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Drake   BoatsRFun
03-5-2007 12:38:43 pm CST
Thanks to all the Cathouse staff for a Great job on my baby (Boat of the Month) she is ready for warmer weather and so is the Family. A special thanks to Dee Dee and Mike for my Boat of the Month Discount!!!! Steve sorry to say all I could get out of her was 45mph (gps) Sunday, it was cold and the water was white capping, maybe we need to take that motor up another notch. Still a sweet ride. Peace and thanks again everybody!

03-4-2007 02:53:35 pm CST

Again Happy Birthday Baja Dave. Getting to 60 does not mean you can stay up, but retirement means you can do what you damn well please. I am often up very late since I do a lot of clock restoration work in the evenings. It is my hobby and requires a lot of heavy duty consentration without interruptions for hours at a time. My spouse and my dog have not figured it out yet. They want to bug me every two or three minutes. Otherwise, gears and springs are everywhere. This was what I was working on last night prior to wishing you a Happy Birthday. This is a 175 year old plus clock. I already completed the movement and am working on the total restoration of the cabinet. Before the columns and upper splat (area with the basket on the very top)were painted black.

Baja Dave
03-4-2007 09:49:31 am CST
Hey Lamar (aka FEB), does getting to 60 mean that I will be up at 2:00 a.m. posting on websites??? ps. Can't wait for the lake level to rise to we can all parade in our boats up to see your new lake residence. We can then have a belated birthday cocktail.

03-4-2007 02:05:59 am CST

Hey Baja, You are only beginning to live. I am a decade ahead of you. Here is a picture of me at 59.999999. Happy Birthday, and you should know there far too many to come.

Baja Dave
03-3-2007 09:06:16 am CST
Steve, is it time to wake the sleeping CAT from it's long winter hibernation? I bet it is ready to get out, shake off the cobwebs, flex it's muscles and stretch it's legs.

Baja Dave
03-3-2007 09:02:19 am CST
A historical event will take place tomorrow, March 4th. For all of the doubters and naysayers that said it would never happen... tomorrow will be my milestone birthday... the big 50!!! Damn, it sure got here in a hurry.

03-1-2007 11:01:12 pm CST

I am telling you Computer Guy and Boats R Fun. You two keep it up and you are going to step on on of those land mines yet. Thank my friend for the great pictues of my future abode.

02-26-2007 09:18:02 am CST
Steve you are a NUT!!!! Go Junior #8 all the way

02-25-2007 07:52:25 pm CST

The latest from the Cathouse engine room. 517 Blown BBC. This was a pleasure to do.

02-23-2007 12:26:32 pm CST

02-21-2007 10:00:58 pm CST
The weather seems to be warming up this week. For all that did not get complete service (plugs,cap/rotor,water pump, comp.check) etc. Now is the time. It is money well spent compared to downtime during the summer. Email/call and i'll set up a time so that you'll be in and out fast. Also, there is a new prop on the parts page, and worth looking at. If you have not looked at the "Cat video" on the second tab check it out. We will remove it soon. There has been some interest in changing out the page header from the Cat to customer/friends boats. I think this is a great idea. If someone will get it started and send me a cool picture of their boat, i'll change it out. Thanks to everyone, and may summer get here soon. Steve
02-14-2007 08:22:52 am CST
here is my turbine link ://

02-8-2007 08:31:09 am CST
Let's try that turbine link again. ://

02-7-2007 02:54:18 pm CST
Happy b-day DEE DEE,putting up with Steve you oughta get something nice. Tyler

02-7-2007 09:17:18 am CST
Here's another video for ya! Turbines - you gotta love em! ://

02-7-2007 08:13:14 am CST
I'm not believing my eyes! Did Cat assemble a motor and paint it BLACK? Black block, black heads, black exhaust manifolds... After all the crap I caught for painting mine black. Then, he left the valve covers and intake Merc blue! Use some of that painting talent to paint those motors you're sending out the door!!!

02-7-2007 06:37:53 am CST
That looks like one of Roberts boats. Nelems Marine.

02-4-2007 01:45:06 pm CST
Looks good, Steve. I like the design.

02-4-2007 07:53:40 am CST
Looks Great! Wish I would have waited and not ordered my new Fountain with their custom graphic package. Can you do the same package in a differ color? Jeff

02-3-2007 06:34:16 pm CST

All done now... I am thinking Cathouse Marine now does basic graphics. What do yall think????

02-3-2007 06:31:49 pm CST

Lookin' good so far....

02-3-2007 06:30:05 pm CST

Gettin' some new paint at Cathouse Marine.....

02-3-2007 06:28:39 pm CST

stage 1

01-29-2007 03:01:24 pm CST
Now Jim, we all know you are a Scarab man. Would'nt you have had fun with your Scarab and an HP500?

01-28-2007 07:27:02 pm CST
What a waste of a good engine to put in a piece of crap called a Phyton

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