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10-8-2006 10:49:49 am CDT
Cooking several "drunk chickens" on the grill, and watching race at the shop today. Anyone interested in coming out, you are invited. Already expect to have around a dozen or so here. Steve and Dee Dee

10-6-2006 10:46:41 pm CDT
Computer guy, Connor has lots of fun every weekend :-) Loved the picture!

10-5-2006 05:40:50 pm CDT
Ran 118mph this weekend in Dukes HTM before we ran out of water and his boat has no rooster tail.I think he runs zero trim.He didn't ask me to drive for some reason,maybe to many Millers.

10-5-2006 02:18:59 pm CDT

Yea, put some trim in it and make the tail go up. Kinda like this......

10-5-2006 01:31:01 pm CDT
Good looking Checkmate,needs a little more postive trim to get that rooster tail up!

10-4-2006 11:36:43 pm CDT
People are using other persons aliases to post bogus message threads. The one with the cruiser cronies comment was not really from the person whos name is beside it...

10-4-2006 02:44:43 pm CDT
Robert, I don't know what Crusier Cronies are. And, Dave, they are NorthStar/Gaffrig clamp ons, just like the ones on the Daytona. I have one more set at the shop if you are interested. Steve

10-4-2006 01:42:28 pm CDT
Pardon my ignorance as I don't intend to post on the LM forum,but what are "Cruiser Cronies" and how are they ruining the lake? Have I missed something?

Baja Dave
10-4-2006 08:53:33 am CDT
Lakefun and Steve, what make / style muffler did you purchase and install on the Scarab? Did you remove the existing tips and install muffled tips or, did you use a clamp on type that attached to the existing tip? Interested... please let me know the setup. Thanks, David

10-4-2006 06:42:34 am CDT

10-3-2006 11:21:00 pm CDT
Interesting editiorial at

10-3-2006 08:58:44 pm CDT
Well, I just can't help the way I am. I just can't seem to find any good in anything. I'm just an old fart.

10-3-2006 08:12:20 pm CDT
Hey Cat, would you please tell me how to contact customer service? I would like to request a refund on the mufflers I bought, they make my boat sound like a putt putt. Just kidding. Thanks to CATHOUSE PERFOMANCE MARINE. You saved me some $$$$$$$$ and now my boat is totally legal on Lake Martin.

10-3-2006 08:09:55 pm CDT
Hey,I'm 62,does that make me an "Old Fart"? Sure hope not

10-3-2006 08:03:15 pm CDT
LMAO Never heard a 62 year "OLD FART" call a "PUNK BOY" before

10-2-2006 04:41:41 pm CDT
National coverage.

10-1-2006 07:15:03 pm CDT there is a couple of good articles in the Sunday edition about the boat ban lawsuit.

09-30-2006 09:10:26 pm CDT

If you have not seen this video, this is a must. Just go to

09-27-2006 06:54:29 pm CDT
The weekend of Oct 6th-7th is the fun run in Fl. We will leave Destin Harbor Saturday morning around 9am, and travel by boat (intercoastal waterway) to Panama City. There we will spend the night at Baypoint Resort, and return to Destin Sunday am. It is always a fun trip, and usually there are around 15 boats. It's the last beach trip for the season. Anyone interested in going, please email or call us.

Baja Dave
09-15-2006 01:59:59 pm CDT
Spear job??? I was going backwards when I "bumped" into you. It was your boat... it jumped in front of me trying to commit suicide because it couldn't take running hot on the shot water pumps any longer!!! (I will apologize for that incident though).

09-15-2006 01:21:40 pm CDT
I don't know the full truth behind this, but it appears to be legit. More legislation bull$hit. Where do they find these idiots?

09-15-2006 09:06:01 am CDT

09-15-2006 08:10:31 am CDT
Gray, First, its all in the driver and I can make Bravo x drives work with 600's as I have already done before with 650hp and a bravo I. second, my next upgrade after the 600's will be titanium armor down the side of my boat to keep your ass from scuffing me up the next time you pull up to me. Since that spear job you put on my port side this summer, my boat has not been the same. When she sees you on the lake now, I have no control she immediately banks one way or the other and the throttles stick WOT!!! -Shoe

Robert Nelems
09-14-2006 05:30:18 pm CDT
Steve,call me tonite,205-221-1772. Robert

Baja Dave
09-14-2006 04:51:02 pm CDT
Hey Steve, you are welcome. Considering what you experienced earlier this summer, I thought it would really hit home. Bet you didn't realize how many caring friends you had until the Reaper was hanging around!! Shoefly, considering that you will also need to upgrade outdrives, and that two 600s with outdrives will cost more than what you paid for your boat new... be sure and let Steve service the water pumps periodically!!!

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