said that. Where can I get one like it? Steve

08-21-2006 07:06:44 pm CDT

Amanda, Lee and Todd

08-21-2006 07:01:10 pm CDT

Tom Tom, I never found that moon button on the dash

08-21-2006 06:55:49 pm CDT

Bayliner Racing, "I make the wake and you get the glory!!" Go Steve go!!

Bayliner Racing
08-21-2006 06:52:10 pm CDT

Had a great time with the group. Ask Womble, Paker and Peyton about the new racing team. You guys are the greatest!!!!

08-21-2006 02:18:25 pm CDT

Observation tower, from above...

08-21-2006 02:17:51 pm CDT

Observation tower...

08-21-2006 02:17:03 pm CDT

This is a pic of me this weekend on the Mighty "O" (Oriskany)...

08-20-2006 05:51:29 pm CDT
Hey everyone, got back from Destin a little while ago. Had a great time with ya'll. Hope everyone had a great trip, and a safe ride back. See ya'll again soon I hope!!

08-16-2006 09:32:06 pm CDT
Tony, call my cell phone Thur, or Fri night. We should all be around the condo's having party. Steve

Tony (PP)
08-15-2006 02:32:14 pm CDT

Where is everyone going this weekend for the night life? We will be in Pensacola and may drive to the party (unless it is out on the water...)

08-15-2006 01:40:17 pm CDT
We are leaving the same time you are boy.

Todd (Mistress)
08-14-2006 07:41:20 pm CDT
We won't be leaving P'ville until 1:00pm or so for Fort Walton. So don't take all the damn parking spots!! Parker/Payton when you leaving?

08-14-2006 07:24:11 pm CDT
We are not going to make it to the Poker Run. We had a change of plans. So y'all please have enough fun for the both of us. Take good pictures so you can share with Lakefun. You know how he hates to miss a peek at THINGS. Please BE SAFE and HAVE LOTS OF FUN!!!!!!!! R & R

08-14-2006 09:08:22 am CDT
Robert, If we go, it will be to OB. My neighbor, Stan Ware, races in OSS (Popeye's Cat Lite). Don't care for SBI (Beak Boat Nationals).

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