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Testimonial Page! If you would like your puppy that you purchased from us on here, please email us with a photo and a little information on your puppy!




















I just wanted to send an update on Maddie. I have been meaning to do this for years, and it always slips my mind! On March 17th it will be 3 years since we adopted her into our family. She turned 3 in January! Maddie has been such an amazing addition to our family. She definitely keeps us on our toes. She loves walks, playing fetch, she enjoys camping, barking out the window at the mail man, and most of all, she loves laying on the back of the couch watching everything outside, or finding any place in the house that the sun shines through a window so she can lay and sun bath. She is truly one of a kind. She’s a little sassy, she has attitude, but she shows her love to everyone she meets. I have no idea what we would do without her in our lives. 

I attached a few pictures of her. The first one is of her the day that we got to take her home! And the others are just random ones we got of her. I think I have 1000+ pictures of her, but most of them are of her sleeping, because when she’s awake, she knows when I’m taking a picture of her and she runs. Thank you so much for bringing this little stinker into the world. She is so special! 

Thank you! 

Ashley Gruber








    Hi Brenda!  I figured it was time to send you an update on Mr. Floyd and a testimonial!

This is Floyd.  The pictures show him when we first got him, with his brothers Chaz and Ed at about 6 months, and on his first birthday with his beautiful haircut.  Floyd has given us so much joy.  He is full of energy, full of snuggles, and has the most fabulously fun personality!  I would recommend pups2pets to anyone looking for a wonderful companion!  Thank you for our lovely boy

  Here are our babies. Mickey on the right is 2.5. Pepper on left is 1.5. Both very loving little friends. Mickey is about 12 pounds and pepper is about 6. Mickey is very intelligent. Pepper is very cute!
Thanks for our babies!

  Hi Brenda! Hopefully your phone is back up and running okay. I just wanted to let you know that we are in love with the morkie we adopted from you. He is the sweetest boy! I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I'll send an update email on his birthday for your testimonials ❀️

  Here's Bentley. He's a year old. We got him from you last April. He is so amazing and fun. He has a attitude that is hilarious. So glad we have him. 

    Hi, Brenda! This is Kirby, the Yorkie Poo. He is 7 years old currently, and I was so lucky/thankful to have adopted him through you/pups2pets, at 8 weeks old.

He's been my sidekick/best friend since the moment I brought him home, and I can never thank you enough for giving me my best friend.

Thank you for the best dog I could have ever hoped for!

-Brandon W

    We named her Luna. She's is a very smart girl. Can sit and shake already. Potty training is done! Saw I still had your number so wanted to share.

    Hi Brenda - this is Jamie Scott I bought my puppy from you on November 18 he was born 8/14. I named him Lucky! He is such a great puppy! He loves to play fetch  and fall asleep in my arms! Just wanted to say thank you so much! He's a lot of work but he has brought so much joy to my life!! Here are some pictures! 

Hello Brenda!!! 

I just wanted to send off an email to tell you how AMAZING Stewart is doing!!!!  I got him from you Sept 19th at 11 weeks old!  He is a ball of energy in the best possible way!!! He’s finished puppy class, LOVES and is a favorite at doggy daycare and knows many tricks including sit, stay, come, shake, down, fetch and drop!  He’s working on perfecting the ringing a bell for potty training!! He is sooooo loved everywhere he goes!!!  He’s 6# already and growing fast!!! Thank you SO VERY much for all you do in bringing beautiful puppies into the world!  This is the 2nd puppy I’ve gotten from you and I couldn’t be happier!!!  Christine

 I just wanted to thank you so much!  We adopted Cali from you May 2018.  She never whined in her crate, potty trained really fast and is such a FAST learner.  Her personality just melts our hearts. We could not be happier or more in love with her!!

  Here is Josie, she just turned 1 yesterday! And she is a bundle of fun, she sure enlightens everyone’s day! She is a very spunky and crazy little girl. We love her with all our hearts!

  Just wanted to update you on the yorkie we got from you. What an amazing little guy. Absolutely no whining from day one. Loves to snuggle at night.  Using the puppy pads very well. He loves it outside. Does a lot of running and jumping. He is so funny. Only liking the red pieces of his puppy food. Leaves the rest. Everyone loves him. We named him Bentley.  Hope your day is going well!

    Picture of Ella before and after her first grooming today. Will be 4 months in 5 days we love her unbelievably. Your mom told me to send picture to you so she could see them better. We are from Spring Valley Mn. Dick and Theresa Harreld.

    Hello Brenda, it's almost 1 yr since laying eyes & falling in love with the cutest pup I Named King πŸ‘‘ he is smart, caring strikingly clever keeps a bright smile on my face and when I'm sad he licks the tears away and snuggles with me he truly is the kindest most loving affectionate baby. He is obedient yet he has his playfulness. Loves fetch and wrestling OH King is very protective of mommy oh my I swear he thinks he's a German Shepherd lol anyway I wanna Thank You SO much for showing me a different type of love. 

  We r absolutely in love with our little Bella (Morkey, on the right) that we got from you about a year ago. She is the most happiest lovable energetic and sweet dog. She loves her brother BeaBea and sister Emily the cat. We definitely would recommend buying a puppy from you. Thanks so much!! Mark & Heather Christie

  Our Nugget is 6 months old. She is a very busy puppy and makes us laugh a lot! We are smitten with this little girl! She is potty trained, although it was trying at times. Thank you so much for this addition to our family!

  Hi, Brenda,

I thought I’d give you an update on our new baby.  She is adorable and has moved into our hearts and home very quickly.  She’s a little livewire, plays hard and makes us laugh a lot.   She sleeps well and seems to be quite comfortable in her crate.  I took her for her first vet visit yesterday and she was declared in very good health.  She made the rounds and met all the techs and handled it very well.  Potty training is beginning to work, with the pad, but will still be a while before she really gets it, I think.  We have named her Sadie and she is quite a snuggler ❀.  We love her!

Sue and Chuck Hilliard

    Hi Brenda and Sue!

Before finally deciding to go with you two wonderful ladies for my pup, I looked through the testimonials to see after 1, 2, or even 3 years how the dogs were so I wanted to update you with her TWO year old photos that I took! 

Mitzi, a Morkie born in October 2015 and picked up in January 2016, is healthy, happy, and SO so loving. She greets every person with a puppy kiss and hug (yes, she wraps her long paws around their neck even!). She's the smartest thing - so easy to train. She even learned how to "dance" and "kiss" on command since we had the basics learned early on. She cuddles every chance she gets and she's the cutest thing we've ever saw even to this day! 

She even has her OWN Instagram account (@mitzithemorkie) with over 5,500 followers - so it's safe to say that she is adored by more than just us even! 

Thank you so much for giving us another member of the family to love! 

Love, Ciera

  Hello Brenda,  Tucker was born 6/5 and we got him on 8/6 as my birthday present. He is the best birthday present I could ask for. Tucker is now a little over 4 months old and he is doing great. He is a lovely and curious ball of energy! We could not imagine life without him.

Stephanie and. Nick McDonald

Just wanted to share a few photos of Miss little Ava Rose! We just love her! She is always with us! She even joins us in Homeschool work! Lol!

  She has THEE greatest disposition and such a little love.  Very smart and playful.  Potty training is a breeze.  For some reason she jumps up to a wall when she has to go, so it is very easy to catch her.  I love her to PIECES!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  Hi Brenda. Hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to send you a recent photo of Louie and show how much of a blessing he is in our household. He's still learning and full of energy. Can't Believe he's almost 1!  

  I sent you a picture of Diego after his Spa date. We enjoy him so much. I have given your information to everyone who asks and they say that he is the cutest puppy they have seen and we agree! Dianne E.

  Hi Brenda I bought one of your male morkie ,in Feb. Just wanted to let you know Teddy is doing great and is loved very much. He has all his shots and has been neutered. He is one great puppy thank you for my great puppy.

    Sue and Brenda , thought I would send you some pictures of Emmy our little princess/ diva who turns 1 years old today πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰We love her sooo much πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•Thank you .!!

Stacy Robinson

  We got our Frederica  and Fancy from you in November 2016. They are the best little 🐢 dogs!  We were coming down to pick up Frederica and just couldn't leave without Miss Fancy. They both have such different personalities. We couldn't be happier with our choices.
They travel everywhere with us and are such a joy since our 8 year old Miss Morkie died in a tragic accident
Thank you! πŸ’•

  Hi there.  We wanted to send our testimonials.  

Here's a picture of our Morkies that my daughter, Deidra, and I got from you.  Clutch and Axle are my daughter's and Milo is mine.  Clutch was born 12/28/2013 and weighs 25 pounds.  Milo was born 01/24/2017 and weighs 8-1/2 pounds.  Axle was born 02/10/2017 and weighs 6 pounds.  

Clutch is a really good dog.  He's good with all dogs and kids and people.  He's also a great guard dog.  

Milo is a VERY energetic dog who is also good with everyone.  He loves to say hi to everyone and gets very excited with company.  

Axle is very feisty, cute and cuddly.  He may be lightweight but he is a heavyweight champion when he's playing with his brothers.

They're all very well mannered, quite spoiled and very loved.  Thank you!

Deidra & Aaron Boyd - Big Lake, Minnesota 

Ross & Alissa Hogan - Negaunee, Michigan

    Hi there! We picked up our little girl Mia on August 28th, 2016 and we could not be more happy! She is full of energy, loves to play and in the last few months her own little personality is coming out and it's so nice to see! She's a really healthy puppy and we will definitely get future puppies from you!!!

  Here is a picture of Skittles the Morky we picked up in September of last year.  She is such a sweetheart - I have enjoyed every minute with this sweet - very active puppy.

Thank you so much~


    I am so happy with Alyce (2&1/2 years) & Pixie (5 years). They truly are amazing Morkies, my babies! Alyce, the pumpkin colored pup is a sweet as can be! She's a bit smaller than Pixie & weighs 8/9 lbs! She's playful, silly, healthy, potty trained, has Springs built into her legs, and is quite the cuddle buddy! Pixie's birthday is in March! It's hard to believe she will be 5 years old and is a healthy 12/13 lbs! Pixie is a certified service dog as she meets my needs. I suffered a spinal cord injury 6 months before I found Pixie. She is so smart! She helps retrieve things that I drop as my hand function is impaired and I am in a wheelchair & knows when I'm in need of help. She travels everywhere with me! We just returned from Disneyworld!
Alyce is quite a cutie and a perfectly behaved Morkie! My neighbor and family are always wanting to babysit her as she's adorable and fun! She keeps Pixie young at heart with her playful ways!
Both Pixie & Alyce love each other so much. They keep me laughing, healthy, and motivated! Alyce gives Pixie kisses EVERY morning! Priceless!
Thank you for such wonderful pups!!
Alyce & Pixie

Today Koko Lee is one year old.  She moved in with us on Jan 7, 2016.  What a super special addition she has been for us.  Loving, playful and just true joy.  She loves people and other dogs and craves attention from everybody.  We are so glad we found your web site or we wouldn't be part of this little sweethearts life.  Have a great day.  Bill and Trelda Turck St Cloud

  Hello there!!! I thought I would give you guys a little update on this cutie! I got him July 27th, he was born on May 25th! 

This is Louie! ❀️ he is the sweetest little guy! He's a little over four months and loves everyone! He especially loves being outside and playing--not chasing, literally playing--with the chipmunks out at our cabin! He is amazing with kids and he is loving his new home! I already can't imagine life without this furry guy!  Thank you for such an amazing little dude! I love him so much! 

We Love Our Morkie! He is playful and smart. He is already paper trained and is adjusting very well. You guys did a great job raising him!

Brad Fern

  Hi it's hard to believe Jasper is almost a year old he's had a lot of adventures in his first year here but is well-adjusted and loves his brothers , we brought him home he was 3 pounds and now he's just about 11 pounds my little chub! He loves to camp go for rides out for walks and even loves the motorcycle! Thank you so much for our sweet little boyπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• Brent & Amy

I just wanted to thank you for a great puppy! We picked Mason up at the end of August, and he has been such a great dog from the moment we brought him home! He loves to do anything with us and goes almost everywhere with us. He absolutely loves car rides!! Thank you so much for such a great puppy and I tell people all the time about you!!

We got our little puppy from you in October. Piper is now 1 year old and weighs 3.7#.
She is such a sweet, well behaved little girl. Everyone loves her and she goes everywhere with us. Thanks for a great puppy!
Angie Olson

    Brenda and Sue -
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts - Our little Morkie, Mitzi, is adjusting so well to her new home already! I've attached some pictures for you in her new home. She has been so well behaved - sleeping all throughout the night and even quickly getting used to her puppy pads! And she's so lovable - jumping up and giving everyone puppy kisses! I appreciate the updates you provided while we were patiently waiting for her to be ready to come home - you guys were amazing to work with!
 We will continue to look online - My parents are looking to get their own lovable little puppy closer to summer so we will be coming back for another! I've passed your name on to quite a few people already who think she is the cutest - so you may have quite a few Yoopers coming your way!
 Thank you again!


Hi!  Meet Paisley. We picked her up back in December from you. I wanted to let you know she is doing great!! She is fully potty trained, it took about 4-6 weeks. We love her so much! She is a great addition to the family! She is so loving and cuddly, but yet very playful. She loves to play the kids and so far has been great with other dogs. Thank you for our puppy!! We love her to pieces!Thanks again! Hope you enjoy the update!

Olivia Johnson

  3 months old, she's doing great.  Very smart, very alert, loves to play and really likes people.  We had forgotten how much fun those milk teeth are....loool she is getting over that pretty well.  A real sweetheart......just thought I'd give you a little heads up on her.  Take care.  Bill/Trelda Turck.  St Cloud


   Hi Brenda and sue,
This is wicket! We got him from you in October, He was just a little over 2 pounds. He is now 4 months old weighing 4.3 pounds. We are in love with this little guy! He is so intelligent and loving! He gets along very well with all types of dogs and cats. He is a great addition to our family! Thank you so much.


I have had them for 2 years now. They both turned two this summer and they are such a burst of energy and fun in my life! Can't imagine life without my babies. Thank you so much for blessing me with Chloe (white) and Bane (pumpkin) 



Duluth, MN


Hi Brenda, Just wanted to share a picture of our Morkie “Sophie” with you—She is 2 years old today and 4.6 pounds. We got her from you Feb 7th 2014. She is doing Great! She is so loving, smart, playful and loves to cuddle.

Thanks Again-

Leah Kohls-Cummings

Hutchinson, MN

    Just wanted everyone to know how wonderful our little Nugget has been since the very day we adopted her. She was 2# and is now almost 4#. She is feisty and adorable. Loves kids!  We love her and would love to bring her a sister but can't imagine ever having another dog who is as well behaved and 1/2 as cute!.....

 Ruxen, Morkie Male

Hi guys, just sending an update on Ruxen, our little morkie. He is now 8 months old and such a smart and sometimes naughty little boy. Since day one he has been healthy as can be and we couldn't be happier with our little fur-son. We can't wait to get him a little brother in a few years!
-Courtney and Ryan of St. Paul, MN


Hello Sue and Brenda,
Hi!  My name is Linus and I'm now 6 months old.
I love my new home and I'm having a great time living with my mom and dad.
I've been to puppy school and have graduated with a diploma too.
My teacher told me that I was a quick learner and that made me smile.
I really do smile at mom and dad, especially when it is time to go out doors and play ball and pick up sticks.
I know I'm loved in my new home and I hope to have many years having fun with so many other dogs in my neighborhood.
Every one on the block thinks I'm the cutest puppy around.  Mom and dad think so too.

Thank you Pups2Pets Sue and Brenda for such a wonderful friend to love!


Dear Brenda, we brought home our little morkie last october at 2.5 pounds. He was born august 7 2014. We named him Biscuit and on saturday he will be 7 months old and weighs 7.6 pounds. We have been so blessed to have this little one in our lives and are looking forward to exploring this summer with him. He is totally house broken and a little socialite, also very treat motivated. The vet tecs just love him. Hubby says he is in his terrible 2s but thats ok. I would recommend anyone looking for a pet of this breed to you, Thank you so much


I just wanted to let you know our little Leo is such a sweetie pie! He is such a handsome fella too. Thank you for everything you do!
Lisa Kenow


Hi Brenda and Sue,
We want to thank you very much for Roscoe. We got him last January, when he was 8 weeks old and just 2 pounds. One year later Roscoe (13 pounds) is happy, full of energy, and an adventurous little guy. He loves to go to the park and play with his much bigger friends, long walks and jump in the water for a swim. He likes to cuddle, there is nothing better than taking naps with "mom and dad". He is super smart and well behaved. He has been a great little boy since the day we brought him home. And we love him.
Fanny & Chris Newton

Hi Brenda,

Happy Birthday to Sophie—she is “one” today.  We got her from you on February 7th and she has been such a JOY! She is so loveable, smart, and loves to cuddle. She has been a great addition to our family J

 Leah Kohls

Hutchinson, MN


Hi my name is Marley I just love my new home. I am so loved by both of my parents I have adjusted well to my new environment.  Here is a picture of me and my mom she loves giving me kisses and hugs.  Also I just love sitting on her lap. He is a perfect fit for my parents.  They think he is just the cutest little puppy ever.Thanks again!


  Thanks for introducing our new family dog Finn to us. He is doing great, and is a perfect fit to our family (: We are in love.
Thanks again.
- Natasha Hampton

  This is Bella before her hair cut. I got her last December from
you guys. She turned 1 this past September 20th. She is very playful active and cuddly. She is always happy and warm! I love this little girl! Thank you!! :)

  Hi all.  I can't believe that little 2 lb puppy I got is one year old today.  She weighs 5 1/2 pounds now.  Both her and her brother Thor look more yorkie all the time.  She is sweet and naughty all at the same time!  She just loves people and other dogs.  She has all the techs at my vet in love with her.  She gets along well with her "sister" Gabi and has the occasional play dates with her brother Thor.  He has stayed small also at 6 1/2 lbs.

Thank you so much for allowing her to come live with me.  She is a wonderful baby.

Deb Christofferson
Owatonna, MN


  Mitzi, Morkie Female

Hi. This is Mitzi on 08/05/14 – her first birthday.  We love this little girl so much! She brings us so much joy and is a very good dog.  Everyone that meets her thinks she is something pretty special and cute, cute, cute!!! Thank you for this wonderful addition to our family. If we ever consider getting her a little ‘sister’ – we will be coming right back to you for another Morkie!

Beckie J

 Piper and Paige, Morkies

Hi Sue and Brenda,
I wanted to send a quick update on our sweet angels we got from you.  We got Piper July 2011 and Paige May 2014.  I have to say they are amazing.  Everyone loves to have them come and visit and no one every wants them to leave.  We were so surprised when Paige's ear started to stand up and they do stand tall.  Everyone loves her ears and always comments on them.  Paige is still learning the ropes and she's quite a "tom boy".  She loves the outside, playing with sticks and constantly pestering Piper.  Piper loves to play ball, going for walks and she absolutely loves going for ATV rides.  (Paige is still not so sure about that yet).  Thank you again for our amazing Morkies.  WE love them so much they complete our family.


Everywhere we go with our Morkie, Pixie Rose, now 2 years old and my daughters service dog we get asked where we got her. She is very well behaved even in the most posh restaurants.  When she dons her service vest she is on her best behavior. We are going to Chicago this week and I will give people your website when they ask where we got her.  People stop us all the time and love her!  Pixie is well known at Mn Twins games and concerts in the disability section. 

Thanks, Mary and Brenna Coleman

 Paisley, Maltipoo Female Puppy

I just wanted to THANK you for such a wonderful puppy! She is the light of my life. I bought a Malti-Poo from you, and she has been an absolute blessing. She was just to the vet again and is healthy as can be. She is very tiny tho. Only 2.8lbs, vet said she is at the perfect weight! I just can't express how happy I am with my puppy from you! Thank you so much!
Alyssa Hanson
I have lots of friends that want one similar to Paisley

  Lily Morkie Female

We are so happy with our puppy Lily who we picked up New Year's Day! She is so spunky and has such a personality! She didn't experience snow till later in the winter when it got  warmer out but she LOVED to play in it!! She loves to play with our cat Mya who is now her best friend! We have gotten sooo many compliments on Lily I literally have given out Pups2pets info to numerous people! She has tons of energy, she giving my fiancé and I some major practice for the future when we have children! ;) Thanks so much for helping us start our family!



Hello! We wanted to say thanks for raising just an adorable puppy and let you know how Freddie (the male Morkie) is doing. Freddie is almost 7 months old now and my husband and I absolutely love him! We can't imagine our lives without his spunky personality and love he always gives us. He even likes sitting in the basket as we bike around town (you can see how proud he was on his first day in the picture). Just like any puppy, there was work for training but he's catching on so quickly! He was able to sit, shake and lay down within the first couple months! Everyone who meets him absolutely loves him! Thanks again!



Hello Brenda! I adopted Rico (formerly Freddy, I believe) from you in August of 2010.  He was born in the 4/29/10 litter, one of three puppies.  He just had his 4th birthday and celebrated with his yearly treat of one White Castle slider J  He is extremely well-behaved and very social and playful.  He loves all dogs and cats and his best friend is a 70-lb. pit bull named Bella.  He brings so much joy to our home – whether it’s snuggling with my boyfriend after a long day at work, going on early morning walks with me, or running around with my boyfriend’s 5-year-old son.  He loves going to ‘Grandma & Grandpa’s House’ when we go on vacation, where he is spoiled rotten during his stays!  Sadly, I found out last October that Rico had contracted Lyme’s disease from an infected tick.  He has had one flare up so far but rebounded quickly and responds well to his treatments.  He is completely worth all of the vet bills that I’ve had to pay due to his diagnosis, and I predict nothing less than a long and happy life for him in a home where he is truly the King of the Castle J I am so thankful that I found him through you!  Attached is a recent picture of him. Thanks again for Rico and for raising such awesome puppies!  I am truly blessed to have him.

        Morkie Boys Radar and Spencer

Just wanted to give you an update on my boys, born 9/9/14.  They have been a joy since we brought them home!  We get stopped everywhere we go :-)
Radar, the silver one, (He was black & tan, when we got him), is 5 pounds of pure energy and has become my constant companion ... He is never more than 2 steps behind me.  He is getting ready to travel to Alaska with me, because we would both be miserable, if he stayed home.
Spencer, the black & tan, is our little, 8 pound cuddle bug.  He is more independent than his brother and thinks he is way bigger than he is.
We love them, both, so much and are so happy with them!  Anyone looking for a small companion dog can't go wrong getting one from you. Thank you!

  Sophie, Morkie Female

Hi Brenda,

Just wanted to share with you a picture of Sophie –we got her from you on February 7th—and she will be 5 months old tomorrow.  She has been such a joy and so much fun to have around.  She has so much love to give and loves to be around people.  Thanks again for a Great Puppy!


Hutchinson, MN



(picture in bucket 4 months old, picture with pumpkin 6 months old, picture in snow 8 months old)
Hi Brenda...this is Toby, we purchased him from you in June 2013.  He loves to go for walks and loves to play, he has lots and lots of energy.  Toby is the sweetest little dog and we love him very much.  
Linda..Superior, WI 

  Jacey, Morkie

We just wanted to let you know how very happy we are with our little Morkie girl, Jacey.  We bought her from you Spring of 2013.  On her first vet visit, the vet just loved her.  She was easy to potty train (even though we had a cold snowy spring that year).   When she wakes up in the morning she loves to give cuddles and kisses.  Our 3 year old grandson and Jacey love to play together.   We hope to get her a little sister (from you) in the future.
Thank you for our happy healthy Jacey.
Dan & Cindy

  Pixie Rose, Morkie

I loved Pixie Rose (a Morkie) from the day I got her from you in Spring 2012.  I was recovering from a serious spinal cord injury and a companion was what I needed most.  She has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.  She was only 2 pounds when I got her and such a tiny cute baby.  She is now almost 2 years old and she is 10 pounds.  She is very smart.  She was potty pad trained in 2 weeks and has become my service dog.  I am in a wheelchair and she has been trained to assist me.  She can bring me my cell phone, pick up items I have dropped, alert others if I am in distress and comfort me when I need it most.  She has traveled with me in planes, automobiles and with me in my wheelchair daily.  She is very well behaved and is in tune with my disability.  She gets along well with other dogs and adapts well to many different situations.  Thank you for her.  She has made a difference in my life. 


This is Emmy. We purchased her in August and there hasn't been a dull moment. She loves to run, play, and chill outside. We have had no problems with Emmy and she's been  absolutely great.


Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  We absolutely love our little "Toby" and he has adjusted very well to our busy household of 5 kids and a yellow lab.  We couldn't have asked for a better puppy!!!  Thanks again!!!


Just wanted to give an update on my sweet little boy. Louie is the best dog I could have ever asked for. He is playful, affectionate, smart, goofy and as you can see he is very handsome. He is fully house trained, hasn't had an accident in weeks and he is just 4 months old!  He is great with kids and other dogs. He has such a big personality, he lights up any room he walks into. We just had a vet visit a few weeks ago and they absolutely love him. The vet sent me an email after telling me he made everyone's day in the office. He makes me laugh everyday, and I already don't know what I would do without him. I can't thank you enough for giving me such a wonderful puppy!



Hi, Brenda!

I was just writing to give you an update on Teeko:) He is the best puppy I have ever had! He is just about to turn 8 months old and He is so incredibly sweet and goodnatured. I am absolutely in love with him and every person that meets him is, too! He loves people and all animals and is very high spirited. He's got that Yorkie attitude and is *very* smart. I am so glad to have gotten him! Thank you, so much.

   Morkie, Whitney

Hi Brenda,
We bought our puppy Whitney from you June 2013. Whitney is 6 months old now and has been the PERFECT addition to our family!! We love her so much!! I work from home and she follows me around the house all day and lays at my feet or on my lap. She plays so well with our 4 kids and is the perfect mix of playful and cuddly! It took us 2 months to fully potty train her. She has it done perfect now. When she needs to go she stands at the back door and barks if no one sees her right away. She hasn't even had to go in her kennel for over 2 months now. She has the run of the house and doesn't wreck anything unless there is a piece of paper on the floor she will tear it up. She has her toy bin and seems to know which toys are hers and doesn't mess with things she is not supposed to.  Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful, adorable and affordable puppies!!
Happy Holidays!
Kathy and Troy Kolb

 Malti-Poo Female

Hi Brenda!

I purchased Audrey from you about 5 months ago. She is a wonderful little girl! She listens so well and is beyond sweet. She gets along with everyone so well- including cats, babies, and other dogs! She is about 6 pounds now. I just wanted to send an update and say thank you for such a wonderful puppy!

~Autumn, Duluth Minnesota


Hi Brenda!

Just writing to 1.) Send you a few updated photos of our wonderful female morkie (Maude, we sent a testimonial) we bought from you 3 years ago and 2.) To ask about getting another morkie from you! We would LOVE to have another female from the same parents as Maude's (if you still breed these two or have a way to find out which two they were).

Thank you!!


Everyone who sees her just loves her punctual personality and says she is so cute and small that she doesn't even look real! She is truly a blessing, and the baby I have been waiting for so thank you so very much.




 Hi Brenda,

We purchased little Leia from you about a year ago.    She is just a
wonderful dog.  So sweet and lovable.  We can't image what our house was
like before she came.  I have attached a picture of our little Viking's fan
(although I think she sleeps through most games).    We had to wait a little
while to get her but it was so worth it.

Thanks so much.  We enjoy her every day!!

Sue Wohlk

 Artie, Morkie

Hi Brenda,

I wanted to thank you for my sweet little pup, Artie. He is about 3.5 months old and full of energy. Artie is so friendly toward both people and pups -- I often get compliments on his darling personality and cuteness! :) It has been so much fun watching him grow up and learn new things each and every day. What a smart cookie!

The attached picture is of Artie celebrating the 4th of July - Mr. Patriotic! :)

Please feel free to post this on your testimonials, if you would like.

Thanks, again, for such a fun-loving, healthy puppy! He is so loved!!!


   Meet Lexi~~Morkie Female

We've had our little Lexie in our family for over a year now, and I can't even express to you how much she is loved!  She is such a sweet girl, always ready to give love and affection to anyone - people and pets alike, she loves everyone!  The girls call her their youngest sister, and she has truly been a member of our family since the day we brought her home.  She is a smart girl and knows a variety of tricks.  Potty training was a breeze, and she is "bell-trained" - ringing her jinglebells by the door whenever she wants to go out.  She continues to bring us joy daily, and we can't thank you enough!  

Tara Jonas
Superior, WI



We brought home our Caesar from you on 12/28/12 when he weighed barely over 2 pounds (2.3 lbs to be exact).   Today he is a whopping 6.7 lbs!  He has truly been a blessing to our family.  He brings us such great joy day in and day out.  He is incredibly playful and loving to anyone (both humans and animals).  He is such a sweet boy!  Thank you all so much for the wonderful addition to our family.


Love, the Blum Family

Maple Grove, MN

  Toby, Morkie Male

I purchased a male Morkie from you in February of this year and wanted to give you an update on him.
When I first got him he was 2.5lbs, he is now 6 months old and 6lbs! His name is Tobie. He is such a bundle or joy! He has really made a great addition to our family! He gets along great with everyone including children and the elderly. We are always getting interrupted on our walks for extra love from strangers. I brought him to a little fair a couple weeks ago and everyone there just loved him and thought he was the cutest puppy ever! Some of Tobie's favorite activities are chasing his multi-colored ball, playing fetch outside, eating, going for walks and chewing on his bone.
We are just finishing up his beginner obedience class which has really helped improve his manners at home. Some commands he has learned are sit, down, stay, heel at three different speeds and leave it. We are going to continue on with intermediate obedience classes as well. I plan on training Tobie to become a certified therapy dog so that he can share his happiness with those who are in hospitals and nursing homes.
Tobie has brought so much joy to our lives! Thank you so much Brenda! I have recommended you to all of my friends and family!
Julie Novak

   Stella and Ridley

Hi Brenda,
Just wanted to send a quick note letting you know how perfect a fit our new little Stella has been to our family. She is such an energetic and loving little puppy.
From the second we came home, Stella and Ridley, the morkie we got from you last june, have been inseparable. There is not a minute in a day they are not together.
Thanks again for the wonderful puppies!!!
Dana and Myles
  Jasper, Morkie Male
Hi Brenda,
I know it's only been two weeks but here are a couple of photos of Jasper. He's doing great with paper training but he's gotten into the biting everything stage, including our ankles, toes, drapes, furniture, etc. We'll be going to obedience school soon!  He met one of our daughters and two grandkids. He was excellent with all of them. Plus, they brought their Pomeranian who is rather submissive so they got along pretty well, too. No biting each other but a tiny bit of growling from the pom. All in all, it's great. We both love him to pieces. I'm so grateful for your good care and that we have him in our lives.
Tilly, Morkie Female
Hi Brenda! This is Sara Perry from Buffalo. We picked up our little Tilly from you shortly after Christmas, and she is such a great addition to our family! She is doing great! Here is the most recent picture of her...

 Mindy the Morkie

Mindy is now 11 months old and we love her so much.  She is the best dog we could have ever wanted.  She has many talent including opening plastic Easter eggs and jumping like a bunny.  She is the funniest puppy ever and makes us laugh all the time.  Thank you so much.  Love Carly, Susie & Joe Reitmeier

   Ninja, Morkie

This is Ninja who just turned 6 months. We picked him up on December 29th. He is 5lbs of feisty spirit! He is a lot of dog in a little body. He loves playing with his brother and sisters-all who are over 40lbs. He loves his 3 mile daily walks to get 'his' little girl from school. He pulls hard when we are by the school, eager for the attention he gets from all the kids in the school.

We adore our little man!

  Simba, Morkie Male


Thought I would send you a picture of Simba!! We purchased him from you guys almost a year ago and we have been very impressed with how he acts. He loves other dogs. When we go outside he has to look around to see if any of his other “friends” are outside to play with. He is great with children. If anybody is wondering how your dog’s behave I would give them my number. If the time comes for Kayla and I to buy another Morkie we will only come to pups2pets.

Thanks again for our little guy he is soo much fun to be around

Tilly, Morkie Female

Hi Brenda! This is Sara Perry from Buffalo. We picked up our little Tilly from you shortly after Christmas, and she is such a great addition to our family! She is doing great! Here is the most recent picture of her...

We love her! Thank you again for giving us this feisty little girl! :)
-The Perry Family

  Crunch, Morkie Male

I thought that I would give an update on how our little boy Morkie, Crunch is doing.  He will be 7 months old this week and is such a sweet little boy with so much personality!  He loves to cuddle and go on walks/runs.  Crunch has yet to meet anyone who has not fallen in love with him, including my dad and grandpa who are not pet people.  He has even come to work with me a couple times and will just sit on my lap and take a nap, or surf the web like he is doing in the picture.
Thank you for such a great little guy.
Eric and Jaimie
Otsego, MN

       Meet Ozzie! Purebred Yorkie male with a TAIL!

We are celebrating Ozzie's first birthday at the cabin.  He loves to swim, play ball (endlessly), he is a great hunter!  He isn't afraid of much, but with the bummer fireworks, he cuddled real close. 
What a special little guy he is!  Thanks so much!
He is about 4 pounds now.
  Purebred Yorkie Female (on the Right)
Just wanted to let you know that Daisy is doing fantastic, she is an amazing little yorkie, she loves people and wow she loves other dogs, she wants to play with everyone's around here, we go for walks and she loves all the attention. She loves trips to pet smart, her and Spanky come away from there with a toy every time : ) . We brought a pet stroller the other day, as our VAC starts soon, and we knew they could not walk for long time, so we got one, now they can rest plus walk.
Hope all is well your end .
Bob & Carol CLUKA
  Morkie Male~~Black and White Spotted
I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the Morkie I bought from you.  I love him!!!  I named him Monterrey Charles (in honor of your daughter calling him Charlie).  We call him Monty for short.  
Kristina Hayes
  Purebred Yorkie Female
It's been a long time since we've come to Hinckley to bring home our sweet little girl Aila.
We brought her home last year in November and I just wanted to send you a picture of her.
She was so tiny when we first got her, she is now a very rambuctious and playful little girl.
My parents love her to death. Shes already a year old and I would just like to say, thank you.
She is a blessing, have a great thanksgiving. Take care.
We hope to be out there soon again to bring home another little one.
             Morkie Female
I just wanted to thank you and your Mom again for the wonderful puppy (Morky) that I purchased from you in July.  I've attached a recent photo of her at 4 months old.  Her name is Maggie Mae (after my favorite Rod Stewart song!).  She is an absolute joy, so full of characture!

Pam Smith
Gilbert, MN
    Morkie Male, Vinny

Hi Brenda,
I thought I would send you an update on the morkie I purchased from you a couple months ago!  I named him Vinny and he is such a good puppy!  He just turned 5 months old and is fully potty trained.  He loves the playing in the snow, chewing bones, and pestering his big sister, Abby, who is a 95lb rottweiler!
Thanks for the terrific pup!
Dear Pups2Pets Folks:
Just a note to let you know that we're real happy with the Morkie we purchased the weekend after Thanksgiving.  While she got sick once on our two-hour drive home, she's extremely healthy and has had no health problems what so ever.  She's also full of life and had no issues adapting to her new environment.  We're still working on housebreaking, but going outside (even in the cold) seems to be less confusing to her and we're now having very few accidents.  Just wanted to extend our thanks for such a healthy puppy that's so full of life!
Jack and Jeri Brady
Buffalo, MN
       Lacey, Morkie Female
We wanted to thank you for your patience with us last Wednesday. I know I took a while to decide but it was worth it. she is a little spit fire and has found her place in our home so fast. she is almost potty trained already... She is a wonderful addition to the family. So thank you.
  Morkie Male, Eddie
Thank you Brenda for waiting for me today. I decided to name the puppy Eddie..which I think suites him.  Attached is a pic of him with my nephew today.
He played in my floor length mirror all night thinking he was playing with his other morkies, it was cute but also bittersweet. I may have to come back for another in the future.  :)
     Ernie, Morkie Male
Dear Brenda,
We got a male morkie from you last spring, and he is such a joy!  I wanted to share his picture on the testimonial if you have room.  We named him Ernie, and he just turned 1 year old in November.  Ernie's favorite activities include: chasing squirrels in the yard, playing with his squeekie toys, dancing, playing with his best buddy Levi the Bulldog, but most of all... snuggling.  Ernie is the sweetest little guy, and loves nesting up real close for naps.  He loves all people, doggies, and even cats!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our lives!! 
Nellie & Matt
Bloomington, MN
 Meet Maude, Morkie Female
My boyfriend and I absolutely adore our little morkie that we bought from you this winter! Her name is Maude and she brings us much laughter and happiness.
She is incredibly smart and very healthy! Maude loves to jump in the snow, run around the living room, and play with Grandpa and Grandma's 2 pugs!

I  have and will continue to recommend your puppies to anyone looking! Thank you so much!

Brieanna Watters and Tony Petersen, Minneapolis, MN :)
Harley, Morkie Male
Just a quick note and picture of our extra special boy “Harley” who we purchased last April 1st from you.  He is doing well and I can’t tell you how much we have enjoyed him!  He has a personality all his own.  This summer we were traveling extensively.  He quickly became the mascot at any hotel we stayed in.  He is just love covered in fur.  Thank you so much for our little man.  Thinking about getting him a companion this spring!

Douglas A. Olson

 Daisy Mae, Yorkie Female

Here is an update on Daisy Mae, she is doing great, she turned 1rys old today, she is amazing were so glad we came to you and got our little yorkie, she is calm, friendly, loves people and other dogs, you have done great work with your pups temperament, we love her so very much, and want to thank you for our little Daisy Mae, please add this to your testimonials page : )
This is Sammy, he will be 3 in March. We got him from you the day after Mother's Day. He is such a sweet dog, he loves people,other dogs and everything. He is such a little snuggler. Was the best thing ever when we brought him home. He is very loved. 

Dody Sobaszkiewicz
Inver Grove Heights, MN
   Chloe, Morkie Female
Hi we bought a Morkie from you last summer. We named her chloe. We just wanted to share some picts! Shes such a good dog and fully potty trained! She LOVES the snow! :)

We wanted to update you on the morkie we purchased from you a couple weeks ago. We named him Charlee, we absolutely love him and he is transitioning well. He loves playing with my 2 year old nephew and is very sociable. We have been potty training him inside and outside when the weather permits, he is doing great.
Thank you so much, I attached a picture above.
Stephanie and Alex.
  Lexi, Morkie Female
Hi Brenda,
I thought I would give you an update on how Lexi, our Morkie is doing.  We celebrated her 1st birthday in November and made a doggy birthday cake just for her! (She is eating it in one of the pictures)  She has such a great personality!  She has learned how to sit, lay down, shake, and dance!  She is dancing in one of the pictures I sent you.  She loves all of the neighborhood dogs and can be such a little princess at times!  She is a playful little girl and we love her so much!  
Thank you!
Lisa and Josh
    Buffy, Morkie Female
Hi Brenda:
We sent in a testimonial earlier without a picture.  Just thought we'd send an update on Buffy our 6-month old Morkie.  She's made incredible progress and not only is mostly housebroken but adjusted to our lifestyle.  She's very snuggly and loves to be close.  We're impressed with her intelligence (not always a good thing) and she's already doing several tricks.  We love her and thought we'd send a picture.
Jack and Jeri
         Oddie, Morkie Male

Brenda & Sue,

We can't thank you enough for our puppy.  He is soo wonderful!  We named him Oddie and he is so funny and alot of fun.  I've been asked by so many people where did we get him.  I've highly recommend you both to whom ever asks me.  If you would like to use us as a reference please give them our number.  You guys are soo GREAT!  Thank you soo much again!  : ) I've attached some pictures of him for you.

Schelly, Gordy, & Amber Aamodt

  Oddie, Morkie Male

Brenda & Sue,

We bought our dog Oddie from you last April.  Just wanted to give you an update on him.

He is doing really well.  We couldn't imagine our life with out him.  His birthday is coming up

next month on the 16th.  He will be 1 years old.  Just wanted to say thank you again for

our little guy.  We love him soo much!  I've attached a current picture of him. 


Schelly, Gordy, Amber, & Oddie Aamodt

   Piper, Morkie Female

I just want to thank you again for my little bundle to fun and love.  I picked up Piper on July 6th.  She was just 2 lbs and now she's 6 lbs and a bundle of energy.  We have so much fun with her.  She's completely housebroken and very curious about everything.  She loves being outside chasing leaves and pestering her big sister and riding on the ATV.  She loves all big dogs and she's great with children.   Thank you again!


Dear Brenda-

Toby is doing fantastic! He is almost 10 months old now. He is a wonderful puppy and is full of energy. He loves to swim, take baths, go boating, and be in the center of attention. He is playful with everyone he meets and likes to give lots of kisses! We are very blessed to have him!

Thanks again!
Erika and Pete

  Morkies, Bentley and Milo

Hi Brenda,

We purchased 2 Morkies from you Christmas of last year (2010). They are now 1 yr old and are just the best pups ever!  Bentley is the white one and Milo is the brown one. Both are extremely smart and compete for our attention. Their personalities are distinctly different but irresistible at the same time. They are best friends and truly part of the family. The both have perfect health and grew to 12 lbs. We couldn't be happier with them! 

Jim Kochinski.

 Buster, Morkie Male

Buster is just over a year old now, and loves his holiday outfits.  He is the best dog ever!!
Thank you so much for breeding/bringing Buster into our lives.
Dick and Gina Adamski, Superior, WI
  Nale, Morkie Female
We bought a morkie from you about a year and a half ago and for fun we were looking at your website....
Attached a pic of our Nala....she may need a buddy!
     Chloe, Malti-Poo Female
Back in october i bought a Malti-Poo female puppy which i named Chloe. She is a wonderful and beautiful puppy!!! She does have a personality of a michevious little baby. She is also spoiled rotten and definately knows it. She is always playful even when she isnt feeling well. She has brought much joy and happiness into our family. it is so nice to come home after a long days work and have a happy face come and greet me at the door and when im having a bad day she always cheers me up!!! so thanks again and just wanted you to know you gave me more than just a dog but a best friend.
thank you,
Jenny and Chloe
    Bentley, Morkie Male
Hi Brenda,
Just wanted to let you know how Bentley is doing. We got him about a year ago from you. He is just the most loving, wonderful dog I could ever ask for. We also have 2 cats who never used to be very fond of dogs and would keep their space but they love Bentley and will even play with sometimes. Thank you again for the wonderful addition to our family.
Thank you,
Carly and JD
     Paisley, Morkie Female

Hey Brenda,
I thought I send you an updated pic on our little Paisley born on January 6th that we bought from you. She's a gem!!! Thank you, Billi Dube
 Smartie, Morkie Male
Here is an updated picture of our little morkie we named Smartie! He is now 2.8 lbs and growing!
He is such a great puppy and loves to come with us on walks. and hikes. I honestly cant believe he can keep up sometimes, but he loves it! Thank you again for providing such a great healthy puppy.
Kari Botnen
   Watson, Morkie Male
I just wanted to say thank you. I bought a little pumpkin male puppy from you. He was "Peanut Butter" when I got him and we re-named him Watson. Watson is a dream. He learned in his first month (at about 4 months- I got him when he was 3 months) not to bark in the house. He actually rarely barks at all. He loves to hike, loves the boat and knows how to sit and come. He was socialized from day one going to lunches on the patio as I was living in Stillwater which is very dog friendly. He has come to all family and friend events. He is the house party dog, meaning he is welcome at BBQs and any other functions. He is actually asked for by people. I have friends that do not like little dogs, but Watson is their exception. I worked at a winery and through the winter he came to work with me. He is loved by everyone who meets him. He loves children and all other animals including cats, he knows how to kennel, he knows boundaries at peoples homes, and will sit by the door and wait for me to  come back outside.

Bottom line this little dude is my best friend and is a celebrity on the west and east side of the Mississippi. I now live in St Louis Park instead of Stillwater. I still have people stop me when we are out to say hello to him they think he is just adorable and its not just his look, it is his personality he is friendly kind and sweet tempered. He snuggles with people all the time. Loves to be cuddled and loved on. I still visit the winery and people love that we have a "winery" dog

. He is social well behaved and the best little critter ever.

THANK YOU! Someday I would love a Sherlock :) People call him a mini benji and are surprised when I tell them he is a morkie. They at this point when these conversations happen cannot believe how well behaved and friendly he is.

Jenn Olson
  Molly, Morkie Female
We just thought you'd like to see how Molly is doing! We bought her back in November, and have loved her ever since! She is loving Arizona :) she gets along great with our other dogs too! She's so fun, sweet, and loving! Such a good girl!

Bella already turns 1 later this week! She is one of the best things that has ever happened to the family. She is the sweetest, most well behaved little girl. Two of our friends have already come to you for a puppy just like her and another plans to this summer. We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. She gets along so well with our other dogs and everyone who meets her absolutely love her. Thank you so much! ~The Wallace’s

   Pepe, Morkie Male, Pumpkin color

Good evening Sue, I would like to thank you for our precious Pepe. We bought Pepe, a little morkie, from you a couple of month ago and it has been a sweet addition to our family. He is growing fast, healthy, and smart. Pepe loves to ride motorcycle and since day one he has been a well trained little dog. Thanks again :^) and here are some picks of him
Juanita Truax
    Aspen, Yorkie Poo

Hi Brenda. I bought Aspen last Friday and I am so glad I did, I absolutely I LOVE her to death! she is feisty, a bit of a chewer but she is funny and lots of fun! And not scared of a thing!  ThanksJ

Angie Ayd

  Rider, Morkie Male

I would like to thank you for a wonderful puppy from you. Rider is 9 months old and is a joy to have in my life. Rider is the puppy that was thought to have cataracks but I had tested by an eye specialist. He is healthy and growing just fine.

Thanks so much, Jimmy


Just wanted to let you know that the puppy I purchased from you is the perfect addition to my life.  Her name is Bentleigh and she is incredibly cuddly and energetic.  She has such a great personality.  I drove nearly 4 hours to pick her up and the drive was well worth it.  I couldn’t have asked for a better puppy.  J

 Ashley Griess

 Phineas, Morkie Male

Happy Thanksgiving! This year I am thankful for the newest member of our family. Phineas has been so much fun and we all love him very much. Thank you for for bring us together.


 Hank, Morkie Male

Hi this is Hank, he was from your Feb litter! Just wanted to let you know how happy we are to have him! He has the BEST personality!! He loves being outside, camping, swimming yes swimming this dog loves water! Not to sure about the snow yet but he's adjusting! Potty training took a few months but he has that down now. We also have a Rottweiler which he let her know who was boss right away! He is truly awesome!! Thanks again!
Kim Erickson  Isanti, Mn