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04-12-2007 03:54:57 pm CDT
Yea, it is headed for the shop.

04-12-2007 09:47:17 am CDT
I just saw one sexy DCB F29 resting outside of Fat Daddy's in Auburn. Orange on the back. Great looking boat. This the one you were talking about?

Steve&Dee Dee
04-8-2007 05:46:03 pm CDT
Several are coming for tickfaw. Some have been in for service and ready to go. The latest is 29' DCB with V-10's/The Sonic "Livin' Loud" is here now, And a 32' Sunsation is in the mix. We all look foreward to seeing yall soon.

04-8-2007 10:49:55 am CDT

Here's a full shot. Can't wait for Cinco de Mayo!! Feels better to have a house and a boat this year. Who all is coming down, Steve?

Locked & Loaded
04-8-2007 10:47:46 am CDT

One more.

Locked & Loaded
04-8-2007 10:46:44 am CDT

That formula might work if you had something other than "cathouse" in it. Remeber, I aint necessarily playin' fair either!!!

04-7-2007 08:59:08 pm CDT
Thanks for posting the pics, Steve. I really never used the pipe wrench. And that is not really a crowbar, it's an alternator adjustment tool!!!! New engine looks gooooooood!!!!!

04-7-2007 05:50:10 pm CDT
Check out the new page on the site. 2nd from top. We will follow this one through. It will be fun. Steve

04-6-2007 07:14:26 am CDT
Lookin good Steve. Can't wait to hear it run.

Cathouse Marine   Cathouse
04-5-2007 07:22:02 pm CDT

Kings point Condo's + Cathouse Marine Hp + 24' Baja Outlaw just might equal (Cigarette Killer). Watch out Don. This just might get ugly.

Cathouse Marine
04-5-2007 07:18:39 pm CDT

Some magic Alabama Power headed to LA!!!! Yall watch out for Andy.

04-3-2007 11:33:50 pm CDT
One Bowlegs poker run is on May 19th. I don't know much about this one... The festival is June 2nd - 3rd. I'll be down for the festival no doubt.

hammer time
04-3-2007 08:01:04 pm CDT
does anyone know the exact date for the billy bo legs poker run in fort walton/destin?

04-1-2007 06:25:28 pm CDT
Hey Allen....ya'll can still call us coonasses....unless you are Saban. He's gonna have a cold reception when Bama comes here again!!!! See you at the 200 soon.

red neck
03-29-2007 08:33:45 am CDT
coon ass anymore?

03-29-2007 08:32:26 am CDT
Why follow? My only chance to LEAD. Andy-- I've been told --- us rednecks from alabama can't call you coon asses -- conn ass anymore. Any truth to it? Allen

03-28-2007 06:44:20 pm CDT
Well, the old Baja is at the Cathouse for an upgrade. Can't wait for the results. For all of my Bama friends, I hope to see you at the Tickfaw 200. Just follow Steve and Dee-Dee if you don't know how to get here.

03-22-2007 08:59:08 pm CDT
Lamar.... All I can say is.. "Bling it on".

03-22-2007 07:30:44 pm CDT
Thanks Steve, I might be convinced at the right price to do a female models' shoot. Then, I would have something to work with other than a dawg. You certainly want have to worry about any of them running off with this old fart.

03-21-2007 12:14:38 pm CDT
That is a great picture.

03-20-2007 09:37:36 pm CDT

Just wanted to see something new on Cat's Chat Page. I was tired of seeing the patrol boat; although there was an important message with the picture. The piture is of my dawg "Browning". You can catch a corner of my Virginia home. Anyone want to buy and move to Virginia?

03-10-2007 12:32:36 pm CST

I am sure many of you are boating this weekend. Enjoy the warm weather! Please, make sure you have all the necessary safety equipment on board. Fire extinguishers sometimes leak down over time. Check them! Life jackets become brittle/old and ineffective. If you need new ones go get some. Is your registration current and on board? Is your kill switch operable? (And not wearing it is like driving around without a seat belt). Is the general condition of your boat safe? (Steering, cables, special equipment, etc.) If not, have it repaired. If your engine is too loud, put your mufflers on, if you don’t have any get some. Does your lights work?—Check them! Have you done your general service/maintenance? (Nobody hates a tow in more that the one having to do the towing). Make this a great and safe summer… Happy and safe boating to all!

03-8-2007 09:58:00 am CST
Hey Steve i am thinking about coming by on the 17th if that ok. I have a softball game at edgewood academy at 12:00. cya Matt

03-8-2007 08:52:32 am CST
Should I bring my thong? lol

03-6-2007 09:37:53 pm CST
Hello to all!!! There will be a special party Saturday, 3/17/07 at the shop. Live entertainment, music and a great time. (DeeDee Northington/Jeff Mulligan/Jason Bday) It will be a great time to kick off the spring. All are invited, and please bring your friends. It all begins at 7pm. Saturday 3.17.07. If you have any questions, email the shop. We are in need of bartenders/waitress' to tend bar in SUMMER attire. Thanks, and we look foreward to seeing you all.

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